god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


I will watch this only if I can be assured that it is disconnected from Detective Comics Cinematic Universe continuity BUT ALSO isn’t the Joker’s lack of an origin story one of the only good things about him


the guy on the tv in the trailer is apparently thomas wayne so this is definitely going to end with the jokester killing him

they’re going to repeat the Gotham TV show thing where all of batman’s enemies are like pushing 60 by the time he’s on the scene


He gets an origin story in Very Famous Alan Moore Comic The Killing Joke which this appears to be drawing from.

Also my understanding is that DC is calling this an “Elseworlds movie” without direct connection to whatever Current Continuity they bolt their financially successful (Aquaman and Wonder Woman) solo movies into.


I am seriously head spinning with this baffling Take. is Joker now somehow not the best comic book villain in history or something?



Gotham is obviously Newark New Jersey and I will hear and accept no other takes. Metropolis is NYC


I mean, except when their football team and stadium are just clearly the Steelers.


Metropolis is Cleveland because we have the Daily Planet building still.


Gotham doesn’t care about Football

it only cares about Cricket. Bruce Wayne, besides being a philanthropist billionaire, is a formidable batsman.


Judging by the movie with the football team, you are right.

But how are the Newark Cricketeers? That’s the team name, right?


hahaha, they literally filmed this Joker movie in Newark, so its super canon now, Newark is Gotham.


What if the movie was still called Joker and still had Joaquin Phoenix in a purple suit and clown make up and was still about a man’s descent into madness and criminality but it had nothing to do with Batman or DC or any of that and it just wasn’t brought up at all.



there’s no way Gotham is in south jersey


But it’s got to be one side of a harbor across from Metropolis.

I didn’t realize the two cities were supposed to be that close together until I saw Batman v. Superman and that fact alone was harder for me to accept than Batman Killing Dudes. For some reason I always thought of Metropolis as being in like Michigan or just on one of the Great Lakes.


I don’t know much about comic books but I do know that Metropolis being across a harbor from Gotham is only true in that (those) movies and they made a big deal about this decision in the promotion of the movie.

I guess it was the only way to have Batman be Sufficiently Batmad about Alien God 9-11


gotham and bludhaven are in new jersey, iirc, yeah. new york city exists, but it’s a lot smaller than it is in our world.
i can’t remember where metropolis is


I’m not really sold on this being a good Joker movie, whatever that would entail, but as a movie where Joaquin Phoenix plays a sad-sack tortured soul who eventually snaps and dresses up as a clown before going on a crime spree it looks like it may be alright.



what if the clown man was actually sad