god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


I love this 50 year old crossfit edgelord teen.


okay so what if the reason that the joker continues to get crazy is because Harley Quinn is teasing out his dissasociative personality disorder every time they get together


Saw the Killing Joke with some friends. I have not read the original graphic novel but I found it very flat. Did not feel like it sold the emotional/psychological tension well at all.


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Who is the lad that hangs out w aquaman and has kind of a daft punk scuba guy vibe going on


are you talking about Black Manta?


yes that’s him lol. sorry i don’t know much about dc and had only ever seen the character in the new fighting games and the flashpoint movie, so i didnt realize he was supposed to be a villain instead of a pal to aquaman

anyway, cool design


since gorblax doesn’t post here anymore I will do my best to answer any and all dc questions that come my way


what nerw DC are you reading?


I love that thanks to Injustice’s character designs a dude who looks so much like a clear cut bad guy on Superfriends now could pass as a teen sidekick.


in defense of the dc murderpunch-verse, my impression that black manta was good was mostly based on the flashpoint cartoon, where everyone’s alignment and allegiances are deliberately fucked up anyway. i dunno why i assumed that he and aquaman being buds was regular canon.

but because of it i invented a whole imaginary legend about how the guy was a human atlantis weeaboo who spent his whole life designing a special suit so he could live among his idols

that’s a much better backstory imo


that is more or less aquamans backstory


im about to start reading Superman: Unchained. I’m gonna burn through some old new 52 stuff and older DC stuff before I jump on the post reboot-post reboot timeline


Ah. Well Unchained is better than most of the New52 which is to say it’s ok.


I’ve read

Power Girl & Huntress
Action Comics
most of Scott Snyders Batman
Francis’ Manapul’s Detective Comics
The Flash 1-25
Justice League 1-25
Superman 1-25
All-Star Western (really good)
Nightwing (god danged good)
Batgirl (of Burnside)


isn’t black manta canonically autistic?

unrealted: gotham academy is really really good, please read it.

also, i’m enjoying the current story in detective comics with batwoman training steph, tim, cass and clayface to be the best batkids (plus mud monster) they can be




I’ve been trying to get into the new Doom Patrol. There’s so much going on at once thought it’s hard to keep track. I never read any Doom Patrol before, so I might be out of the loop on these characters.


read the grant morrison run on doom patrol, and the run right after by rachel pollack


I might be wrong but by the first issue this doom patrol feels like a different thing. IDK it didn’t grab me.