Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram


The move where Majima puts the pommel of the bat in their mouth and then kicks it is probably the most brutal thing in that game.


There’s that finisher where he pulls on their neck until it cracks and foam pours out their mouth…and then they get up and keep fighting(!)


it’s all the snow. snow makes framerates bad, it’s science

if it makes you feel any better, turning the game to min latency (which turns everything possible down) doesn’t actually give me much more performance than leaving everything turned up, which is some head-scratching nonsense since my GPU doesn’t actually hit 100% utilization and neither does my CPU and none of it matters because I managed to do the last Stg 44 challenge where you have to kill 5 people without taking damage so I’m done with the beta

since I’m free of BFV, I’ve fallen back into the Miku vortex because I am a garbage human and can’t play an actually good rhythm game and while I struggle to do and read hard charts (nevermind extreme), all I can do is imagining Bemani and DJ Max players laughing at me

also Wild Guns! I am also also bad at Wild Guns.


echoes of an elusive age, natch. its just the best! i could not be having more fun



This is no joke, no exaggeration my absolute favorite Saturn game of all time, it is amazing.

Play all the timelines and get the true ending, it is good times.


I have a Japanese copy of this thanks to A Very Cool Person, how penetrable would it be for a guy with only a loose grasp on Japanese?


Oh boy hmm. Well between the speedrun 100% youtube and the faq getting through the game (and understanding the main story) wouldn’t be a problem. See that I had to use it because THE ONE PUZZLE was inscrutable. But I’ve only don P1. P2 is much harder. I guess I will play more since LW is talking it up but…

I found the platforming in P1 like the perfect balance of stress and doable. Like after every section my thought was The Designers believed in me and I succeeded. They seem to be upping the difficulty in P2 I don’t know if I want to deal with but also I appreciate that I am not just playing the exact same areas again.

The biggest difficulty with the Japanese version is the font is atrocious.

That’s supposed to be 女, woman.

Like there is a bit of side stuff that you won’t catch. There is a room in the starting town that is filled with gay porn (have to believe that was taken out along with the cigarettes in the Western release.) randomly and inconsistently the NPCs will have Dq level quips.

It’s a sum of it’s parts. The writing isn’t really great but if you are just playing it blind (like I did 10 years ago) you will probably quit at some-point (like I did years ago).


dq8 has a lovely ending but i wish the protag put on a tux

i also appreciate that the game was half the length i thought it wld be


What? I definitely played that game for 109 hours.


i beat it in 45 & that included 7-8 hrs of metal slime grinding & the casino


sorry to dq-post but i want to let the dq11 thread remain dq11 (never sorry to dq-post (always sorry to dq-post))

does anyone have thoughts on dq6 beyond it being boring or whatever

it’s impossible to find any actual commentary on it


I mean I love it more than anyone else but I’m hesitant to recommend it to you if you beat 8 in 50 hours, a huge part of the appeal for me was the greatly expanded party chat (in the DS version) where each party member has a unique reply for every NPC interaction, even for each dog that says “bark” or whatever, and they will change their responses based on the context of the scenario. It works like 95% of the time and I’ve never felt so immersed in an RPG. I spent hours just backtracking to talk to NPCs over and over. Also the localization is a comfortable middle ground between bone-dry Enix of America and the really whimsical British take, which is good.



I beat Wild Guns Relodaded

I am still bad at it

I would hope I could beat it considering the game gives out extends like fucking candy

and yet it took this long

I need a new hobby


The last few hours of Spider-Man are some real “holy shit this might be the most expensive game I’ve ever played” kinda stuff.


MGSV update: although I substantially softened on their bringing mantis and liquid and volgin into this game once I started treating it as a sort of post-metal gear pastiche (in which they aren’t used particularly badly), Huey and Skull Face are still really, really bad characters. Huey in particular; he’s such a muddled nonentity to hang the story off of.

This game is so substantively a revision of peace walker that I wish they’d gone a step further and found a way to keep all of the peace walker characters out of it, because they’re so bad.


Did y’all know that a bunch of SB folks once made an exquisite corpse-style Knytt Stories level? I hadn’t really looked at it since 2010, but some recent nonsense on another forum brought it back to my attention. Here’s the “credits” from the ending:


Now that I have some distance, I can safely admit: this game was pretty bad. It had some excellent bits—Zaratustra’s fantastic voyage deserves special mention—but I was so busy trying to plug gaps and sew up the seams that most of my rooms feel like useless padding. I’m still pretty proud of the environment I built in the area leading up to Toups’s section… at which point, Toups thrusts you into a monochrome sudden-death spike maze with a “LoL” glyph to chart your progress. If you can make it through, he then traps you in another maze with invisible walls and tells you to listen to a song he wrote. The song’s fine, but it’s hard to appreciate when you’re trying to keep track of where the passages are in this particular instance of a room that is otherwise identical to the last two rooms you climbed out of. Shit’s frustrating.


Skull Face is very good in his exeunt and that makes up for the rest of his ineffectual prancing. I mean, it’s not that he’s ever not ineffectual prancing, it just gets justified in a fun way in the best ‘you’re just like me’ speech ever and corresponding 5-minute awkward car ride


What if they’d found a way to keep the coop instead :smiley:


this seems like the sort of thing that needs a sequel. Are there any other games with as friendly a level editor?