Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram


I probably didn’t really understand most of what you said in that post, but they are indeed pretty epic. I second the idea that, to repost and bundle them up in a dedicated thread at some point, if the series continues. If anything, it conveys the intricacies and complexity of the strategies involved in nation building simulation.

Ps. your avatar reminds me of

Was watching (not playing, sorry) some of Midna Light’s runs of Kaizo Mario Maker levels. No commentary, just skill at work, progressing through impossible levels, that would be absolute torture to any normal mortal. Shit’s insane.

(Anyone else likes the idea of a “What gaming did you WATCH today” thread?)

I’m gonna share this one though, 'cause it’s edited for comic relief. Also gives you an idea of the freakish difficulty level.


I have the urge to play Resident Evil 6. So if anyone wants to subject themselves to this game on PC for some coop, let me know


Oh hey Macross Ace Frontier. A game I was mildly excited about, frightened by Japanese retail price, then forgot. I now remember you got really had reviews because you tried to piggy back off MonHun so you are a weird multiplayer title. Then you call yourself a collection of Macross’s greatest hits and then uhh have me play as generic soldiers with generic navigators and the closest I get to the heroes is a display that says one ship is Roy Focker.

It did raise good memories of Robotech Battlecry. I uhhh was overjoyed to actually play Robotech and it looked great and played well enough and it had all the VAs. I honestly can’t remember if it had the vocal songs or not. It did have giant missile explosions.

The missile explosions in Macross Ace Frontier fucking suck zero out of zero.


it also controls terribly



Oh man I cannot see an EWI without thinking about Saturday Morning Slow Jams


i love scott <3


Ive been playing a little bit of g darius / einhander / raystorm / raycrisis and theyre all fucking gorgeous. This type of psx arcade game should be looked upon more fondly imo. Also strider 2 is great.


<3 <3 <3


Don’t sleep on R-Type Delta too


delta has an eternal soundtrack


Marina and I went to an arcade and freaked out because they had an SFII:CE machine. We got in there and I went to throw a fireball and it dropped right to his feet and started moving rapidly up and down as it traveled

That’s right, motherfuckers, Rainbow Edition


holy shit


quiet’s character design is still an immense embarrassment though


Yuuuuup. Would have been the typical KOJIMA! woman character design but he also had to make a big deal on twitter about how once you knew why she was like that ‘you would feel ashamed of your words & deeds.’


and that’s a totally justified reason to not even open this door. And I take that option for anime I’m told is good but my standards are lower for computer code I suppose

wait no, it’s the difference between a medium that is mostly DO versus a medium that is mostly SPEAK. Voice acting has revealed the depthless stupidity behind most games and we can only hope the sound of the human voice is a passing fad


with you in principle but in practice I can’t think of the last time I was obliged to overlook it to this extent


Kojima should feel bad!

It’s really funny to see the sleazy Japanese computer game hustler in him still alive while he hobnobs with middlebrow western movie stars


installing this Victorian-ass mod


I’m finally playing ghost babel and it’s clear tomokazu fukushima was responsible for everything politically interesting in the series before the world of mgs devolved into two jackasses disagreeing over whether PMCs or chat rooms would unite the world and any weirdness was reduced down to nanomachines and hypnotism and all anti-american sentiment was scrubbed out and replaced with vague bullshit about AI’s and cypher