Games You Played Today Classic Mini


I do favour using the touchpad for text input on the PS4.

Saints Row 4 lets you optionally use the touchpad for QTEs and it’s pretty terrible.

I think Let It Die used it for inventory management that seemed interesting at the time?


let it die used the touchpad, yeah. you swiped left and right to shuffle through your mushroom inventory, and you clicked one side of the button to eat the current mushroom, or the other side to throw it.

oneechanbara z2 has qtes where you have to swipe across the touchpad or tap (but not press) it


Glad I’m not the only one.

I mean, I can’t refund my copy, so I keep periodically coming back to it and feel disappointed. Haven’t even fired it up to play as 2B yet, so.


does the KH team know the FF14 team let you use the touchpad as a goddamn mouse

does anyone even remember that the DS4 has a gyro


seriously it’s like the story mode should be Quest For The Breast Pump

that’s what I get for thinking anything could be better than playing 2 in Dolphin like I’ve been doing for a decade


what happened to soul calibur

how did it fall so far


I dunno. 6 is supposed to be back to basics, but it feels so damn…dry? Boring?

Like, yeah you can make your own character, but all the bits and pieces are pretty much the same as they’ve been since Soul Calibur 3, but now you can make a marionette or lizardman or angel?

And as a supposed remake of the first game, it’s missing some of my favorite stages. Where’s my burning castle? Venice?

I dunno, comparing it to Tekken 7 doesn’t even seem fair. It just feels slight.


the castle stage becomes on fire in round 3


been replaying final fantasy vii because today is its 22nd anniversary and it’s my favorite game ever


chiseled my way back into Bloodborne… I had spelunked 90% of Yharnam and was maddeningly unable to beat either boss when I last put it down. tonight I went back and got my levels right, got my head right, and beat both Cleric beast and Father Gascoigne to finally progress in this godforsaken bloody game. yeah it’s awesome.



I remember being very impressed by the demo of this when I was in a game store forever ago so was keen to play it, and it’s kinda not very good. Well, it’s not awful, but it doesn’t tick the right boxes for me. Track design requires too much memorisation, the vehicles feel too light and aren’t fun to control, and the crash animation goes on for too long and ruins momentum. Just doesn’t feel good to me. It sure looks cool, though! Also the soundtrack sucks. Also it has to load the vehicles for the vehicle selection screen! Just use static images instead of wasting my time!


A very stupid game where you slingshot a hapless person into a scene and try to cause as much destruction and pain as possible. Basically Goat Simulator without the open world stuff. I don’t like Goat Simulator much, but this amused me for twenty minutes. Doubt I’ll ever go back to it again, though. Actually, I guess I could say the same for Goat Simulator. I should note I’m really not a fan of physics focused games, both 3D and 2D.


I almost bounced off this one but stuck with it and really dig it now. Feels like a PS1 game in good ways. Enjoy the combat, it’s simple but dancing about trying to get the best shot in (or getting in close for some slashing) while avoiding too much building damage is pretty fun. BUT OH MY GOD, this game doesn’t shut up with the cutscenes going into incredible detail with stuff that doesn’t matter. They go on forever, and they KEPT CROPPING UP, I just skip them all together now. Sorry Kojima, I don’t care about your bad Neon Genesis knock-off.


HOLY HELL THIS IS HORRIBLE. The controls are awful! The “push the sticks only a little to do this” doesn’t work and gah, this game just ain’t happening. AND THAT SLOWDOWN. Really made me appreciate Zone of the Enders.


Pure is the muddy racing game of that generation that I like.


Can never trust you again. But also, I always heard the ps3 version was the way worse one, so there is that.


What. It’s more Gundam than anything.


I’m mainly making reference to the protagonist being a whiny insufferable kid with excessive emotional baggage

neon genesis is awesome tho


i got a physical copy of blazblue chronophantasma on vita for 290 yen from yaj. this is a lavishly produced game! everything looks so expensive!

it’s pretty fun, too. i haven’t played one of these since the first came out on 360 many years ago. you can change the in-fight voice acting to english, but not anything else. that’s weird.


I legit found it unplayable, the controls are awful. I read that you can change them, but I don’t know if that will help my CORE!!! problems with it.

Also there are huge, huge framedrops at some points, like Blighttown times 10. That’s probably a PS3 exclusive.


Yeah, I remember fiddling with the controls in the 360 version, but I don’t remember exactly how.

The framerate was not great on the 360 version, but everyone said it was way worse on the ps3 one. This is sad because the underlying game has so many incredibly neat things going on storywise and such.

Really, if they were to remaster one AC game, 4A would be the biggest beneficiary. Those boss fights would be amazing on a system that could actually run them.


That’s still a Gundam element.


This thing is so big I can’t zoom in enough to show the individual elements.

I’m building these white, green and blue circuits that are part of AngelBob modded Factorio.

This is just to see if I hooked up all the inputs properly and the input producers are coming in to this section. If you look at the first picture all those separate stations to the right are other parts of the factory specifically to make those. I didn’t have any of them except for raw wood, iron ore, solder, tinned wire and copper plates prior to starting this silly thing.