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it’s because you only have two cores. Windows’ scheduler doesn’t follow Cemu’s recompiler settings to the letter – it’ll put additional threads here and there as it can – but your 68% isn’t the same as someone with four cores’ 68%


i got 4 cores (and 8 logical processors?? what are computers) so like

what should i do felix

what should i do


install Cemuhook and toggle some settings? idk I can’t speak to AMD OpenGL and I don’t know how shader-bound it would be in that case but you can at least play with frameskip that way


buy an hdmi cable and plug in your wii u


did you turn on the fps++ graphics pack or whatever, it ran beautifully for me on a 1060

alternatively play shadow of the colossus again instead it’s way better


i’ve gotten 3 victory royales on the ps4 apex legends and i’m trying to get one on the pc version using my ps4 controller to prove someone i know wrong.

i’m having a lot of trouble but i think it’s because everyone who seriously plays pc games in 2019 is a luxembourgian techno fascist cyberfreak, not because i’m using a controller

pc gamers are hooked up, geeked out, demonic, disgusting - incapable of enjoying food and aroma

GUN GUYS 2019: the search for gun gal

Is it me. It must be me


In the French localization, they are called “victory royales with cheese”.


Why the hell are you guys arguing about what runs better in Cemu when I did that myself with BotW in the emu thread

As the person dumb enough to own a bunch of gpus, I


Does BotW in Cemu have better loading times than on original hardware? The three loading screens you have to go through to exit shrine -> fast travel to tower -> enter another shrine are one of my least favorite things about the game


Yeah that’s how you do it. it’s like they have blenders in front of them ready for bugs. Just wait til you get a certain mid range weapon, then you’re gonna have a ton of fun


Spoil it anyway, I’ve completed Wing Diver a couple times and farmed out end-game weapons. Reflectron is my preferred weapon for non-Inferno fights because it won’t explode and usable at all ranges and environs. There’s another Electroshock weapon I lean on a lot (not the Eclat, though that’s great for tunnels) that I can’t remember. I was using the 10-shot Lance for Inferno insect fights which was a nice fit for the other Wing Divers’ spread damage weapons they were using. They flinch, I kill.

Not a huge fan of the Idunn class because the charge on reload is tad high.


Laser Chainsaw, tho you might be past that. If you rock two Idunns they cover their reload times pretty well and roast everything, especially in the nests


Oh no, actually the Chainsaw came in handy in a Hard fight that found ourselves overrun. I had to burn my limiter out several times to stay alive. While I was waiting for overheating to finish that weapon kept the red ants back long enough for me to get away unscathed and ready for another burnout hop.

It’s a great weapon when you can’t hold ground.


it never stops being satisfying flying right up to a carrier ship and killing it with a close range weapon


That reminds me there were several TIE fighter missions you could cheese by loading up with nothing but heavy rockets and then just unloading on the capital ship that was intended to release fighter craft and leave.

(There was also a Wing Commander IV mission where you could do that against the rebel carrier in the mission where the plot intended you would defect to the rebels, and then because they didn’t write any more non-rebel missions it would just cause your own carrier to magically explode at the same moment too.)


I was 100% using the laser chainsaw on our last mission because it is the best thing. There is, as I recall, a later version that is even better, but I only have it in the PC version.


anyway, did you try running Cemu in Linux where people who aren’t AMD make the AMD drivers and is a thing a tutorial on the Cemu wiki specifically suggests w/r/t BotW, the only game that runs bad in Cemu under Windows on AMD GPUs

are you ready to suffer for your enjoyment


you’d really think I’d get more joy from people having to dual boot for the opposite reason


When I was trying to remember the weapons I stumbled on a description of the chainsaw sequel weapon. To paraphrase, only one was foolish enough to use it and wiped out herself and her entire squad.