god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


Wow another laser person


for every marvel exec that says audiences are tired of origin stories two origin stories grow back



Into the Spider-Verse is fucking phenomenal. It is easily the best comic book movie I’ve ever seen. It is an absolute joy to watch.

They nail the visuals, the characters are spot-on and perfectly cast, the emotion beats hit just right, the pacing is perfect, the story is somehow fantastic, despite trying to merge 5 different story lines together into one.

Wow that was great.


i finally read tom kings mister miracle tonight and god what just an incredible thing it was


As someone who has only a vague awareness of the comics industry I found this Tom King post pretty interesting

And the reaction to it has been equally as bizarre:







the power of spider-man is so great that my joy at seeing a comics-accurate(ish) mysterio costume in live action is dulled by the fact that i can’t help but be disappointed that this isn’t into the spider-verse two already

but like


(the spider-verse version of mysterio would clearly be voiced by like scott aukerman or something and be incredible, alas)


is this the first major MCU film to feature a character whose gimmick is that He Sucks???


:fish: :bowling:


just found out today at the comic shop that marvel regained the conan license and they’re releasing a bunch of new stuff?!


just snagged the shop’s last 30th anniversary hardcover of Crisis on Infinite Earths

edit: i couldn’t even make it through the first issue. the foreword had already put me on the ropes, and then i took one look at that first cover- all the detail there was to take in- cringed, and shut the book.

edit #2: can’t decide whether to press on or take another stab at Astro City and/or Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol.


both of your alternative choices are better than crisis on infinite earths


what’s wrong with crisis on infinite earths?




i hate that i love this


it’s driving me crazy that it’s a modern squarespace style long site instead of actual individual pages