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here’s my hot take but back when Konjak accounced the early version of Ivory Springs before he’e finished Noitu Love. Noitu Love 1 and 2 are both incredible sidescrolling beatemups with great kinetic energy and really fun art direction. tl

when you add in just how like…sublimely good Legend of Princess feels to play and constant rejiggering of Ivory Springs / The Iconoclasts through the years and several different demos it seemed like Iconoclasts was shaping up to be something really good
it’s just…

the final version feels like a mid 2000’s anime inspired reboot of a classic franchise or something. like a goemon neo or whatever fangame. it’s uninspired anime as hell look is identical to dozens of other games i feel and it’s just not that engaging to play


yeah it’s like a megaman zero fangame


the problem is it is boring, but it looks real nice imo


I haven’t played Iconoclasts but I hoped it might be a spiritual successor to Drill Dozer, which I despair of ever getting a follow-up to. What say you lot?


It’s definitely not as cool or interesting or cute as Drill Dozer, sorry to say.


I banged out an essay on how much it dissapointed me.


don’t have much to say about personally, but Jed “more contrarian than thou (yea, timothy, even thee)” Pressgrove holds that it was the greatest game of 2018:


What an indictment of everything else that came out in 2018


I don’t mean to be a dick but I read exactly one paragraph and one sentence into the full review of Iconoclasts from the page above and it was all I needed to see to be 100% sure that Rudie’s take on this game is better


… articulates politics with a level of maturity that is rare in both games and our current mainstream dialogue.

Where do I even fucking start?!?


I took down another one of my NES white whales: Blaster Master.

For the most part, the game is not as difficult as it’s reputation suggests. Since enemies don’t respawn until you leave an area, and health drops are quite common, it’s pretty easy to survive exploring as long as you’re cautious.

Most of my difficulty (read: deaths) came from the bosses. They’re all terrible damage sponges with really fiddly hitboxes. The only one I liked was area 3’s (and maybe the final boss). The one’s the pause glitch worked on were tolerable (because I didn’t have to fight them).

Wall 2 is an amazingly terrible upgrade. Wall 1 was a perfectly fine upgrade – just drive straight into a wall and you’ll drive up it – nice, simple, intuitive. Wall 2 let’s you continue driving up the wall and straight along the ceiling – sounds fine. Unfortunately, it also makes it so you automatically start driving down any ledge you drive over, which fundamentally changes how you approach every single platform in the game. If you want to jump off the ledge of any platform, you’ll have to jump significantly earlier.

Naturally, Area 8 has multiple rooms worth of platforms where if you mistime a jump just a hair too late your tank will gladly dunk itself face-first into a bed of spikes – and sometimes if you try compensating by jumping early you’ll mistime it and bonk into a ceiling and hit the spikes regardless. And to top it off there’s a room where you have to manage both of those concerns while also trying not to be hugged to death by a dozen or so demonic caterpillars (aka the worst room in the game).

so yeah, Area 8 is where I decided it just wasn’t worth respecting the game’s limited lives/continues and started using savestates to circumvent that (instead of just using them to circumvent the lack of saves/passwords). (Game needs an extend meter at the very least, imho.)

I kinda like how every non-required dungeon exists to farm for resources (gun level, hover energy, subweapons), and the decision of whether or not to bother traversing a dungeon is a little risk-reward assessment. It’s kind of cool, but also kind of tedious. For better or for worse, Inti Creates’ remake loses both of those feelings by having nearly every dungeon dispense a permanent upgrade, so I guess you could say it’s missing some sort of je ne sais quoi from the original (except I know what it is so you can’t).

tl;dr the remake is better, even though they never got around to releasing Uncle Fester as a DLC character


I liked all the parts of the overworld where you had to get out of the tank; most of all, there’s a part where you have to swim that sticks in my mind. I hated the underworld, top-down action. It just feels bad.


Blaster Master is one of those games that required me to leave the NES on for days. I reached the final area but never the final boss (just like Zelda 2).

I didn’t realize (or had forgotten) that there was a new remake that’s actually good. I guess now that SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is coming to PS4, Blaster Master Zero will have to replace it as my one reason to kind of want a Switch.


I got a cheap copy of Fire Pro S last night (totally forgot I can just play CD-Rs too with this mod cart), and as soon as I figure out how to climb back into the ring I think I’ll love it. The classically animated sprites look much better than the weird deforming sprites of Returns and World.

If I can get ahold of a multi-tap and five friends, it’ll be six man scramble heaven over here.


Does this question pop up in Elder Scrolls FAQs too?


there was a stevie richards shoot interview a few years ago where he tells a story about fire pro s. they had a saturn and a copy of the game in the ecw office at the time, and all the wrestliers would play as themselves, but whenever taz wasn’t there, they’d go into edit mode and lower all his stats, so he could never win a match.


For Honor is a videotype game that was free with your (your) Playstation Plus (+) membership.


Tell me about your swordboy


The single player cut scenes are full of Longsword Sheathing for Dramatic Punctuation animations but there are no scabbards in the game so they just shove the blade into their off hands in v. unnatural ways there to grip it at their sides in a sheathedy fashion.

Obviously at some point someone decided that since they didn’t need sheaths for their multiplayer focused melee combat game where you always have your business out it wasn’t worth the time and resources to come up with ways people would be securing their various weapons in not-combat so they just worked around it for their whole huge campaign in this very community theater way and its sort of amazing.


I adore that idiot jankfest storyline