Games You Played Today Classic Mini


When they were mocapping it (and no game is as heavily mocapped as this one, it could practically be played through a phone line) they probably had no idea what the costumes were


do i gotta play wargroove now

i mean

i bought it


I was sitting on the back seat of the bus playing the switch, and a teenage boy got on and sat on the opposite side from me. He leaned right over to see what I was playing and said “ahh…Fortnite”

The game I was playing was Atelier Totori ~The Adventurer of Arland~ DX

He got off the same stop as me and proceeded to start shadow boxing a bush


If it somehow lasts for a long-ass time Fortnite’s going to be the game referenced for those not understanding any other game exists. Like Nintendo was back in the day.


And that was the day you met the future President of the United States.


my new TV arrived and so i loaded up Forza Horizon 4 and uhhh holy crap i love it.


it’s so good! I think it might be like the first essential AAA game all generation that didn’t come out on PS4 which is saying something but it’s so good!!


Been playing KH 1 Final Mix and uh I see why folks hated the gummi ship


yeah, it’s really remarkable. just so well done in every way (although i mean the dialogue is kind of dumb but at least they say your actual name). sometimes games make me so happy i just start uncontrollably giggling, and this one did that for me.


Yeah, the Gummi ship in 1 is the worst version of it by far. It’s still not great in 3, but it’s better.


The ol’ “FOMO” got me bad, and I wound up replaying Hokkaido in Hitman 2 in rapid fashion like a dozen times so I could quickly grind out this week’s Elusive Target and the limited time Hokkaido event (that I didn’t realize was actually limited? Until their Twitter said there was only a few days left? Ah well!).

Anyway now I can make 47, the world’s least suspicious man, walk around in a giant parka in Mumbai, which is nice.


Think I’m almost done with Wolf II: New Colossus. I know it’s probably been roared about in some rooms here but yeah, some of the most hell yeah hilarious gaming in recent memory. After the fittingly dour first couple chapters momentum just kicks and punches through solid (a few exceptional) levels and every cutscene + playable story bit just floors me. If I can unlock some sort of True Terror-Billy (god) mode I might just see how fast I could blast it again. Good shit I hope ends “satisfactorily”.



a no budget turn-based strategy game with MECHS and it’s pretty bad. for one thing, there is like half an hour of boring plot before the game starts, and the game itself is a convoluted, confusing, slow mess that just isn’t interesting. plus there are too many things about it that irk me, like you move a robot, then the ps2 moves a robot, etc, until the end of the turn. and you cant pick which one to move! it just feels too restrictive and stops more interesting tactics. mechs look cool tho


ever wanted to play way of the samuari with just the combat and none of the interesting bits?? no you didnt, but this game makes up for it with a lot of personality and silliness. not a deep action game, but an entertaining one


i remember this making a splash back in the day and i can see why. at first i thought it was just a cod knock off, but it actually takes much more from goldeneye. it takes A LOT from goldeneye actually, especially in level design and structure, but combines it with the bombast and action of a cinematic shooter. unfortunately i’m not a fan of cinematic shooters (with some exceptions) so this game isn’t really doing it for me, but i think it’s good at what it does and it’s one of the better ps2 fps games i’ve played


does BLACK have a weird segue into a bizzarely open ended far-cry esque forest level like i remember?


You are thinking of the second level, which is weirdly open-ended and somewhat stealthy, and then the game never goes back to that.

BLACK was still the best use of the Xbox custom soundtracks option in a way that can only be done on an OG Xbox.


i’m just continuing to play Forza Horizon 4 while screaming like a lunatic the whole time.


played a few hours of 2019’s resident evil 2. i have almost zero experience with resident evil beyond #4, but this seems great so far. is the map in resident evil 7 as obnoxiously useful as this one is? bc i kinda feel like playing that when i’m done


Samurai Western is a real good time


They share the exact same UI for the map, but I don’t think 7 marks items you missed or even does the red “searching” thing that the 2 remake does.


7 will mark boxes that you didn’t unlock because you didn’t have a lockpick yet but that’s about it

also I can’t stress enough that you should save 7 for PSVR if you ever think you’ll get one, it’s incredibly good