god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)




well I hear you but I kinda like that there wasn’t much plot, considering a lot of the Marvel movies trend towards nothing but plot. IW is like, here we will take all the characters we’ve presented thus far and watch them fail miserably in everything they attempt to do to stop the big bad purple man. now take a year to imagine how they will go about fixing it!


nitrogen fertilizer iirc


he is defeated by his own low self-worth

at least that’s how it went in the comics


So that lady at the end is supposed to be Spawn?


I think it’s the new Howard the Duck.

No wonder the fans are pissed!!!


finally something to prove my suspicion that hellboy sucks




that was a poor precedent for canceling


is it weird i’m still kind of sad that another director isn’t going to get to do this




the pitch for this was definitely Taxi Driver meets The King of Comedy


it looks like the trailer elided a shot of him getting hit in the balls + it has half the Atlanta cast + a couple of those shots are taken directly from the original taking of Pelham 123


(twisted joker voice) You wanna know how I got hit in these balls?


This looks like it might be a Venomesque ‘Not exactly good, but kinda weird, and god is it nice to see anything that isn’t just another fucking marvel movie’.

Plus I just keep thinking ‘this was almost a Jared Leto thing’ and feeling very greatful we’re getting this and Birds of Prey instead of Joker and Harley like we had been threatened with previously.


Also am I wrong in thinking this looks as close to a Heath Ledger joker prequel solo movie as the felt like they could get away with?

Because that’s kinda what it looks like.

Also a little wild seeing Gotham being this much explicitly real New York after all these years of being neo noir Art Deco or some kinda Chicago.


I mean they already basically swapped out Chicago for New York between the Batman movie that everyone decided was high art and the Batman movie that was nakedly fascist like that’s just something they could do

but this at least seems more coherent


Why does everyone forget that time Gotham was also Pittsburgh?


The post-credits scene where phoenix gets put in the Demolition Man CryoPrison then comes out in 2010 stumbles to a mirror “what happened to… my face?!” and the CryoPrison tech replies “side effect of the process sir all incarcerants to go more than 20 years emerge from the freezing process with the head of Jared Leto” SMASH CUT to joker under the gun receiving his iconic “Damaged” tattoo

is gonna be lit