Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram


bad north is fun but it is just on the side of “buggy enough to make me reconsider playing it a bunch”

it gets pretty same-y after a while but I also haven’t managed to beat it all the way yet

I like the idea of an RTS that has 3 minute encounters on tiny maps but it would be nice to be able to customize the units in more than 3 main avenues


Yeah it’s a little dull. I’ve tried it twice, and both times I didn’t continue after losing my first life.


I liked the MM11 demo myself. The gamefeel is pretty spot on, and the difficulty feels nicely balanced. The music is very dull though.

Then again, I don’t like Mega Man 3, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.


re: gamefeel, i kind of disagree. movement and jumping feels comparable, but the slide is totally weird in this one. it’s kind of like the slide from MM8, except that version doesn’t really work with the NES-style movement. but i’m sure if i played long enough it would become normal, like anything else.

overall, yeah, the music and the aesthetics are all just really bland, to me. i do actually like the illustrations and the “You Got ______” screen etc., but the cuteness and charm feels sort of absent in the actual levels.

not a huge fan of the gimmick with the boss where it transforms and gets an entirely new lifebar for its transformation.

having Mega Man jump straight to the center to collect the power at the end of the fight feels like the devs knew speedrunners would like that or something.

i’m a pretty shameless Mega Man fan, so i’ll probably buy this, but only when it goes on sale some day in future.


MM11 seems sort of… unnecessary in a world with 20XX


Only got an hour with it but - Spider-Man lets you run up very tall buildings, dive off 'em, and zip away right before hitting the pavement.

The whole thing could go to shit later, but for some insatiable 7 year old within, I guess it’s the World’s Only Perfect Game.

Edit: also it has a photo mode, so there goes my month


is the swinging good

I need to know



yes how does the swinging compare to spider-man 2


It looks like there’s a skill tree for the swinging and it might go more in depth as you progress, but so far - really good. If you brush up alongside a building he’ll wallrun across it. You can zip with X to quickly change direction, dive by pressing L3 to gain downward momentum and hit X at the peak for upward.

I don’t think you can do some of the advanced 2 stuff, like making a web slingshot, but it ain’t bad.

Edit: gonna mess with it more after work but I feel like the best thing I can say for it is that it feels pretty natural. There’s some zipping stuff you can do to certain points (traffic lights, gables, cornerstones, etc.) that I can’t reliably pull off, but it might be my weirdo controller to blame.


I regret to inform y’all the Persona 5 and 3 dancing games are bad.

Haven’t tried P3 yet but I got here. Three? Months after releae Amazon had the 15,000 yen boxset for…6000. I THOUGHT I wanted this for the soundtrack. I heard one song that I thought was from this a month ago and it sounded awesome. The actual songs are meant for adjusting brake handling with a slider. And they are all 3-5 minutes long. Could give karaoke silence counters. Or just 45 seconds of fade out is what I want in my high energy dance game.

Gonna pop in P3D tomorrow and hope to lord it is better.

I never met P5 Gamer girl she is certainly a walking stereotype that doesn’t exist outside of the most insufferable Japanese otaku.

Can’t wait to have a talk scene with artboy where he compares dancing to painting and I eject the disc so hard it slices a passing roach in half.


P3D is only slightly better because Elizabeth and this is my first exporsure to her Japanese voice which is excellent.

Update: I cannot sell this bundle fast enough.


Last night I tried playing Battlefield 1 and managed to fall through the environment mesh several times. When I played the Battlefield 4 campaign (just the beginning part; I wanted to see their depiction of Shanghai) I clipped through an elevator and fell out of a skyscraper on top of which I was supposed to meet my AI teammates and triggered a checkpoint mid-fall. I quit the campaign. I’m great at breaking games!


Spider-Man is definitely one of those games where you’re best off playing the story for a few hours before attempting side stuff. Mostly because there isn’t any when it drops you into the open world for the first time, and progressively adds more and more.

Anyway, it’s incredibly smart that unlocking new costumes lets you unlock the power that suit has independently from it. So if you think Spider-Man Noir looks cheesy as hell (and how!) but want to use its ability with another suit? Sure.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s gonna set the world on fire as far as the game itself goes. It’s just a game that feels and looks expensive as hell, and is a good ride given that. Still early in, though, so hey, who knows.

Anyway have some Twitter compressed screens.


No, this is just the Battlefield Experience

I still fondly remember the BF3 beta, where DICE had to kill off destructible terrain because it was more often than not a hellish black hole from which the only respite is death

Sadly, BFV’s beta has very solid surfaces but continues to tradition of having the ragdolls of dead players doing weird shit (bodies will often be suspended at a point as if on a meat hook going through where the hip and spine connect)


(also the BF4 campaign is bad)


how does the swinging compare to spider-man 2

This game feels much more like a sequel than I would have guessed. They are consciously building off the descendants of 2. You have ‘jump at bottom of arc to speed up’ and ‘zip forward for direction change/acceleration’ preserved just how I remember them. Wall-climbing uses similar mappings as before but is more prone to fail, probably due to increased geometric complexity on building surfaces.

It feels very comfortable if you have this baked into your muscle memory, and is fooling me into believing the silver age of open-work city-based superhero games never went away.


this is a feature though


Physics objects in general are ‘special’ in the Battlefield series.


Ragdoll physics are good!


Ahaha attaching a trailer to a truck is just begging for trouble. I love that they’re crazy enough to say, sure, we’ll make it work.