Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram

The last thread hit its limit, so this is the new Games You Played Today!

I played through the lucasarts fps Outlaws recently. It was much shorter than expected, even accounting for my tendency to wander around aimlessly in the maze-like levels for too long. It’s… not a very good shooter despite its considerable charm. Music was surprisingly still great though. Less generic spaghetti western than expected but still fully evocative of the setting.

Woke up for like five minutes of Guilty Gear before getting ready for a haircut appointment lol

Revelator has started seeping its way into my daily routine

still on overwatch, totally here for these tacky new skins

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I played Everything for a long while. It confuses one-ness with same-ness. Everything is dead, a game asset without features, agency or character. Communication takes the form of speech bubbles, which end up acting like waypoints do in your average open world snoozefest. Same with discovering all abilities, collecting the Alan Watts recordings, all the possible types of being etc; just move to the shiny waypoint and press X. Everything everyone says is written in the same voice, which sounds very much like one particular kind of guy in one particular place, so any illusion of universality is lost. Listening to Watts speak ranges from frustrating -because the sound bytes are so short- to obnoxious -because of how literally his words are translated into the world of the game; with the subtlety of a giant dice crashing into a mountain.


Played through Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance for a second time a weekend ago. Started fresh on Normal, decided to stick with the sword all the way through this time. Did not have to continue until the Monsoon fight because that’s the first time the game demands some precision in Blade Mode (and I guess requiring you to know how to parry consistently but I remembered that from the first time through). Struggled through Sundance’s building too; god damn wings in pretty much every instance except for dealing with Sundance (hitboxes are weird after he’s knocked off-balance).

The vocals cutting in during particularly dramatic moments in boss fights still makes me feel like a badass.

Way of the Samurai 4’s Megamelons is an attempt at translating a pun already present in the original Japanese. The WotS games have always been pretty silly, but I think 4 goes overboard. All of them are great, though!

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I’m gonna keep playing but wow i was expecting a more self-serious samurai film homage or something. that’s on me tho~

definitely play WotS 1. it’s way more of that. it’s humorous but much more subdued. it’s also one of those kind of perfect games - the sequels added a lot and give you more freedom but the first game is exactly what it needs to be, no more, no less, and works extremely well

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I don’t think this makes it a failure though? its extreme sterility really works for me somehow

plus the first time you figure out how far you can push the limits of the scale are pretty neat

and the taxonomy-of-real-world-objects is very katamari

I liked it

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I think the novelty of the idea is interesting enough, but it dries up pretty quickly. There’s too much of a difference between the metaphysical depth and vivaciousness of both the concept and Watts’s talks and the indifference produced by your actions, the writing and and the world. It certainly has a mood, like Mountain did, but I feel that’s despite it’s explicit discourse and not because of it. My favorite way to play it is by far the documentary mode, where you just look at some random being or object for a while, cutting instead of zooming from molecules to aliens. If you stare at that for a while it gives a sense of scale and connection and mystery that is just not there when you can possess everything and change it’s size and turn it into anything else at will while moving from speech bubble to speech bubble. Is it a failure? I don’t know. As a short, trippy lil plaything, I guess it works, but I can’t help but feel it’s a bit too noncommittal and gutless for the themes it’s choosing to ground itself on.

i beat sky odyssey (again)

had no internet for a couple of days after moving into new house and spent some good time with my ps2. playing front mission 2 now, it is neat but the battles are
s o o o o o o o o o o o o o
s l o o o o o o o o w w w w


Bayonetta’s PC port is totally rad

hang out with me :frowning:

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I think Outlaws straight up rules. The music is unimpeachable.



i live states away from you with no money or transportation :confounded:


well, someday

Nothing but hitscan enemies and all but a few hitscan weapons! Thats kind of terrible in a 90s shooter where the only affordances are movement and shooting.

I would love to see high res renders of the cutscenes, though.

Some of the environment designs are really interesting even if the levels themselves feel mostly like mazes. I like that in the mine level when you can finally reach the elevated minecart tracks they all interconnect in a level spanning loop

I didn’t grow up with hitscan shooters, can someone explain what the strategy against those enemies is? Was it related to strafing or just shooting first?

I’ve now played through three (almost four) Fire Emblems in a row! Awakening (pretty good), Conquest (fantastic), and New Mystery of the Emblem (very good). Almost finished with Birthright, which is about on par with Awakening, but much less interesting when compared with Conquest.

Story-wise, Awakening is middle of the road anime. Birthright feels like it had the B-team of writers, since it kind of trips over itself in pace and tone? It’s about on par with Awakening. Conquest completely sucked me in with it’s family of four kids who love each other very much and are trying to not lose their humanity and survive under the thumb of their oppressive dictator father.

depends on the game - hitscan enemies almost always have a delay before shooting after either being stunned or entering line of sight/range - abuse that