Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Now that God Eater 3 is coming out I thought it was time to go back and play some of my old monster hunting games instead and I was reminded of the cute story part I was at in Toukiden 2.

The start of the game has you defending a town from a demon attack alongside your demon slaying force until you get sucked into a time portal and lose your memories from before that battle. You appear in the middle of nowhere and are taken in by a nearby village of demon slayers who help you realize you’ve teleported several years into the future. The only thing you remember is how to fight, but you learn that your commander from that battle survived and now works at the demon slayer HQ.

So you’ve got this goal throughout the game that you need to somehow meet up with this commander and in the meantime you help the village with their troubles. Eventually you get word that the commander is coming down to the village to get status reports, saving you the trouble and going to him. Finally, you’re going to get some answers on who you are and what’s going on.

The commander comes and recognizes you, saying he thought you were dead and that you don’t look like you’ve aged a day since he last saw you. You repeatedly try to initiate a conversation about your amnesia but the commander seems to brush you off every time. Eventually you manage to meet him one on one and you explain to him how you don’t remember anything. The commanders reaction is like “Okay, so what?” And you’re emphasizing, “No, really, I don’t know who I am,” and the commander again is like “yeah, I got it already!”

Because, you see, before you were sucked into a time portal, became an amnesiac, and appeared in the middle of nowhere, your real identity was an amnesiac who was found by the commander in the middle of nowhere.

I found that story beat to be really cute. It subverts your expectations of the typical plot flow, where you were expecting some sort of revelation but instead got a re-iteration of the same mystery. But it still provides a path forward for the game’s story, because now you know that whatever has happened to you is something that’s happened to you before (who knows how many times) and instead of just trying to restore your memory there’s now a deeper meaning to discovering who you really are.


Bioshock was Invisible War all over again. Except no-one in the press apparently played the Shocks, so they didn’t care that the game was focus tested into oblivion and showered the game with 10s.


ok i tried anthem and uh it’s over-designed garbage

it was fun for the five minutes i actually got to play it… maybe???


My first time playing Bioshock (which was after the initial release, as it was a 360 exclusive for a while and I only had a PS3), I kept thinking how similar it all was to System Shock 2 and wondering why everyone thought it was so novel!


Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite are both trash but I have a soft spot for Bioshock 2 (and I never even got to play Minerva’s Den).


Started up Witcher 3 again and realized I hadn’t played it in over a year

Was totally disoriented and lost but started following the yellow dotted line to apparently pursue a serial killer

Got to look at a maimed naked old lady corpse and then get attacked by six dogs

Turned it off after that

After dragon quest xi I really don’t know if I can tolerate this level of mature gaming anymore


The file select screen claims that I got 30 game overs (which equals roughly 90 deaths), but Zelda 2 has been finally finished.

what a game

The last time I tried beating the game in earnest was in 2011, and that attempt ended shortly after I reached the infamous dead end in the Great Palace. This time I chose the right path , and cleared that palace without too much trouble (only 2 or 3 game overs).

The combat is excellent (and has been talked about to death). Besides the points that I’ve seen brought up before, I love how your sword pushes you backwards on contact with an enemy/wall (and not just the enemy). It adds a nice degree of physicality to the swordplay that is missing in a lot of other 2D swordy games.

(That said, I have no idea how you’re expected to beat dark Link without doing the crouch-in-the-corner strat.)

I also love how willing the game is to just throw you in the deep end – I mean, you can’t get the candle without traversing a dark cave. The first thing you encounter on the eastern continent are enemies that you literally cannot damage. The Great Palace has enemies where, even at max level, the only sensible strategy is to run. etc, etc. These moments really help the game maintain its formidable atmosphere.

I don’t think the game necessarily needs a proper follow-up, but it surely deserves one.


BioShock 2 is the only good BioShock tbh. Minerva’s Den is good too but I felt underwhelmed after how much it was hyped up.


Hey, I liked these back on the PS2! First thing I notice is how many women characters there are in lead roles! That’s very progressi…

Okay, nevermind. Still, I enjoy the game, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s evolved that much from the PS2 games. I’m sure there are cool new features though. Ah, here’s one, let’s see how cool it…

There is a minigame called “Yobai” in which a samuraican romance a NPC by sneaking into their home at night, avoiding or knocking out family members, and pulling out the right futonto find them.[10]Even then, they will offer playful resistance, and player must try to throw them into bed. A turtlehead will guide the samurai to their target. The player can practice “night crawling” with most male and female characters in the game, as long as the requirements are fulfilled.

whatever, I’m still enjoying it.

EDIT: turns out night crawling was a real thing back in the day! The game still somehow manages to make it creepier though!




Get in the robot Sykel.


With this crazy weather, I’ve spent a lot of time with the Sega Ages release of Phantasy Star, and it seems like the auto map and the handy item description menu page are what I needed to finally stick with this game.

I love how the party is far off the standard RPG model. It feels like there must have been some kind of mistake with their stats or something. Noah as the offensive mage is the only stock character. Odin is portrayed as this skeleton tossing buff dude in the artwork and in game he’s the badass you NEED to recruit to properly avenge your brother, but in combat he has the shittiest stats by a wide margin. The dude gets no HP, he’s third place in terms of damage, and in my game despite my efforts to prioritize the better armor for him to make up for his deficits, he still has a low defense score. Those fixed damage guns that only he can use don’t seem like a good bargain either. Odin sucks.

