god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


man i have completely dropped off keeping up with any of these movies, i haven’t seen most of the ones released this year. somehow they turned the irrational anxiety i feel when i don’t play/keep up with popular newly released games into a whole movie universe thing.

though i gotta say, i watched that Spiderman Homecoming movie the other day and like, it was really good? it was way better than i expected it to be, and, while it was too long (all these movies are too long), it keeps things interesting all the way till the end, which seems fairly novel considering all these movies usually end with END OF THE WORLD SUPERFIGHTS that bore the hell out of me. i really liked Tom Holland’s Spiderman, he really seemed like a good adaptation of my favorite version of the character and this movie had a lot of genuinely funny little moments and character stuff that entertained me.

it’s become the second best super hero movie i’ve seen this year, right behind The Lego Batman movie, which i will fiercely defend as one of the best Batman movies ever made


In general the Marvel movies are in a “post-Guardians” phase where they’re all funny and colorful and cash in on goofiness. As with all things it will probably get old eventually, but for now I honestly enjoy each of them. Like I’ll never watch them twice, but so what?



glad to see the girl from Bioshock Infinite getting work

Marvel Watching Update:

Just saw Thor Ragnorok, i can’t believe they paid this much money for somebody’s D n D campaign, but hell, i liked it. i like Taika Waititi’s style of jokes & always liked Thor stuff & i like the new characters and i can’t get over how over the top “heavy metal” the whole thing feels, though the entire score should’ve just been wall to wall metal imo.

Also, on the same day, i watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2, man that thing is fuckin’ shlocky as hell but really seems to know it. not as good as the first, but also not bad.


Is Alita entirely cg like a Jessica Rabbit superimposition because that’d be actually sort of smart


Yeah this feels like one of those instances where uncanny valley strangeness might work in a film’s favour, posthuman cyborgs you can’t fully process as existing.

I dig her disconcerting huge eyes but what happened to her octopus pout and why isn’t she decked out like a goth?!


That’s rather more uncannying aye

Also the entire locale doesn’t look scummy enough really


Robert Rodriguez. Hmmm. Hmmmmmm.


It looks like shit


The solution to the uncanny valley is definitely not to deliberately make your cgi humans as disturbing and grotesque as possible, I thought we learned this from The Polar Express


good lord i heard about this shit almost 20 years ago is this the half life 3 of movies


The duke nukem forever of movies


Cinema’s BioShock: Infinite moment.


what does anyone think of Tom King on Batman right now, or Batman: White KNight


Crash already came out lol


I had no idea this Disney eating up Fox Entertainment stuff was happening.

I kind of wish I kept up with…anything, so that I could speculate baselessly about what this means for…anything.

maybe after whatever ‘concludes’ the ‘current marvel universe’ after Infinity War part 2, they kill off all the avenging people and make it all mutants all the time