god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


Where’s a trashy, non-prestige Moon Knight TV show?


yeah daredevil never had to fight an evil vapor cloud


Yeah I know pretty lame imo


Imagine if Colin Farrel had been daredevil’s baddad all along and he turned into a dadcloud after literally chewing the scenery and there was daredevil in the sky punching baddadcloud screaming TAKE IT TAKE IT ALL

better than the Netfflix show unless it finally gets out that daredonger???


So I got talked into seeing Venom. It’s mega goofy. The symbiote doles out relationship advice to Eddie, and by the end it’s need to feast on human organs is played about the same way as ALF talking about eating the family cat.

It’s not a good movie, but I think I dug it more than most the recent name brand Marvel stuff I’ve seen lately (which isn’t much). Definitely Much better than that Dennis Leary Spider-Man movie.




That’s the only memorable part of that whole movie!


i heard it wasn’t even gay?


it just made me think of a spider-man movie starring no cure for cancer-era denis leary as spider-man, which would… be good???


crosspostedish from my tumblr:

Venom (2018) is a transgressive art piece about a mentally ill man whose intrusive thoughts take an active role in his betterment and self-care

also Venom kisses Eddie. Venom’s wearing a female host at the time but is in Venom-form at the time so u kno wtf goin on :eyes:


That makes Venom actually seem interesting but I bet it’s still bad?


it’s bad but it’s good


how could it be bad if it has a 30% on rotten tomatoes?



In remembrance of Stan Lee’s passing:





Capt Marvel looks a little lame but that Av4ngers trailer had me marking out so all’s good


i think captain marvel looks cool! It does look a little bit too much like the Marvel “house style,” but I’m trying to retain the perspective that it is actually the next collaboration between the star and directors of Mississippi Grind, and just assuming there is some layer of depth that they are hiding in the trailers


yeah I hear you! I will certainly go see it and have a great time. but the trailer is pretty generic and I’m not totally sold on Brie Larson as a galactic-scale badass. trailers pretty much always suck and I avoid them whenever possible though.