Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Apex Legends is good. it is a smooth, well-executed and violently polished game for being a thing 99% of people didn’t know about until 5 days ago. it feels good in ways other Johnny-come-latelies to the BR genre like Blackout or Cliffy B Masterpiece Radical Heights most decidedly do/did not. it has that good Titanfall feel where the movement is light and unobtrusive (despite very much not having the wallrun) and the guns feel heavy (but not like, Bungie heavy) and the very light class/hero presence gives it a good flavor. also, to quote Zodiac Motherfucker, you do not “build a Dutch colonial” in response to being shot at. man, even the fact that they force squads isn’t bad because they actually thought about and around it and designed the game to work with three idiots not saying a goddamn word to each other.

I will keep playing, please make Titanfall 3 and give it the dumbest, loudest, video game-iest campaign possible with the money you hopefully make from AL


I’m optimistic because I spent far too much time* on Ace Combat Infinity with its offensive f2p model and now we have an honest to god real deal Ace Combat 7

*do not do this. Life is too short. You can relax and be free



another gritty reboot nobody asked for. like streetwise, this is a very stupid game but also much more problematic because it’s about drugs and shitty cops. it’s an open world game where you run around (no vehicles) city areas doing missions, but i spent a lot of time just finding people to bust to steal their drugs, and then sell the drugs back to people. also you can use the drugs yourself and they give you superpowers. if you get caught selling drugs (or sell to an undercover cop) or arrest people with no drugs or beat on random people, you lose police cred and can get busted down to a civilian eventually, but you can still bust people and get your rank back up by depositing drugs at the cop shop. one of the missions has you launching grenades all over civilian filled areas. i actually liked the systems at first, but it’s all so unreactive. like when you’re wearing actual cop clothes, people will still deal drugs right in front of you as if you’re not there. not enough going on and gets boring pretty quick. also it’s very problematic. this game was banned in australia.


why wasn’t this game slammed for it’s emulation when it came out? the sound is AWFUL and frankly makes it unplayable for me. play-wise it feels off a little, too. on the plus side, it has the lock on games which for some reason later collections don’t bother with. they also have a bunch of 8 bit games, but why the GG versions and not the MS ones?? sure the gg had more colours, but these versions are so zoomed in compared to the ms versions so they are much worse to actually play. more like sonic mega collection SUX.


possible the most mid-2000s game i’ve played so far with a terrible soundtrack, casual sexism, pop punk 'tude, and over-the-top physics. the combat is clunky, there is an annoying haze over everything, and the track design is mixed with some cool ones, and some annoying ones, but it controls pretty solidly which made this pretty fun to play. it’s nothing amazing and i don’t see myself coming back to it again anytime soon, but it’s not bad.


i have wanted to play this for like 15 years, and i finally did and i like it! it’s a weird arcade game about exploding fireworks. i would have done the main mechanic differently (feels a little dry) but overall i enjoy it EXCEPT… christ, this is so hard right off the bat. needed a better difficulty curve because they dont give you a chance to actually learn how to get decent at the game, and it is very overwhelming at first. i stuck with it and really got into it, but i can see why many people bounced off it back in the day


this is way better because it has sonic the fighters and sonic r and sonic cd (which uses cd audio so the sound isn’t all screwed up) plus the cool GG exclusives like the tails metroidvania. purists would be iffed by some things, but for me this is a pretty solid collection with a bunch of oddities. the other one had better extra content though, too bad the rest of it SUCKED. oh also it has streets of rage and vectorman but who cares because shitty genesis emulation


i remember playing the xbox demo of this in stores all the time and being blown away by the graphics and it was a lot of fun and always wanted to play the full game. well this ps2 version is much less visually impressive, but it’s still a lot of fun! basically it’s crazy taxi but instead of driving people around, you do a bunch of different missions as cops or spys with a tight time limit. feels very arcade-y. like fantavision, though, the difficulty is pretty rough. i havent felt frustrated yet, but i am predicting it’s going to start being a pain in the ass soon. the game is rng heavy which doesnt help, as all the traffic is random, and having a big truck in the wrong place can just wreck your chances. STILL, i’m having a blast with it for now and have only needed to retry a mission like… five times at the most so far. also i like how goofy the story is, really nice after all the gritty bullshit ive been playing

im tired and need to SLEEP


this is good advice

i did the first mission on hard and got an upgraded rapier that’s just incredibly powerful and made fighting some of the enemies that appear later in the game a lot less overwhelming.

i’m talking about the deroys. fuck those things


my memories of playing this on original XB were similar. the game is not awful but it also isn’t even just okay. i remember it being fun to play at times, but then at the end of the game, it devolves into a 3rd-person shooter, which it clearly does not do very well.

what is strangest about the game is that the American studio wanted to make the game like classic Final Fight, but Capcom didn’t let them. the sense i got from the game’s “Arcade Mode” (or Classic Mode? i don’t remember what they call it) is that their take probably would not have been too amazing. also, i remember that mode has no continues or one life or something, making it basically next to impossible to complete.

i think it’s a shame Final Fight never got a true arcade sequel in the style of Aliens VS. Predator. oh well, perhaps in another timeline.


After putting a few hours into Slydris 2 what it has gained in accessibility (and removal of some elements that could arbitrarily push you into a failure state) has perhaps done too much to smooth off the rough edges. I think I really prefer the former.

Hi it’s me, Mikey, the resident Radiangames Stan


are you implying I should stop playing the game I enjoy


Implying I should stop playing the game I enjoy


…it was though


I wasn’t expecting my computer to run Sunset Overdrive at max settings but, uh, it does. And hey, it’s still very good! Though it makes for one less reason to own an Xbox One, I guess.

Also played some ZER ORANGER and everyone was right, that’s a pretty good game.


Except they are heavily linear experiences and very are not roguelike in any way.

That’s all I wanted out of Below! Damn it!


tbh I’m more tired of heavily linear experiences (at least per the Ico/Half-Life 2 state of the art) than I am of roguelikes; videogames’ standard of immaculate composition isn’t really doing it for me these days

but I think I also play and enjoy more regular-ass ten hour single player action games than most people here so it’s not the linearity I have a problem with per se


I don’t care what you want, Felix.


welllllll I think there’s substantial evidence that we’re hitting a dead end of that design philosophy and I’d rather not see indie darlings still chasing after it




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I don’t care what you want, Felix.


I’m afraid someone has to take up the burden.


play more arcade games, felix


Systems play is so very very good for action; we always understood it was ideal for strategy and tactics but I’m so happy Spelunky unlocked the door to fast-paced systemically-organized fightin’


I played one of the lesser known roguelike search action games recently, and it was clearly obsessed with SotN. I stopped 40 minutes in because I died and also I was being absurdly mean to it. OH A LEDGE TOO HIGH I WONDER??? OH JEEZ GUESS I DON’T HAVE A SLIDE POWERUP YET! Plong Plonk level up freeze. Would you say that you have ever read a book game creator? Oh my an elevator to level 2?? Now you got me intrigued video game.

My favorite was “I don’t talk to janitors in real life why would I talk to one in a video game?”

I agree basically. Maybe should have tried one of the ones everyone keeps talking about instead of one that fell immediately into obscurity and now I am afraid to say the name and personally ruin the developers already bad day because no one like it.