Games You Played Today Classic Mini


I’ve been playing this a lot, both on my own and with a friend. I realize that anyone else who might care has probably moved on to the next game in the series, but if anyone on PS4 is interested in playing online sometime, whether you’re new or experienced with the game, let me know.

(I almost never play video games online, but I imagine that some of the harder stages in this are not possible without a good combination of the classes.)


Hit me up if you want to try. I can dig out my copy of the game.


I’ve finally been playing the translated version of the Dragon Quest Monsters remake on 3DS. I tried to do this years ago but could not get the ROM to run on my hacked 3DS.

Now I am playing it and…


I’ve got a lot of words in me about it, most of them require me to do a lot of set up though.

Fuck it. I’m gonna dump it in the Fuck Yeah Dragon Quest thread



So long as I don’t need the subscription service I can be down for a co-op party. I can be convinced I suppose, maybe ‘try’ a free month if it’s necessary.

I haven’t moved on to the latest EDF because I’m not making money. Game purchasing has slowed to a trickle and usually indie games that are cheaper.


Just an FYI, EDF 4.1 is going for cheap in this months hunble monthly bundle. 12 bucks is a steal since it goes for full price on steam and there’s other games crammed in with it when march comes around.


Did anyone play Below?

Did it just come and go?


It’s aesthetically perfect enough that it’s worth the 2 hours I put into it. I believe the minimalism works against the roguelike structure but I didn’t get far enough to loop it. Sound design is among the best games ever made (headphones recommended).

If Zelda-inspired roguelikes ever fall out of fashion I think this is likely to be rediscovered and championed in 5 or 10 years because it’s beautiful and great in the hand, if flawed.

I really hope Capy’s ok.


[whispering to date while playing Below when Capy splash screen appears] That’s Capy

do you think it’s worth playing for someone who isn’t usually interested in roguelikes? I like most of what I’ve seen but tend to get tired of run-based games really quickly.


If you’re ok with an unresolved 2 hours of finely distilled Zelda-like, go for it! If you go in expecting something that will sustain you or you can see through, I can’t offer personal experience but people seem to not be happy past that point.

When I’ve played it I tend to stare with my mouth open because I’m doing an extra amount of visual and auditory processing.

In a lot of ways, it’s similar to a Team Ico game: immaculate, still, composed despite all the player’s attempts to inject chaos.


Gods, me too. :frowning:


the DC metro area is going through some freak winter weather lately

it is seventy goddamn Fahrenheit degrees outside today

instead I am here, realizing I have a computer with a bluetooth adapter, messing around with Dolphin with goddamn Sonic and the Secret Rings

it controlled bad then

it controls bad now

I’m going for a walk


@boojiboy7 @SageGrimm

I will probably be playing EDF 4.1 some tonight and some tomorrow night. This weekend also works.

If either of you (or anyone else) feels like playing, we can either choose a time or you can simply contact me if you happen to see me in that or another game.

Unfortunately, this game does require a Plus membership to play co-op. I believe that’s the case for every game that’s not “free to play.”

My PSN name is the same as my name here, though I am already connected to at least one of you.


apex legends is tight, its almost borderlands royale. i think its the first big BR game with maps that arent butt fucking ugly. i havent looked at cod: blackout at all though maybe that had cool sets


Tomorrow night’s probably better for me, I’m done my classes for the week and can relax a bit. I’ll look into the free trial as I’ve never used the service.


how dare you


I solo’d the whole game as wing diver. If you get stuck, grind an earlier mission on a higher difficulty


Tomorrow night is good for me. Boojiboy7 on PSN if we aren’t already friends.


I mean, the actual move to do when you get stuck is to play a super high difficulty mission with randoms online and get a weapon you shouldn’t have yet lol


Started playing Torment Tides of Marinara (that’s what folks here call it, right?).

It’s… interesting? I have next to no experience with this kind of game. Definitely drops you into a lofty deep end.


This is what I will advocate for.