Games You Played Today Classic Mini


i beat the orphan of kos on my first go, which i have never done before

also figured out how to skip directly to isz chalice dungeons, so doing arcane gem runs is less of a pain


Well, that was a fun rumpus of an EDF session. Booji and I have very similar ideas of how Wing Divers are supposed to fight: Up Close and Personal. My hands aren’t used to this anymore!


After seeing quite a bit of footage of it on YouTube I bit the bullet and am now downloading Apex Legends. Mostly because I enjoyed Titanfall 2 so much, not because I have any interest in BR anymore.

Do you want to play sometime? I’m BLUEBLACKPURPLE on Origin. That also goes for anyone else, just add me on Origin and fill out my friends list :wink:

@Felix is your Titanfall love strong enough to give this a go?


Also, I got an invite to The Division 2. Someone going to play that?


Since Apex Legends is on multiple platforms, does anyone know if it supports cross-platform play?


It’s planned but not ready as of yet.


I played for 5 minutes on my Xbone and promptly walked back over to my PC and hugged it


It feels great on PC and “good for a console” on consoles.


My internet was too laggy to really give it a fair shake, but it seems OK.

That bit in the tutorial where you just slide forever down that hill…damn I miss Titanfall.

It’s a weird game to come to, having spent a ton of time with Titanfall 2. I heard a Devotion firing in the distance and immediately thought “ah, gotta get around that dude’s A-Wall,” but, nope. Not in this game, anyway.


honestly, playing on PC, you can immediately see and feel all the UI… not simplification, but not quite streamlining either? they did for consoles that feels good regardless because it lets you get down to the nitty gritty of actually playing instead of having to do too much inventory management (though the goddamn Destiny mouse-cursor-but-it’s-on-a-stick thing needs to go die).

also have I talked about how horny I am for the pinging system they put in


this makes me think I have extremely poor hearing, I don’t think I can distinguish any gunshot in any game from any other


Nah, you’re probably alright. The Devotion is pretty unique. It’s the one that ramps up with a whine.

Also - yeah the pinging system is extremely good.


secret of mana remake is pretty fun so far. the shopkeepers still do that silly dance in 3d


Got Baten Kaitos running at 30 FPS in Dolphin finally. Apparently all I had to do was switch from OpenGL to DirectX.

BotW runs at a striking 10 FPS in Cemu on this machine. It’s still gorgeous, but I’m just going to have to dig up my wii u and play it for real (on a tiny screen)


I am fiddling around with BotW this instant! Because the new Cemu version dropped and it’s supposed to run super fast. I get a locked 20 fps and my GPU is at around 30% usage. So there must be something wrong. Trying to figure it out.


I really don’t know why it runs so slow, word on the internet is that AMD cards don’t do OpenGL very well and it’ll be better with Vulkan eventually. That said, the official FAQ is like “no ur wrong” so

I dunno

What GPU do you have? I’m using a Radeon RX480. I peak at 15 FPS.


The Destiny UI is fantastic for a game like Destiny where weapon and inventory management usually happens between encounters or during matchmaking/loading screens. It is absolutely worthless for anything time-sensitive which is why it is a terrible choice for BR games. The Blackout inventory screen did something similar, which was baffling at the time, but you never actually use it because the D-pad quick equip UI is much more suited to the pace of the game.


Cemu is usually CPU-bound unless you’re trying for a very high resolution boost.


I should be good as I have an NVidia card, a GTX 960, which really isn’t exactly a beast but it should do a little bit better than this I believe? I set up everything like BSoD Gaming, the emulation Jesus, said and I’m locked at 20. If it was fluctuating a bit I’d accept it as my card’s/CPU’s limit but it’s not. One thing that could be the cause might be that I’m using a super old version of BotW and the FPS++ mod just isn’t working with that. Might need the latest version of the game.

It seems like CPU is the limiting factor for Cemu though so maybe it’s not even your graphics card. Have you checked your CPU usage numbers? You might need to play with the settings there. I only have two cores and with that you’re supposed to use “Singlecore-Recompiler” in the ini settings but I found that “Dualcore-Recompiler” is faster for me… Maybe that does something for you too


Yeah but there I am at like 68%… Maybe the task manager numbers are just wrong, wouldn’t be the first time