Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram


I mean if you ask Rudie I will tell you exactly how far along and three cool things you’ve missed.


I believe I just showed the mirror to Chen and now have to find out how to get to Hong Kong, and also found the missing kitten

I feel like I have missed a bunch of stuff, since there are big gaps in the notebook. The search for Charlie amounted to nothing since straight away I got the letter that kickstarted the next line of inquiry, and then Charlie attacked me in the street


further on MGSV – either no one quite tried to impress upon me how much of what they were trying to do mechanically in 4 and Peace Walker actually worked out here, or I wasn’t paying attention.

the level design and the enemy grouping are finally tight enough to make the overpowering of the tranq gun and the trivialization of CQC post-MGS3 actually feel fair, the monster hunter-ification of the mission design and the base building are neither too outsized nor too repetitive, and the general approach to the narrative and the open world and the options available from the gear menu all amount to a very sensibly built open world game with an above-average degree of simulation and a metal gear flavour (almost to the same extent that revengeance is a metal gear flavoured platinum game) rather than just a weird bastardization of metal gear solid, which is how I’d characterize most of what they did from 2006-2014.

it takes like two hours to settle in between the not-great prologue and the still somewhat overbearing first mission but once you’re into the meat and potatoes it’s super playable, well beyond what I was conscious of.


Hmm maybe one third.

Trying to fill the notebook is OCD madness that is near impossible and if there is a trophy for it I will scream.


also, having had the plot spoiled for me long ago, I’ll add that I think it does a very inoffensive job of filling in what is basically an irrelevant part of the series’ myth and chronology – the setting is well chosen and the small cast isn’t misused – which further contributes to the sense of it being a really sound spinoff.

it also helps that they cleared the deck of all the Peace Walker characters in Ground Zeroes before chasing so many of the same themes here because it makes the story feel that much further removed from the weightier entries


Also (last post for now, I promise), it’s about the least enervating stealth game I’ve played in a long time and I haven’t quite figured out how it accomplishes that. One of the many reasons I gave it a pass when it came out was because I was really sick of stealth action shooters at that time and especially how they can feel so tediously modal between good play and “bad” play.

I don’t think it’s quite a matter of MGSV being overly forgiving (though it is, and it only gets away with it because its checkpointing is relatively harsh, which balances out the setpieces perfectly) but it might have to do with the sheer number of variables in play at any one time. Any given shitshow is still highly, but not trivially, fixable, and it usually doesn’t even bear on secondary outcomes (mission rank and other pickups) too much; it’s rare for a game like this to make savescumming (or checkpointscumming in this case) feel acceptable yet not at all necessary, and they pull it off.


anyway there are a lot of really good core design decisions in there that I had long since given up on them caring about and it feels like they must’ve gotten to iterate a ton to even get to the point where they can throw almost any combination of enemies and weapons into a level and have it be pretty compelling. I’m glad @BustedAstromech framed his praise for it in a way that finally connected for me, because its release felt like such a bizarre unceremonious thing between all the ridiculous misogyny and the reports out of Konami but it’s so much fun!


On open stealth: I really appreciate them letting off the shackles of the true and narrow path of pacifism. It’s like every single piece of this game has been examined under the lens of ‘open world’ and pushed out a bit further, and you get compounding player freedom. Even just running out into the bush if everything goes haywire feels a lot more right than it ever did in an earlier MGS.

I think it’s the first game to really crack stealth over wide-open spaces, too. Giving the player enough time to meaningfully make a reaction while not reducing the enemies to imbeciles is extremely tricky and it just feels so right here; I’ve been going over all the variables with a junior designer because this is The Game to copy for this right now, which Metal Gear Solid has never been. Generally, Thief has been far and away both more sophisticated and elegant than other stealth games, and MGS has stood at a simplified, arcadey (VR-arcadey?) end, but they hit a homerun in one this time.


God there totally was that Metal Gear VR Arcade game I remember nothing of.


I had no idea!

I was referencing the VR missions. They way they’re set up in MGS 1 takes advantage of the simplistic/predictable stealth model to create something like 3D Pacman. And up through MGS 4 it’s more like itself than the rest of stealth games, and then it suddenly notices current best practices and adopts and betters them.


I probably didn’t really understand most of what you said in that post, but they are indeed pretty epic. I second the idea that, to repost and bundle them up in a dedicated thread at some point, if the series continues. If anything, it conveys the intricacies and complexity of the strategies involved in nation building simulation.

Ps. your avatar reminds me of

Was watching (not playing, sorry) some of Midna Light’s runs of Kaizo Mario Maker levels. No commentary, just skill at work, progressing through impossible levels, that would be absolute torture to any normal mortal. Shit’s insane.

(Anyone else likes the idea of a “What gaming did you WATCH today” thread?)

I’m gonna share this one though, 'cause it’s edited for comic relief. Also gives you an idea of the freakish difficulty level.


I have the urge to play Resident Evil 6. So if anyone wants to subject themselves to this game on PC for some coop, let me know


Oh hey Macross Ace Frontier. A game I was mildly excited about, frightened by Japanese retail price, then forgot. I now remember you got really had reviews because you tried to piggy back off MonHun so you are a weird multiplayer title. Then you call yourself a collection of Macross’s greatest hits and then uhh have me play as generic soldiers with generic navigators and the closest I get to the heroes is a display that says one ship is Roy Focker.

It did raise good memories of Robotech Battlecry. I uhhh was overjoyed to actually play Robotech and it looked great and played well enough and it had all the VAs. I honestly can’t remember if it had the vocal songs or not. It did have giant missile explosions.

The missile explosions in Macross Ace Frontier fucking suck zero out of zero.


it also controls terribly



Oh man I cannot see an EWI without thinking about Saturday Morning Slow Jams


i love scott <3


Ive been playing a little bit of g darius / einhander / raystorm / raycrisis and theyre all fucking gorgeous. This type of psx arcade game should be looked upon more fondly imo. Also strider 2 is great.


<3 <3 <3


Don’t sleep on R-Type Delta too