Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram


yeah the most I can say about V in that department is that it’s scoped well and works thematically and doesn’t get in its own way very much, which is an improvement on everything else since 3 but still isn’t at all what it used to be


Absolutely this. Every MG game he worked on was excellent, and then when he left, the mooring lines snapped and the series drifted out to sea.

Kojima was important to getting the look and the direction right, but it’s become pretty clear ever since 4 that Fukushima was what was keeping it grounded in its quasi-realistic low-cypherpunk technomilitary roots


and even though it turns out Kojima can’t really do dialogue or politics on his own, the gentle slapstick tone is better in V than it’s been in a while at least


Man, Ghost Babel is great.


It’s been long murmured, sometimes stated outright like this on occasion and I’ve been inclined to agree (though I still haven’t played Ghost Babel). Aside from general credits and maybe (?) some stuff documented in MGS2 era, I’ve never come across anything that substantiates his presence a whole lot. Even so the difference post 3 though definitely shows and he must’ve been a good balancer until then.

This seems like an interesting article I’ll have to come back to tomorrow.


Been playing a mess of stuff, let’s see.

Guacamelee - I guess they added a lot of stuff to the PS4 version? I dunno. The Mexican theme is great, hampered by all the ancient memes. The platforming stuff is OK, until they ramp the realm switching stuff to an almost unreasonable degree. And I hate the combat! Oh well. Almost done with it.

Captain Toad - it’s me, the guy who insists the 3DS is the better handheld over the Switch. Anyway the joke’s on me - the game constantly zooms out and makes Toad microscopic, and those Pixel Toads are occasionally literally just that. Delightful game, otherwise!

Sushi Striker - Eh it’s alright.

Yoku’s Island Express - Maybe I spent too much time playing Pinball Arcade, but there’s a real “you gotta hit the flippers at this exact point if you want to hit this ramp” specificity that I guess is technically more accessible but feels kinda rotten. Cute game and concept, but it’s kinda bad pinball?


well, you’d also have to consider the general franchise fatigue kojima must’ve felt. fukushima’s role is pure speculation since i don’t think there are any interviews that shed more detailed light on his contributions. 4 and 5 are pretty poor outliers all things considered, since they both are supposed to represent a certain wrapup of the overall plot, and thus are inherently more difficult to pull of, not to mention the overall decline of konami in general that began in the xbox 360 / ps3 generation.


Been playing Dragon Blaze and getting game overs…on monkey…


Spite completion done of Graveyard Keeper. Certainly doesn’t hurt pacing to have 3 out of 6 quest lines gated with a 12 gold purchase! At that point in the game you’re only pulling in maaaaybe a gold piece a week and half that is coming from a very tedious method! Doubling down so when the last quest line requires a minimum 2 week wait after that point and you’re scrambling to find ways to burn stamina so you can make the time go by faster.

Do not buy. It is enough workable content to make it past the refund mark but stumbles heavily afterward.


Watched lots of Dirty Pair and got No Man’s Sky so I could zoom around in a red ship. Ignoring the main questline as much as possible so I can load the Lovely Angel up with Copper and Ferrite & zoom to the trading post & give it all away to robots.


Still plugging away at Ys VIII and I need to talk about the dash in the game for a moment. It is basically a diving roll mainly used to avoid attacks or move around the world I believe slightly quicker, but that’s not really important. What is important is that you can do it in mid-air; what is more important is that if you have enough hang time you can do it more than once before you hit the ground. Not only that, but while the first one requires a decent amount of time before you can dive any subsequent mid-air ones fire off much quicker. At some point you get a double jump and…

…Well my personal record is eleven dives in a row before I hit the ground >_>

Also I hit things with my sword sometimes!


I’m making EU4 crash because of a native uprising.

It turns out the game really does not like showing the siege panel of uncolonized land for an army that has 0 people in it. I somehow managed to do this because I was lazy; it was a recently conquered colony from the English in a very isolated spot and I didn’t have anyone nearby to stomp down the uprising. I just abandoned the colony but the natives stuck around taking attrition until they reached 0. Usually they disappear once there’s nothing to be angry about.

Was that the wind?

Also Sunset Invasion but that wasn’t as interesting. This stuff is getting easier, though.


I used this to get from the top of that pterodactyl nest all the way to the treasure chest on the ledge on the other side of the dungeon



My internal dialogue at this moment is wondering how many dives I could get in if I leapt from all the way up there (and also cursing myself as i never got that treasure chest).

I mainly used this to have fun leaping down staircases/steep inclines. You… you are an artist.


Stuff like this is why 3 D games weren’t a mistake


I think raycrisis is pretty fucking great. It has that same like idk romantic fighter ace fatalism that makes ikaruga work for me. It has a constantly ticking ~encroachment meter~ in the corner and if it runs up to 100% you instantly get transported to the final boss (dragon quarter ish?). Also it is fantastic looking (purple thunder lock on shot against the laser green cyberspace environments) and it has a lovely smooth zuntata ost.

The only other shooter I can think of that has this much fun with its 3d camera is einhander, but idk if that just means I havent played a lot of 3d graphics shooters.


eschatos’ use of the 3d camera is incredible, highly recommended


or, can it be said that her behavior is a crime?
the models
there is no sense unless everything is arranger completely
lavande bleu
non sentimentalisme
son dessen
blood and tide
formless living bodies
root of all evil
all is shut down
there are no nails at my tiptoe
love is not enough
all is shut down

Such good song titles on the ost.

Also it has an arrange album that sounds like this:

Gonna keep a soulseek alert up for this.




I bought Sonic Mania Plus today, I’m really digging it so far, except this spider boss sucks!
I missed Knuckles