god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


I guess Kelly’s Deadpool run is too old for the young’uns, and some of us old fogeys might be soured on the fact that he was the one who really started pushing things in the direction of random reference humor and such, though not nearly as bad as what would later come and balanced with some good character moments. Also T-Ray sucked.


Right, it’s kind of the super goofy transitional period, so I wasn’t sure which side of the line it falls on. That stuff had way more heart than any of the more modern books I’ve made the mistake of cracking through.

T-Ray was a weird dropped thread. Buff Mr. Vampire sounds cool on paper, but they never did anything worthwhile with him.


btw i’m downgrading my conspiracy theory to “ant man will turn hawkeye into goliath in this”


They only believe in consumption which means they only respect gross earnings. Movies make the most money, so they are most worthy of nerd respect. See? We rule the culture now, normies


Why can’t it be both? Think of the hijinx/tourist photos an enormous man could get up to in and on the way to Las Vegas NM

He could give Paul Bunyan a big kiss

He could trap Thanos in the world’s biggest ball of twine

He could pick up the mini-Eiffel tower and use it as a spear big arrow

The possibilities are limitless


what if Thor visited the Hammer Museum, the only good thing in all the state of Alaska


He doesn’t seem that into hammers tbh


I knew there was something off about him


We’re…not gonna talk about how terrible Venom looks?

Basically: ya gotta hope that CG isn’t done. They literally have black goo tentacles projecting magically from his hoodie’s chest. It looks bizarre.

My main thought while watching this is, “How did this happen?” My current guess is that the director had no idea how to handle action scenes and was constantly assured that it would be fixed in post. But Jesus, why is post lagging so long? I guess the black goo is really hard? The first trailer showed scenes where they simply didn’t add it yet, so it looked like Hardy had psychic powers.

Weirdly, it makes me want to see a cut with no goo. I have a feeling that it would actually be a cooler, more on-tone movie about a psychic parasite.

Anyway, maybe the script is also to blame? My impression of Venom is that he mostly just punches dudes. He doesn’t use his tentacles all that much, does he? In this trailer, it looks like that’s his main power, like they never wanted Hardy to be actually in the Venom suit.

It just seems like nobody actually knew what the goo was gonna actually look like, and then stunts we’re rigged as it it was psychic powers, but nobody realized that it would look bizarre unless he’s actually in Venom mode. And now they’re either fucked because Hardy wore loose clothing with no mocap, or they are way over schedule actually drawing the shirt over a hoodie.

If this is, in fact, a trainwreck, I really want to hear what the hell happened.


looks alright to me

meanwhile (SHIELD spoilers)



hemsworth continues to be my favorite part of these movies along with surprisingly cumberbatch having a better shot in this film than he did in hisnown!

look i will never not like movies about these incredible good looking power rangers


You’re all missing the big story… AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 800 ya’ll!


This looks reaaaaaaal bad but I’m always curious about Tom Hardy, esp. when it’s a leading role (meaning presumably someone will be there forcing to make his speech at least 75% intelligible)


i think my reaction to this was that i actually miss 1990s blockbuster movie power ballads and they have accurately pandered to a nostalgia i didn’t actively realize i had

i guess much like the first deadpool movie i’m mad that i like it


I mean, 1990s blockbuster movie lameass rap songs, sure. But the power ballads? You’re better than this


I’m not.


I keep expecting the Known History of Preying On Underage Girls dam to finally break re: Jared Leto now that we’re post-metoo but I guess it’s not his turn yet


really digging the look of this


yeah this style is something really unique

i guess i’m kinda done giving lord and miller the benefit of the doubt this looks fun the cast is amazing

also i think brian tyree henry inhabits his role in atlanta so well that even hearing him voice act as a “cute dad” character was kinda like whoa


I enjoyed the silly latest issue of Doctor Strange where he enables Spiderman to speak with a Spider

Thank you have a great day