Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram


I started randomly playing The Room and it’s pretty good, but it should be called The Box, really


I beat it last night and I agree, I liked finding the new levels though. Also, the reward for getting all the power seals is insanely underwhelming.


I like the new siege characters! The Scandinavians from March were cool too, it’s just the Italians this year who sucked


bada bing, bada boom!


honestly it makes me like the game even more that the Italians were possibly the worst of all the new characters (they add them in pairs every 3 months and I can’t think of the last time there were two duds at once).

I also enjoy even describing a long term support model like that which isn’t exploitative and is attached to a game I like


Burned through Yakuza Kiwami 2 a hell of a lot faster than I thought I would. For all my misgivings with the Dragon Engine (I dunno, it’s nice looking but also just kinda clunky?), it does lend to a brisker pace overall.

Glad my goldfish memory forgot everything from watching those digest videos in Yakuza 3 because goddamn, what a plot. Too bad the awful replacement theme song kinda shits all over the moments it pops up in.

Started up Strange Brigade. It’s everything I could have hoped (as far as being cheesy as hell) and feared (you really probably shouldn’t play it solo). Ah well!


March had the Russian woman and French male? Not what I’d call Scandinavians…

Well, the Italian season was actually one of the better received seasons in recent times. Alibi is difficult to pull of on more seasoned players, but Maestro’s gadgets are incredibly useful, even as sheer bulletproof cameras.

The reason why they feel the worst is probably only because they weren’t blatantly OP right out of the gate, unlike almost every other season, particularly the March one which had two OP operators with zero-risk global abilities.

I wish they had some better and more comprehensive history of patch notes available somewhere though. It gets real annoying when you realize in the middle of a fire fight that a rifle’s recoil has become absolute dogshit.

Good thing about the new season though: they added the Brazilian map back into the casual rotation (it was added in Y1S3 around August 2016 and removed in Y2S3 September 2017). It’s a clusterfuck for defenders, but it’s fun as hell!


I played my first Siege match in appx six months and did OK in the first three rounds then fucked up a clutch moment and got called a retard for the remainder of the match by two people. The game’s good but it seems like the community continues to get more toxic (the community was part of the reason I dropped off earlier in the year).


it alternates between good and bad, and I don’t really mind being told I blow


I played a Shin Megami Tensei mobile game (called « dx2 liberation »? What is this, Kingdom Hearts?)

It’s… not great. Obviously F2P games are built on frustration and jealousy and can’t ever be good. I know this but still had to try this one out because I love SMT monster design so much

I’m at least happy I could fuse my favourite guy right there


Vermintide 2 is really fun


I don’t mind being told that I suck within some reasonable amount of time immediately after the fuckup (maybe 15-30 secs?) but getting hounded for 10 minutes is A Bit Much and not every game has enough dedicated assholes in their community for that to happen semi-regularly. The plus side is that Ubi seems to be relatively pro-active about this stuff (eg, their insta-banning of people saying The Actual Bad Words) so I have faith it’ll chill out over time the same way League’s level of shit-talking became ~normal.


That’s weird; I think I had one bad experience in the ~50 games I played, but maybe it gets worse at higher ELOs (doesn’t it always!)


It’s the Must Win To Have Fun Rule: The more serious a person gets about a game, the more toxic they become.


Such a snide mf iirc but still have him in mind when this jams.


I was sort of “playing” this, too. Mostly, I was just using any free gems I got to summon the higher ranked demons, checking what I could fuse, and maybe doing a battle. I think my highest ranked is Prometheus. The demon models all look really good, it’s just too bad there’s no substance and the character art is hideous.

Wish I could’ve gotten a Mastema. I was hoping for an Alice because Die for Me sounded rad, but it never happened.

I’ve stopped logging in, though, since it’s pretty boring.


One of the best aspects of being nearly completely anhedonic is that I truly don’t care whether I win or lose! But you’re right about that phenomenon – last night I had a series of MVP rounds and people were so nice to me :roll_eyes:


I got Dead by Daylight on PS Plus and I haven’t seen anything posted here about it, but it seems really fun so far for what it is! Some of the levels could probably use more varied design, but I’m not complaining considering everyone warned me the console versions were significantly worse (I see no inherently major issues!).


i guess mary shelley’s frankenstein is the replacement freebie table in the pinball arcade since they lost the license for the arabian nights table.
i wasn’t too impressed on my first play, though the slightly farty chip metal and constant yelling did appeal to me. on my second try, though, i activated 6-ball multiball and now i think this is an awesome table just for the sheer spectacle of that. plus there’s a weird anti-gravity tobe thing near the top of the table. i wanna see that in real life!


in addition to not being able to jump through boss gates, i found the Mega Man 11 demo prrrrrrreettty underwhelming in general