god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


Do you guys read anything from Marvel? I have been enjoying Infamous Iron Man and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.


I read nearly every book with the word Spider in it. Then I’ve been getting Jessica Jones and a little bit of Dead-pool. It’s harder for me to put down on Marvel now though…


Oh yeah Jessica Jones has been excellent so far. They got the art and vibe a lot like the original Alias comic.


ya the OG creators. Which is weird. We’ve been seeing more of this “you can’t come home again” idead being bucked. That’s interesting, but it also means we’re getting closer and closer to circling the drain.


we don’t have a thread for comic book movies some how, do we? (we do have one for comic tv shows, and there’s another thread for actual comics in general)

anyway, there is a very fleeting image from the new Thor movie that just got released and I am unabashedly very stoked based on that and everything else I’ve heard about it that Marvel has just gone all-in on their decision that Thor is the character that has the most potential to be in a movie as batshit insane (and colorful, literally) as Guardians of the Galaxy, rather than just trying to make it vaguely cosmic Game of Thrones

if only they had done the same for Doctor Strange :frowning:


It would be cool if pop-culture jokes didn’t take priority over aesthetics in every single marvel movie.


what do you mean?


Not to retread this tired argument, but marvel movies still look like TV. Even the good ones have flavorless cinematography. Referring to Doctor Strange specifically, I felt there was a greater concern with focus testing the perfect beyonce joke and the perfect hugh laurie impression for cumberbatch rather than making a visually interesting or distinct movie.


Oh yeah that makes total sense. I wouldn’t say that they look like tv (because $$$$$$) ,but there is a kind of bland house style that is applied across the board. I think it worked really well to make Iron Man feel grounded wrt other more stylized comic book movies, but that only gets you so far. I also think it works OK for the Captain America movies. But The Avengers movies are just boring to look at even though there’s so much happening.

I’m still sore about what a huge disappointment Doctor Strange was, for that and other reasons.


What if: The Marvel movies weren’t total shit?


hey, the 3 out of the like 20 that’s been made are Good to Pretty Darn Good!



That’s the rtj song where el-p says he has a unicorn horn for a cock.

Interesting choice, Disney.


I never hope for much of anything out of these things, namely because it’s on account of them being so controlled that they’re successful in the first place, but I am glad they’ve decided to become more and more colourful.

It’d be nice if this kicked off an afrofuturist trend in cinema, TV and video games.


Imagine all the horrible misfires from all white dev teams when the afrofuturist wave hits. Stay seated Ubisoft.


you know the next asscreed game is in Egypt right


I don’t even know where the last one was set!


DC is doing a whole line of Loony Tunes / Justice League crossovers and they are all so… serious? … Like the Martian Manhunter having a debate with Marvin the Martian about whether humanity is worth saving, and Elmer Fudd trying to track down Bruce Wayne and kill him. They are the @sleazy est things ever and I can’t deal with even knowing that they exist.


did DC also do those super serious flintstones and gay snagglepuss comics

im not a fan esp of the later (hire goddamn furry artists if youre going to put out furry comics jfc)


i read the first volume of that Flintstones one, it’s actually…not bad?