Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram


Not only that, but somebody else inside piloting the trailer and interacting with it across netcode.


Beautiful madness


God, the plot to this game is wild.

As you explore these remnants of the human world, you must find a specific artifact that helps each monster understand why humans would create monsters. The Golem finds a clay idol, evidence of humans trying to make humans with their own hands, and feels the despair at their learning they did not create themselves. He learns pity for the humans this way. The Slime finds a book warning of industrial waste, particularly sludge in the ocean, which he really identifies with. He recognizes with horror that the humans created something harmful in order to develop further.

You finally enter the Fantasy Land, a parody of the traditional high fantasy RPG conventions rejected by the rest of the game. You battle against fighters, wizards, and clerics, and you can visit weapon and armor shops, though they don’t have anything to sell you. Once a monster in your party decapitates one of these humans (as they do to anything they don’t understand), you discover they’re all just robots, part of a LARPing simulation run by a computer for the amusement of the bygone humans. The Minotaur is flabbergasted that humans would enjoy such a thing as a fantasy RPG:


Everything about this game seems fucking rad except playing it, probably


Yeah this looks like pure agony to actually endure:

But the story, world, monsters, and aesthetic rules. There was this bit at the end of the HG101 article that I thought was real good:

There’s a lot to complain about, but Last Armageddon clearly found an audience. Its sales on MSX2 and PC-88 far exceeded expectations, selling out its initial run on the release day. These sales funded the ports to all the other platforms. This probably isn’t that surprising – it seems like a very easy game to market. And while the game is generally trashed on English-language sites, it is remembered quite fondly on Japanese sites, called a “masterpiece” on a few of them. Clearly understanding the dialogue is key to the game’s appeal, and Japanese players may be more enthusiastic about dungeon crawling, as is clear from the Japanese popularity of Wizardry.


I’m glad the legacy of “hitching a car to a tractor and driving in reverse to launch at a million miles an hour” from GTA San Andreas lives on.

Dunno how to feel about the Battlefield V beta. I’m bad at FPS games in general, so take this as you will, but it just kinda feels like a meat grinder. Half an hour of “ah well at least I’m not in last.”

If only everyone still played Titanfall 2, the Perfect FPS :cry:


thought id be real bad at nier auomata but im only regular bad, nice surprise


i believe the pcengine version had some qol fixes and is borderline playable but only the famicom port got a fan translation and it’s a google translate job

though it did lead to this screenshot at least


I’ve been playing Max Payne 3 because it’s been on sale and it’s a good time but all I can think about while playing it is how Parker complained and complained about the console version and I thought he was being a baby and then when the PC version came out he beat it on Hardcore immediately

Anyways I dropped the difficulty to ‘easy’ a few hours in


I only played it once through initially, cause my computer could barely handle it; a month or two again I played it again, had forgotten pretty much everything about how to play it (it is completely different from any other thirps), and beat it on hardcore without much trouble. Mouse + framerate is v. necessary


It’s a combination of being bad at video games and how I just want to run around like an idiot and shoot people in slow motion :woman_shrugging:


been playing wizardry 1: proving grounds of the mad overlord.

pure dungeon crawling experience, immensely exhilarating.


On what system?




i don’t know why i keep playing vns when none of them seem to have any of the impact of my favorite one but doki doki literature club was alright i guess. it didn’t go where i expected it to and it’s a pretty short experience over all. if you never bother to play it than nothing of value will be lost tho.


What’s your favorite one?



Was my first guess lol


i like nier automatata


I’m stuck with my laptop for a bit so trying to find some low-intensity games that this baby can handle.

I played Kingsway properly for the first time today, I don’t remember buying it so I was probably drunk! The interface and music is very charming but boy howdy am i sick of permadeath games. I just grabbed all the music from the steam folder and I think I’m good on this game.

Also forgot that I bought dead cells! not sure how that’ll go without a controller but hey ,worth a shot.