Games You Played Today Classic Mini


I don’t know what the resident evil thread is so I’m just going to post this here. Someone cranked up the facial animations to 500%


Bean S. Kennedy



More terrifying than the actual game imo.



it’s bad


this seems the most suitable possible thing


I think a lot of this comes down to it being at the very least perceived as “Hitman: season 2” as opposed to “Hitman 2”. In an online game you can probably get away with seasons as such, for a single player one I don’t think there is any evidence that you won’t lose a big chunk of your audience doing this.

Also to be blunt I think it would be safe to consider that while Hitman season 1 found an audience it wasn’t this big hit, and hence a sequel was always rather risky from a business perspective.


kinda wish acquiring/upgrading weapons involved less running around hoovering up crates- really kills the momentum


I started playing Caves of Qud. It’s really difficult. Haven’t gotten into a roguelike in a few years.


I keep doing True Kin Strength/Toughness builds and getting my ass handed to me by the red rock critters :weary:

Too afraid to try mutant builds, there’s too many options


oh definitely do a mutant build, the incredible number of options was like the first thing that got me excited about the game


It’s just that I’m so drawn to physical builds because I’m afraid to get out of my comfort zone, so I pick like, multi arms, double heart, claws, etc

I really like playing melee but I’m not sure how to make it work


Dark Half on SNES is a mostly charmless confusing slog. Its been recently translated and made the rounds with some nice screens and video showing off SNES’s finer lighting effects.
You play half the game (apparently) as the Big Bad who’s scenario is like some nu metals kid’s dark self insert power fantasy.

Its not really bad enough to be fun.
The battles aren’t enough fun for how bad the rest of it is.


Thanks, it sounded neat but the ten minutes I put in before falling asleep didn’t compel me to go further, so I as wondering if I was missing something.

What if Paladin’s Quest/Lennus was good? With that art? oh boy



This feels at once darker and more colorful than Sunless Seas, which is winning me over. I wanted to prefer the original, both for that game’s writing staff and for its more compelling setting. (I just like the idea of an underground ocean more than Victorian not-quite-space travel.) Seems somehow important that it is both different and better.

Different: the first ~25% of the game map is a warren of narrow corridors hemmed in by huge overgrown planetoids. Between the verdant background and the implication of horrors it sorta feels like “American McGee’s Mario Glaxy”; space is deeper, but the looming obstacles blot out light from the sunless Reach and so the shadows are somehow more absolute than in the Unterzee. I love this claustrophobia, in part because I’m sure it will not last into the other three regions. Zubmariner predicted these backgrounds: Sunless Sea’s water held its share of startling and horrific sights, but it was shallow and murky compared to the depths Zubmariner revealed. Those in turn were but momentary visions of the constant yawning spans ever echoing below your engine in the Skies.

Factions are immediately apparent: the Tacketies (independents) and Stovepipes (loyalists) both think little of you at first, but each insists you provide port reports to them alone and not the other. Their engines are constantly dogging one another through the High Wilderness, and you exist in their proximity at your peril. These concerns seem mundane beside the superior mysteries of the Unterzee, but even that game had its abbreviated Supremacy system and vestigial corsair quest-hooks. Plus, I was primed to dislike this storyline because it was practically all that was in the game when I played the alpha, and this turned out to be one game in which I didn’t want to see the sausage being made.

Better: Gunplay and UI polish are both dramatically improved. Your stats have been cut down to just Iron, Hearts, Veils, and Mirrors; your background and leveling lets you choose options to bolsters not just these four numbers, but also your affiliations (with Establishment, Villainy, Bohemia, and Academe). If this pays off the way it so often did in Fallen London, I’m pretty hyped about this progression system.

Also, even though the ship is so much more responsive, this game’s pretty tough. I lost my first captain before I even turned in a single port report because I pushed it too much with a damaged hull. They give you independent difficulty controls for how much aim assist you get, how fast enemy shots are, how forgiving resource consumption is, and whether you have the roguelike Legacy system to deal with. Not ready to lower any difficulties, but I’m glad they gave the options.


i’ve been sort of hooked on Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost on iOS lately. i have no excuses or explanations other than it’s exceptionally adorable and has been scratching an itch. probably its main selling point is its polish and presentation.

not sure how long i’ll keep up with playing it, but it feels like a cute, kind of dumb Diablo? that said, its multiplayer raids are surprisingly satisfying and become actually challenging at higher levels.




In my infinite curiosity I tried Sin Episodes Emmergence. Why did I do this??

I don’t like the source engine and it fucked up my computer in a weird way. As soon as I touched water 10 minutes in the program froze with a repeating plop noise playing. I could pull up the start menu but there was no way to put anything in front of the frozen screen so that i could close it.

That’s what I get for playing big titty shooter failed project.


Speakin’ of.

I feel like you can really tell the crowds Forza Horizon 4 and The Crew 2 wound up drawing by the custom wraps available for download.

On one hand, you have a plethora of lovingly rendered big-tity anime women, different and bespoke for each car.

On the other, you’ve got dozens of badly done Monster logos and an uncountable number of badly kerned “9 11 P O LI CE” decals, and really gotta dig for anything remotely fun.

Anyway, there’s nothing I can say about The Crew 2 that this review doesn’t already say better.


I mean, that is the Forza fanbase for forever.