god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


it has ended


Is it worth reading? Consider than I actually didn’t mind DK2 (Prez and the Atom!), but of course want no business with anything Holy Terror-y.


it’s alright ya know. Never read Holy Terror but if you could stomach 2 then your set.


DK2 kinda ruled, so I would be OK with more of that. I will probably just wait for the trade of the whole thing though.


Miller didn’t even write this one. It’s not very good or interesting aside from when he gets to illustrate backups and it figures rejuvenating Bruce Wayne so he’s in his prime again is a good idea, so if Miller does in fact decide to do a sequel all on his own, there’s that working against him. It seems like Brian Azzarello is fond of cynically mining revered storylines for the sake of hype.


the unbelievable gwenpool went from a throwaway comedy book to some kind of experimental meta thing, all with super-nice gurihiru art


ain’t no animal man, but that’s itneresting.


i know i’m pretty late to this party but i finally watched The Lego Batman Movie yesterday and the Will Arnet-voiced Edgelord Teen Batman is now my Current Canonical Batman and i can’t stop thinking about the opening song


I don’t know how they managed to perfectly collapse all possible batmans (batmen) into a single parody but they did it.

Who always pays their taxes?
Not Batman!



holy shit this is great, is hastings still writing? I hope so


that was the newest issue when i posted it, so probably?



Should’ve remixed Whitey On the Moon imo


The revolution will be streamed in 4k I guess :doomdie::doomdie::doomdie:


I honestly don’t like the idea that he’s a monarch, which I know is an “essential” part of his character from the comics.

Hoping there’s some kind of political machinery that make his being King more like being some sort of President.

Knowing there won’t be.




seeing Justice League alone on my 30th birthday is one of those soul emptying experiences you really only get to have once. What a mess, I think, not failing to wonder if it’s my life I’m talking about or the movie

Actual line of dialogue: “what if u were stronger than a planet”