Games You Played Today Classic Mini


oh yeah? Well, my favourite character is Cecil from Final Fantasy IV. He looks like James May.


the thing i love about video games is that someone like you can describe one that is stupid and probably sucks, but their description is still something i would experience in a heartbeat


Poison got cut from Streetwise and therefore it is garbage imo


probably for the best considering their treatment of other characters tbh


Final Fight Streetwise is the only Super Best Friends Play series I’ve ever watched. It was alright. The game seems weird and pretty bad all in all. But I would have probably played it and had a good laugh had I known about it at the time


tried replaying nioh and this bull shit happened


yeah I’ve been stuck there for a while


heck yeah, videogames can be bad and stupid in excellent ways no other media can


Whoah, the same cursed scheme as Too Human (and even the set camera angles!)


hey, everyone thought it was cool when Rise to Honor did it and Mark of Kri kind of did something adjacent to it


what do you mean everyone




there are plenty of reviews to the effect that Kid Icarus: Uprising is totally worth the carpal tunnel syndrome, but i’ve yet to see much evidence of that


Well I bit the octopus and bought Save Me Mr Tako! Which uhh hmmph. It’s fine. For Five dollars it seems perfectly fine after 30 minutes. We made a Game Boy game yay!

Game Boy Platformers are usually very simple. This one has a maybe neat mechanic of covering enemies in oil. It also has way too much dialog and plot written by non-native english speakers. Same problem Iconoclasts had. There’s a cadance problem. Wrong word choice or word order means everything falls flat.

And uhh do i need a wordy platformer that is about a war between octopi and humans and maybe the terms aren’t so black and white?? (Or green and grey (gameboy yay!))

I mean I guess I wanted a cutesy throwback platformer staring an octopus. Maybe the title carried me all the way to the checkout. Now I am stuck with it.


The ending to Hitman 2 is so damn good (even if the whole game eschews proper cutscenes for animatics) that it bums me out there might never be a Hitman 3, given how it’s apparently sold so far.


Yeah you are being hella inspiring by being one of the few people talking about this game. I feel like there’s probably something to say about the game’s inexplicable lack of an audience, considering its obvious quality; something inherently expired in the premise of it maybe, but I don’t know so I won’t suggest it.

Hitman™ 1 is consistently near the top of my “games I feel guilty about not playing more yet don’t anyway” list for various minor pet peeves that kill my flow and feel petty to recount.


In a weird way, I feel like Hitman 2 coming out all at once, as a complete thing, maybe hurt it more than they might have anticipated.

I mean, people balked at Hitman being released as an episodic game, but it kept it in the news and in regular discussion for the better part of a year. Each new level was an event, and people spent the month or so between each release finding new things hidden in them, freaking out about leaks, things like that.

Hitman 2 coming out all at once, I mean, it’s probably technically better, as a thing to put on the box (given this game actually has a single boxed edition, well, ignoring the WB Standard/Silver/Gold nonsense, versus the three or four different physical releases 2016 got).

But it also came out around Red Dead Redemption 2 and (for better or worse, given how games news cycles go) Fallout 76, and pretty much got buried. It maybe gets some mention when Elusive Targets pop up, or someone does a good homing briefcase video, but that’s kinda it.

Anyway, all that aside it’s really goddamn good. But even I’m not dumping as much time into the levels as I did with the last one, and I played the shit out of that game (@Rudie can attest to this).


there’s a reason everyone avoids releasing next to truly big games


A friend introduced me to EDF 4.1 yesterday, and I stayed up way too late playing it. I’d read positive things about the series in the past around here, but I’d never tried any of the games.

The weapons and destructible environments remind me of things like Ratchet & Clank and Just Cause 3, but with a larger scale and rougher design. I like that you can look inside a shop and see products on shelves before a building gets leveled.


I previsioned this. and I haven’t really gone back to it much either except for the elusive targets

but is it really selling that bad? I think they had said a lot was dependent on it’s success since they’re independent now and they did just start a whole new studio.