Games You Played Today Classic Mini


winds howling


Been hopping back into Hitman 2 some more now that I’ve beaten the game, and for whatever reason it’s finally clicking with me.

Some of the setups in Miami alone are amazing.

I think Austin Walker described the last game best as a clockwork machination, where every NPC and target follows an elaborate and set path, and you get to play as the wrench that disrupts that flow. It worked in the last game and, in some ways, works even better here.


I started looking at the prices of Nintendo Switch consoles.

I don’t even know why I want one.


…upcoming animal crossing game?




The novelty of a tablet with a fan in it?




honestly, the Xbone and its power brick with a fan in it has more novelty


Crying because of kh3


I can’t say I’ve done a deep dive on it, but for all the “A SUPER NITNENDO GAME IN 2017!!!” YouTube videos that lambasted it as the worst thing in the world, Unholy Night seems…I mean, it’s bad, yes, but I’ve definitely played worse fighting games on the SNES.

Though I’m reading the controls for the second player occasionally flat out don’t work, so that’s cool.


tears of joy?


Worked Ronin down to 49:15. There’s a Swedish fellow that pretty much runs only NG+ and has what appears to be intuitive knowledge of how to wall-clip and -zip. I have only consistently managed to zip in one spot that’s useless and sets me back; it’ll fling me past a cyborg samurai that instantly slices me dead.

Knowing how to do this would eliminate all but one slow elevator ride (complete with elevator muzak) and probably push my time down to like 45 or something. BUT! I suspect it might be an earlier version that allows this. All other jumps on my computer fail to do any sort of glitchy things except for dumb visual effects like crouch slides. Feeling conflicted here.


Pure and utter



follow-up question: why though?


You spoil anything @stavekoff I will be right peeved.


I love that janky ass game


No kidding. When you get it to work with you it’s got some glorious movement. There’s occasionally times where I’ve jumped through a window and the grapple line is set at the perfect length to slam into an enemy, tossing him the length of the room and [out the second window/high enough to die on impact with the floor].

Also leaving your sword in the last man you’ve thrown it at before leaving your level is a dumb thing I like doing. “I’ve been here, you are next.”


Dead Space 3 is entirely too predictable, too plodding, and it has been too damn long for me to still actually be invested in the overarching plot. So after about two hours, I’ve had enough.

I’m trying to delete my Origin account right now but wouldn’t you know it, that’s not a user-accessible account management option and now I’ve got to sit here and wait for a representative on their chat platform so I can tell them to push the button for me. The real Dead Space starts here.


I’m kind of in the mood to play Dark Souls 3 for the first time right now, but I’m worried I’ll get Souled out and won’t be as pumped about Sekiro.


Because I fucking love this shit