Meanwhile that talking cat thing who seems like it’ll be the party’s healer quickly outclasses everyone else. The cat will hit for like three times the amount of damage as everyone else, gets tons of HP, and gets the best defensive spells. Alis as the vaguely well rounded hero doesn’t feel that well rounded as she has to take a back seat to this cat who can do everything.


FF7 is great. My fav RPG I think. I haven’t really thought about that. But anyway, I wanted to say that a new mod just came out. They used AI to recreate the textures and the result is super stunning. I think someone said it makes it look like you remember it from the 90s and that’s true. It’s called the Remako mod. I don’t know if you’re a purist but if not definitely check it out.

I’m kinda sad that Soul Calibur 6 is getting a bad rep now on sb. I kinda like it. I don’t feel like it’s a flop anyway. I played through the quest mode twice. But then I didn’t play it much after that. Still, I like it…


Odin’s guns are pretty good when you get stuck in a battle with 7 slimes that he’s able to just kill outright in one turn. Otherwise, he’s a bit of a mixed bag.


I guess I gotta power through Isle of Sgail at least once in Hitman 2 to make the elusive target easier, but woof, what a wildly complex level.

I’m also slightly screwed, since one of the opportunities is bugged on my current run of it (the wine glass I need to poison is magnetically affixed to my disguise bearer’s wrist).

Surely I can pull this off in the next, uh, 48 hours. Hopefully.


i’ve been meaning to replay this through this ever since i formatted my memory card on accident on the last disc like, 19 or 20 years ago. i made a few attempts, but always had trouble committing past the first chunk.

but now that there’s stuff out there that’ll tell me how to abuse materia it makes a bit more enticing.

eta: jessie was my favorite character. she makes fake ids and builds bombs for the eco terrorists. Jessie-ffvii-highres


I want to buy all the fake toys in kh3’s toy story world




This one can be a bit unwieldy but I also kinda enjoy it. Has personality, and lots of leaping about and running on walls. The combat is the weakest part, but it’s not horrible. I also like that one of the finishing moves lets you regain health. Also there are sequences where you climb into giant balls and the game turns into Marble Madness for a bit. Not great but not that bad either?


THIS on the other hand… actually does some interesting things! Really odd things that mostly don’t work, and also it’s bad at telling you where to go so you end up stuck for ages! But I still admire the creators for trying a few interesting things even though they were making a game based on a movie everyone was going to hate. Or maybe that’s why they used it to experiment a bit. Also wow that movie was bad. I guess I should mention the different things it does. For one, there is no camera control (and it emulates the horrible camera angles from the movie, yay). The left stick controls movement direction, and the right stick attack direction. So it’s like a robotron brawler? Also, you can’t kill enemies. Instead, you have to “trap” them by knocking them into dumpsters and stuff. If you don’t, they just keep getting back up because as if a WOMAN could knock out a MAN!!! Okay I talked about this game enough


everyone here already knows this game is awesome, i wish my copy wasnt so beat up though


this is literally crazy taxi with the simpsons, like it plays EXACTLY like crazy taxi. and i like it! it actually made me laugh unlike the last 20 seasons of the show! and it’s cool driving about springfield! of course, the city design is nowhere near as good as crazy taxi (mostly very flat and not enough clear landmarks) which is this games main failing, but this is still one of the better knock-offs


this is a D3 game so very very low budget, but like other D3 games, it also has lots of charm. It’s a radio controller helicopter game, basically you fly about town looking for missions to do, for example squirting water at cats sleeping on the top of cars. it doesn’t play as well as the Shiny PS1 game of course, and the camera can be awful, but i had fun with this one


why have i only heard of this game here?? i think this is the best non-arcade racing game i’ve played on the ps2. it’s brilliant! looks great, sounds great, feels great. the points system is pretty genius, giving me actual reason to avoid slamming into walls and cars. lots of tinkering options but not overwhelming and i can mostly ignore it if i want. this is top stuff


I’ve been meaning to try those Simpsons games now that I’m emulating the crap out of stuff. I’ve heard Hit & Run is a pretty good GTA-alike?

The Aeon Flux bit reminded me that I really need to dig up my copy of that Cavia Stand Alone Complex game.


Hit & Run is pretty fun, if I recall my time with it on the Gamecube



this is such a stupid game. it’s trying to be a guy ritchie movie with the script and direction, but then you have minigames where you do a slide puzzle for a tattoo artist for cash, play darts with a sweet old lady, and squish roaches for a diner AND THEN after interrupting a guy getting a bj from a sex worker, you crush his head in a door to make him talk, AND THEN later he chases you in a forklift with spikes on it. the grittiness can get tiring and it is definitely not final fight but i kinda enjoy this game? it’s fun running around the city doing odd jobs, and people keep running up to me saying how cool i am because i got lots of RESPECT UP and the fighting is super simple but enjoyable. i’m not saying this is a good game, and it’s a terrible final fight game, but i am having fun so there