god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


my headcanon is this site was put together by Phil Coulson shortly after the events of Captain Marvel


I immediately scrolled to the bottom to make sure there wasn’t a .wav file about to autoplay



Ah good that was the whole movie then.


this movie looks bad for a lot of reasons but i think the biggest indicator is they took the mellow fish dude out of the equation in an era in which fish dudes are perhaps having their greatest ‘moment’


They knew that if they included abe sapien del toro would have commited actual acts of terrorism against their production.

Also everyone would have been waiting for him and hellaboy 2 fuck?

let them fuck >:|


also like as much as Perlman, i feel like Jones is p irreplaceable casting there


in the dark phoenix trailer a guard-type is shown brandishing a distinctive pump-action bullpup shotgun then there’s a shot of muzzle flashes coming from one of its two magazine tubes? not its barrel? in a rhythm as if it is an automatic weapon? idk but it’s pretty weird?

I thought everyone should know


maybe that’s his ‘mutant ability’


trailers have post credits stingers now, congrats everyone


I remember making my friends wait until after the credits of spirits within to see if there was anything else

I did this


You think I’ll be okay if I just skip straight to the next Avengers movie, I don’t feel like doing movie homework if I don’t have to. (I haven’t seen Antman and The Wasp yet either)


You’ll be fine as long as you’ve seen Infinity War.

I would recommend AntMan 2 tho cuz it’s a lot of fun


Antman 2 broke me


I cannot imagine there is any information from infinity war required to understand the sequel that hasn’t been memed.

That whole movie felt like a combination of victory lap and trailer for the actual next movie.

The space bits with Thor and the Guradians were alright, but so much of that movie was just moving characters around so they could all be in place for the next one.


Yeah I rewatched it again and those were basically the only bits that worked. It’s amazing how much Ragnarok basically beat GotG at its own game and I felt like the Guardians scenes in Infinity War were trying to inject some of that Ragnarock energy into it… and it works. IDK why they haven’t convinced Waititi to direct GotG 3 now but I guess he probably has better stuff to do


I mean they’ve been billed as basically one movie in two parts so it’s kinda like saying Fellowship of the Ring is just a trailer for Two Towers?


Because there wasn’t actually much plot to the movie other than ‘the baguy got the rocks and some good guys met’? That’s the plot of that movie. Why do we care about the characters? Because we watched the other movies. Why do the characters want to stop Thanos? We found out watching the other movies (sort of, you don’t really need to have much character reason to want to stop Thanos, which is an enourmous problem the film has). What cool shit can these characters do? We know from watching the other movies. So Infinity War only needs to be that last bit of glue to bind all those things to the next movie, and explain (badly) why Thanos is doing this stuff.

Fellowship has to do, and does, a whole lot more.


really want to go see this so I can yell “avenged at last” after every scene in the theatre

but mostly I know the only part I’d enjoy is going to be the preposterously overindulgent CGI 40-person final supermove that they use to kill Cell


just re-read my own post and i will now be saying “Ant Man” as if it were the last name “Antman”