god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


Wasted chemical is a good phrase though


I am seeing the take that the clown that fights the billionaire in a stupid costume can’t be a good story. I want to respond that snark with well there is plenty of evidence that it can be, and that i guess any myth or legend is also a shit story and what these people want is european nobles being haughty at their non-problems and cat videos.

On the other hand the story being society is so bad that a good man becomes worse is sad mind poison we maybe don’t need to be reminded of.

So I guess I am going to open my laptop and donate to a couple of charities.


rise up gamers


IGN Japan is telling me there is gonna be a Scarlet Witch/Vision series. I know we don’t but even in normal nerd circles did anyone care about that romance?


I don’t know about anyone else but I’m more interested in this romance:



Oh wait this all coming to the new disney streaming service? There are too damn many streaming services.


what if they spend 8 episodes just exploring the applications of “density control” tho :doomthunking: