Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram


There’s Elijah Wood and Transference as well, which he seems quite heavily involved in.


playing epic mickey 2 since it was free on xbox and these hell corridors full of dead disney ephemera are the first time a game has scared me in a long time. all these dead baloo carcasses and severed bambi heads. the sound design is a nightmare. it’s wild.



That’s a good point and another facet – we’ll get both the art-darling studios and the name-first vanity projects.

My friend who’s been making Due Process for the past 5 years and is published by Annapurna has described it as, they’re supposed to be the moneymaker compensating for the cool single-player money pits for the fund.


New Raider is pretty depressing, recommend avoiding


i have to imagine i’m close to the end of The Messenger. my late-game thoughts are as follows:

  1. game is too long. spoilers (i guess? does anyone care?): so once the game stops being a linear action platformer and becomes a metrovania, the backtracking through levels becomes tedious very quickly. no new bosses, you’re just going to different locations on fetch quests. there are a few new levels, though, which are cool.

  2. the game never chills out. i’ll explain: In most metrovanias, the pain of backtracking is alleviated by the player’s new-found abilities. i.e. the challenges of the platforming lessen, making exploration breezy . The Messenger doesn’t really do this. you just keep having to do challenging stuff any time you wanna go from point A to B, and it’s kind of a pain in the ass?


Wario Ware Gold demo is fun and a charming way to revisit old games, the good Wario Ware formula.

The full voice acting is a hell, though. Like, oh my god.

I don’t think I can buy this cursed game.

Anyway, been playing a ton of 2003 Wario Ware today.


I did play maybe the first couple hours of '13. The idea of seeing Lara become survival and adventure hardened was good, I just wasn’t really feeling the motions. Couldn’t even tell you what stood out aside from the frequently torturous situations she was put through which was obviously a thing of contention, well particularly for that one key scene.

It’s a kind of game I might go back to eventually if like, a few dozen others weren’t always going to be ahead in line.


kero blaster is cinema
pink heaven is the prodigal child of kirby’s dreamland


I am sure all of you will be surprised to learn that Albert Odyssey Gaiden for the Sega Saturn is a mediocre JRPG of no value to anyone.

If Working Designs added anything they added spices to white rice.

You do fight “Leather Vampires” and meet a team of women adventurers that include a furry dog maid and that sounds more interesting than it is.


I have been playing nothing for the past three weeks.

(—except daily World of Warcraft for the Auction House, and Animal Crossing: Mobile Microtransactions, and a nominal amount of Hearthstone.)


getting my butt kicked by sonic mania still. It turns out I’ve always been bad at sonic games!

Currently trying to figure out what SNES game I wanna play too


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i didn’t play any games today but i watched the last armageddon intro

there’s no way the rest of the game lives up to this is there


Played some Valkyria Chronicles. Noticed that as an artifact of the art style melding realistic machines and military gear with anime character designs, Alicia’s binoculars have eyepieces smaller than the visible portion of her retina.


nu-raider games just make you wonder, where in the hell did it all go so wrong.


The main thing that sounds interesting about the new Tomb Raider is the granularity they’re adding to the difficulty settings.

I don’t know if that’s enough to really save the game from itself, design-wise. I played them almost purely for the graphics. The second had bigger hub levels and more involved puzzling/tomb raiding. The latest seems to be going further in that direction which is alright by me.


the redbana version of “audition online” has azealia banks, crystal castles, schoolboy q, yung lean, and lana del ray on its soundtrack. also brokencyde

its like self aware of the legacy mid-00’s korean mmo games had on 2013 tumblr kids. when flyff 2 comes out i want it to have araabmuzik and nightcore edits of tiesto in it


i love the idea of there being different iterations of MMOs across the world. imagine the notion of a people’s maplestory


honestly I haven’t met an animator who doesn’t do this, literally this

even the sweet little homeschooled half-hummingbird boy