god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


Wasted chemical is a good phrase though


I am seeing the take that the clown that fights the billionaire in a stupid costume can’t be a good story. I want to respond that snark with well there is plenty of evidence that it can be, and that i guess any myth or legend is also a shit story and what these people want is european nobles being haughty at their non-problems and cat videos.

On the other hand the story being society is so bad that a good man becomes worse is sad mind poison we maybe don’t need to be reminded of.

So I guess I am going to open my laptop and donate to a couple of charities.


rise up gamers


IGN Japan is telling me there is gonna be a Scarlet Witch/Vision series. I know we don’t but even in normal nerd circles did anyone care about that romance?


I don’t know about anyone else but I’m more interested in this romance:



Oh wait this all coming to the new disney streaming service? There are too damn many streaming services.


what if they spend 8 episodes just exploring the applications of “density control” tho :doomthunking:

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i did it

i saw the game of ends



I got up to pee twice. thanks for asking


Well was it the end?



my question is do you have a good urologist


I feel like having to pee between 1 and 5 times is reasonable with a movie as long as Until the End of the World


I peed once should have twice.

everyone said they cried at it because it effectively deals with the pain of losing loved ones in a very thoughtful way but it only got to me because of my own pain and I did not care about the drama that was happening but i still cried a little so best film ever

It had some world building problems that were ignored for dramatic/emotional flourish that stuck out to me like a WW2 film using the wrong tank.

Like I said I somehow saw it on openning day despite not being emotionally invested and still got teary eyed thinking about my own life so I guess the power of cinema really is something. I didn’t think the film was tricking me into crying but a lot of people are gonna confuse why they actually cried with an emotional moment between characters.

That it manages to have so many personal moments to the first films interpersonal moments is impressive and that it absolutely does not collapse is impressive and I wasn’t constantly thinking now where is this character and what are they doing? I was instead thinking about the things the film wasn’t thinking about but I recognize that is me.

All the final battle quips made me squirm in my seat and want to leave immediately.


also that hawkeye scene takes place in Tokyo and you could feel the entire audience go what the fuck is this fake tokyo bullshit and that was probably the biggest highlight was 100% solidarity at some fake ass Asia Disneyland that was supposed to be Tokyo and was hilariously not.

Sure just hang a ramen sign from a power line park some cars and make it raining. Put a bunch of bullshit asian signs everywhere and neon like blade runner. Tokyo isn’t a real city like SF and NYC


This has been an ongoing Russo movie problem, from the second Capt. America movie on, where they had Washington DC played by an incredibly recognizable Cleveland. It was incredibly disorienting to watch that movie.


amazing how the movie doesnt crush under its own weight and also manages to be a huge blockbister marvel ebsemble film that also does some fun risky things with a tew characters


Very confused about the new York city public school system now


“crying about my own life because of what happens in the film” was also extremely my experience! as someone whose life catastrophically imploded about checks calendar seven months ago, all the speeches about “well, we fucked up enormously, we lost everything, how do we move on from this and build something new” in the first hour really, REALLY fucking hit.

too bad in real life you can’t just undo the loss and have to ACTUALLY move on

also got some strong trans allegories in this movie, if ur me and u read a trans allegory into every movie