god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


and look im gonna be totally honest they did cap right in this movie, good job russos


I enjoyed Avengers 3us/6j: World of Ruin.

I agree with this strongly. I was crying at the end during Tony Stark’s death, but those tears were very much because several particulars of that scene reminded me of my own dad’s recent and rapid decline in health and his seemingly imminent and inescapable mortality (further elaboration on this seems more appropriate for the Goings On thread).


i would also lkle to say i’m glad i was able to enjoy this. in 2008, as a dumb teenager who loved superhero comics and didnt watch a lot of movies i was in love with the first iron man. its cool to see all of these goofy movies close their own loop finally, cuz i know: there’s never gonna be Refn’s Moon Knight movie starring Mr. Knight or a re-make of ally mcbeal starring she-hulk so i can stop getting excited about these movies

I AM however down for The Thor Lebowski


random spoilery thoughts

the russos really do not love hulk smashing things do they. the gimmick with hulk in this one was great but i feel like i still missed the cool moment where he gets to hulk out and like, enjoy doing it. though the gag in NY was funny.

the time travel shenanigans were ok, but i feel like a lot of it fell flat for me because a) in terms of characters i think i prefer the more recent folk (black panther, ant man, captain marvel, Funny Thor, spider-holland, doctor strange) even those whose movies aren’t that great. i would rather revisit stuff from those movies than from the older ones. though my appreciation of The Dark World is totally vindicated. b) for a 2 part series that has been pretty ballsy about being high stakes, a lot of it felt overly jokey and meaningless. like loki absconding with the cube, cap’s ‘hail hydra’ moment [how many layers of meta joke was that…], seeing what quill looks like without hearing his headphones… it’s funny but ultimately just feels kind of like treading water. i would have preferred a longer sequence in the 70’s at the military base, perhaps getting to see more of hank and janet as ant man and the wasp in their prime. it woulda been cool. also watching the hulk talk about space time with tilda swinton is one of those moments where i just like vibe out about how absurd modern pop culture is, but at the same time… man, the time travel logic of this movie makes no fucking sense whatsoever. i feel like they could have more clearly signaled that they were talking about multiple alternate realities instead of time travel

the ending of this movie gave me big time Return of the Kings vibes. it ends like 4 times!!! also, i hope cap had the decency to bring some super soldier serum back to sam wilson or else… idk how he’s really going to work as captain america.

the most exciting prospect of The Future Of Marvel is definitely Asgardians of the Galaxy, though I’m pretty sure Gunn is just going to write Thor out of it altogether.

it is weird that they have already announced a black widow movie and a wanda/vision show. are they going to be prequels or what? at least scarlet witch got to do cool shit in this movie, though i wish they could agree what her powers are. i sort of thought when she said ‘you will know who i am’ she was going to make thanos hallucinate like she did in AoE, instead she just like cgi blasted him

everyone is going to have a different favorite line in this movie, but mine will definitely be the split second moment where ant man calls captain america ‘captain steve’. i feel like they didn’t play that as big as they could have.

this is really not fair at all as it is clearly not the movie they intended to make, but part of me is still sour that they didn’t just kill off thanos at the beginning of the movie for real, and then have the new antagonist be either some kind of quantum realm weirdos or the god damned red skull. i really want to see the red skull return and just be like 'i was just fucking with you! you don’t have to sacrifice a loved one! i’m just evil as shit! mwa hahahahahahaha! and then reveal that the entirety of the snap was part of a hydra long game. alas.


100% agreed. Honestly, the whole first half of the movie I kept waiting for like… the other shoe to drop? Like, for their time meddling to have disastrous consequences. Loki getting the cube made my heart skip a beat, and when Past Thanos sees the future and shit I couldn’t believe how massively the heroes had managed to fuck things up… but it just resulted in them having to fight Thanos again. Like, I guess I shouldn’t have fooled myself into expecting this, but i REALLY thought they were gonna go Hog Wild with this one! Instead, the plot was just “we go back in time, try hard and believe in ourselves, and fight him again,” all of which seemed pretty obvious to me.

And like, none of the characters ever make any BIG HARD DECISIONS with CONSEQUENCES. Everyone just tries their best and in the end they win.

On the other hand it was monumentally entertaining!

This one had a pretty good score, though! That’s been my #1 issue with all these damn movives… like, how do you make 22 movies and have hardly a single memorable musical moment among them? The main “avengers theme” is boring af. This one had a) some nice actual melodies and b) a lot of variety


Sitting on it for a day and really thinking about I am shocked how well it captures the feeling and small moments of grief and loss. Just the way that people held out hands or touched each other felt incredibly real and soft spoken.

That said I also did not give a damn about the grief and loss displayed on screen.

War makes strange bedfellows, and loss makes strange comforts. Rocket and Nebula felt real.

But also the universe’s half population drop and then population recap would fuck things over more than they were before. I can’t imagine the emotional and economic collapse of the relapse which will be handwaved because movies.

I mean they also handwaved the snap with empty stadiums and such. I couldn’t help think of how cities in five years would probably repopulate to about the same levels as smaller communities were untennable. I mean the snap let them balance however they wanted so who knows. But the cost of that loss would ch-

I’ll stop there because that was not the story they were trying to tell. That like everything was just window dressing. So ScarJo’s family talked really ringged hollow. I haven’t seen every film in this series but seen enough and that family talk probably only came post snap and dealling with the grief involved.

Still probably the reason for Fake Tokyo is because ScarJo is banned from Japan for prior film crimes (Lost in Translation/GitS)


agents of shield will probably bother to try to tie in to the new status quo, but i wonder if runaways and cloak and dagger, the two other still airing shows that are nominally in the mcu will even bother.


I sure do hope that Agents of Shield gets into some kind of the nitty gritty of how humans reacted to the snappening. that was originally the best part of that show, showing the details on the ground, the small scale ramifications of the Big Time Spandex God Wars.

in That One Scene I was real sad there was no Quake. like every female superhero on earth is teaming up, WHERE IS DAISY JOHNSON DAMMIT. I bet Chloe was kinda bummed watching that scene at the premiere.


I guess calculating someone’s age by birthday in the MCU is kinda complicated.

Lotta fucked up wikipedia side bars.


I love steve rogers


be cool if Marvel’s favorite director brothers could do an action thing so steve rogers’ extensive use of mjolnir landed with anything like impact

I mean I don’t expect anything interesting once the Generic Giant Two Lines Running At Each Other Braveheart Smear (Event Movie equivalent of throwing up your hands and letting the script rain down around your head in exasperation) commences but you build up to a moment for a dozen movies and can’t milk it for a single iconic image when all you’ve got is one man hitting one other unusually large computer-generated man with a big fake hammer that’s two maybe three elements max arrange them in your frame and give us the viewing public the goods no pirouettes no fancy lightning spells with shield reagents just the man hitting the man with the hammer once or twice in a row without cutting or the camera lurching off to see if that’s ant-man popping into the background to sneak a quick peak at America’s Ass


Steve Rogers appreciating his own butt is my sexuality tho


Fuckin’ weird to see Thor turn into me but somehow more weepy?? anyhow.


crying at films for the ways in which they remind us of our own lived grief is actually a fad created by the popularity of Movies with Mikey (I cried too)


gonna get these tweets printed on cards and mail them to film twitter nerds who disrespect the MCU like a psychopath


I was glad to see the message was don’t move on, obsess until you can cheat reality and get your hands on those magic wishing stones yourself. which I absolutely agree with


the pettiness of Stark using his self-sacrificing hero moment to merc Thanos and everyone he knows in exactly the same way Thanos did them is impressive



I mean, these movies aren’t as incoherent as Transformers but I started losing interest as they became progressively more ‘incoherent action figures smashing together’ fests


I haven’t felt so unmoved by a thing in a while. It was there. So was I.