Games You Played Today Classic Mini


don’t get me started on how underbaked iconoclasts felt for something i was excited for since i was a teenager


Okay, I’m going to try this Apex Legends thing, having never played titanfall



Let us know if you need tips and tricks. Not that I’m any good but you know


This game has too many buttons to play on a keyboard wtf

lshift + lctrl for an important movement function? fuck

of course I can rebind them but to what


But I wanna get you started!

I remember I used to follow the dev back in the day and was genuinely interested in Iconoclasts, but really have no idea what to make of the finished product.

In what ways do you consider it underbaked? Narratively, mechanically?


every PC FPS defaults to crouch on lctrl

Apex at least has the decency to have two default binds for crouching (lctrl is toggle, c is hold)


Sure, but most PC FPSes don’t say “okay now press lshift+lctrl at the same time” as the second thing you do in the tutorial


Well that was cool, the first game I played everyone on my team left the instant the game started


do they say “press shift+insert to paste”


I don’t know, Half-Life gets pretty close to saying that and it’s twenty years old


Does crouching and sprinting do something in hl1? I had no idea


HL has the long jump, which is done much like it is in Mario 64, where you hit crouch and jump


gordon even says wahoo


What’s on space?


you also don’t get the HL1 long jump until near the end of the game it’s weird


sigh, ok


Crouch (lctrl, pinky) and jump (space, thumb) are much, much, much easier to hit than crouch (lctrl, pinky) and sprint (lshift, pinky)


ring finger

it’s not just for rings

or use the hold bind ( C ) for sliding


But run is a toggle; you don’t have to press them at the same time!


You can also bind the crouch hold (ctrl) to left alt and activate it with your thumb, if that helps

Warframe uses the same sprint-crouch combo as Apex and you to hit it way more often, constantly even