Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram


Dead cells has a very clean flow on kb+m.


yeah I’d say it’s only like 5% easier with a controller if that, both options work really well


In new Spider-Man, if there’s no sling shot skill/action is there at least the ability to hold on to a line in each hand? That was nice way to steer away from buildings or keep in the center of lanes.


revisiting chrono cross cos i need that blue-skies but of course my idea of blue skies has to involve a sunny tropical dimension in which you are supposed to be dead


I think that’s the plot of FFX?


technically you never existed in the first place in FFX

Also death is a concept without any meaning because the dead can exist and live alongside the living in FFX. The plot stakes make no sense since there’s literally no barrier between life and death


Just say No to Death and you can just…keep going. It’s absolutely a violation of the major religion’s tenets but like any organization some of the top members are quite happy to let it slide if it benefits them.


I only just learned about it from a loading screen tip, but you can use the circle button to sorta regulate your momentum.

Circle + pretty much any direction to quickly change direction, circle + back to act as an air brake.

If you need to cut a corner really quickly, you can swing against a building into a wall run, then hold circle to automatically do a sharp left or right.


Stormy weather had me anxious about firing up the (newly-replaced) PS4, so I started a new game in Super Mario 3D Land instead. Still struggling to enjoy it as much as some of you did, but am now willing to admit this may be due to my own weird hangups.


with everyone all hype in the dragon quest thread and while I’m taking my time with a second playthrough of it, I want to take another opportunity to praise deadfire, because it is just pure pleasure, easily one of the most successful and generous CRPGs I’ve ever played.

I’ve already described it as “the best bioware game ever made” when it was actually made by obsidian, but I have so little affection for either of their work that to have a fairly conservative party-based RPG in which you have companion romances and obviously telegraphed ideal quest outcomes which still manages to be this good is really something. it has a(n anti-)colonialist narrative that is smart and enriching and doesn’t embarrass itself; it has FFXII-style party AI scripting that works and is compelling for its entire length but isn’t in the position of holding the entire game up on its own. it has really richly modeled and beautifully animated backgrounds, beyond what an isometric perspective would lead you to expect or to have the capacity to be impressed by in 2018. the random encounters and the dialogue skill checks feel like they were implemented by a fun GM rather than just acting as punctuation. the prose is so good!

I found the first pillars impossible to like and basically the dumbest kind of kickstarter indulgence and this was easily my favourite surprise of the year.

if you don’t let the game do it for you it can take like, a full half hour to level up your entire party each time, between navigating the huge skill trees and adjusting your AI settings, so I’m not sure it’s necessarily for everyone but I can’t say enough good things.


I have to look this up every time you name it this.

How would you compare it to Torment 2, which I’ve dipped into and found agreeable but haven’t had time to dig into?


torment 2, much like the original, is almost pure atmosphere and prose; the actual game mechanics are mostly terrible (but much more avoidable than in the first game, so the RPG part still more or less works as background noise), but it hits greater emotional heights and is admirably weirder (especially in the path you take through its world, which is not overlong and has a nice arc to it, regardless of how you feel about numenera proper).

while I’ll take any chance I get to talk about how much better torment 2’s writing is than the original – it’s the difference between, like, dune and daggerfall, and the individual sentences are all worth savouring, even if they don’t always amount to more than individual NPC interactions – deadfire is definitely the better-rounded game and the writing is excellent by comparison to anything else.


in this comparison Daggerfall has better writing, right?


tulpa play deadfire


I beat the first parrelel of Dark Saviors. What a cool weird game. The platforming bits are hard and I know a cliche but fair. They believe you can do it. Then the world is full of toriyama Tiger men and Godzillas, and biomechanical bears. It has maybe the most interesting visual cast of any game.

Glad there was a walkthrough because I would have definitely been stuck on the one real puzzle forever. I still don’t understand the solution.

And you can just skip fights or get completely destroyed if you forget to do what they were asked.

I started up Parralel 2 but it was mostly the same thing only slightly harder platforming which might in practice be a bit much. It has definitely rocketed into my list of weird games everyone should play.

And it’s like 5 hours long!


I don’t believe this is an opinion that could be held by someone who can read and comprehend english I’m pretty sure felix is a chinese room


I’m really flattered that you can still find the time to clown on my tastes from the hospital

I would describe it as… transportative? in a way that I can’t think of videogames ever succeeding at for me before


gonna have the doctor check out what the ecg was doing when I read this post I bet the squiggles turned into a great big question mark or a weed leaf or maybe a frying pan hitting an egg


That fufu lame shit I ain’t with it / Yoko Taro has swag for a minute / Automatatatata @BryanSilva


Last night I played my girlfriend’s Yakuza 0 with her to grind some ¥. I hadn’t played a Yakuza since the first one and boy did the combat get more fun. It’s too early for me to tell how deep it gets, but I at least enjoyed that there were some nearly god-hand inflections to Majima’s Thug and Slugger movesets.

Tonight I played some Battlefield V and couldn’t because my framerate was so low, which was odd because I can play Battlefield 1 on Ultra/High at 1080p and be well above 60fps. I know my 970 technically is “old” but I feel like I ought to be able to play current games at 1080p medium at 60 fps?