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hate the beak things. fear the beak things.

Although, they’re the best tool at teaching that the game really does want you to care about combat positioning, with their narrow-yet-long attack that is very manageable if you’re surrounding it and only one person is taking the hits but devastating if everyone’s clumped up.


Yeah, all of Mark Essen’s work post-Thrill of Combat traded a lot of the textural weirdness/uniqueness/interest that made his games stand out in favor of AAA-indie “polish” and “gamefeel” etc. I still think he’s an interesting art director and I hope he gets out of the half-commercial morass he’s in now – go punk or go mainstream! The space he’s in now feels weird and restrained.


Although it’s hard to call Nidhogg 2’s style mainstream, I know what you mean


one week later and everyone is chilling at base, unpacking loot, researching new ancient technologies, and disposing of raider corpses piled in front of the gate, when

something in the water off the coast


Only this time I have my walls and my buds and my automatic harpoon turrets

by the time I’m mopping up and I go to check the coast to see the last copbots to reach the shore, a band of slave traders has set up camp and caught the stragglers, put chains on their legs, and is beginning to haul them off.

So they’re off to the slave camps where they can shout POLICE at slavers all day?

I’m so conflicted…



the major thing they dont tell you about slave jail is that you can sneak while working and train that skill up easily since you’re constantly surrounded by guards, making it trivially easy to escape once you’ve met your beating quota. kenshi is a beautiful game


Just built a dang mech in Subnautica so I can stomp around the ocean floor and punch fishies.


Oh god I’m gonna have to buy Subnautica soon, aren’t I?

Chaos Code is such a weird, half baked fighting game. I’d praise it for having exactly as many women as it does men in the roster, but that would also mean praising a pretty mean spirited/problematic character design in the process.

Anyway, it’s kinda nice to play a game in 2018 (I know the port is a few years old now, but) rife with typos. Takes me back.


I grabbed BFV

I like BFV a great deal

I have not played any of BFV’s single player content



It’s not bad!

I’m incredibly bad at it, though.

I have a lot of trouble spotting soldiers on some of the maps (that bombed out one with the movie theater and cathedral is so damn gray), so it always amazes me when some guy snipes me from across the map with ease.


it should be noted that I’m one of those people who like BF games (not Hardline though) and I’m pretty sure I posted some in this thread’s predecessor about the beta a few months ago, so my liking V is a foregone conclusion

it is still a dumb, goofy game and also I had a medic in my squad call me a hero after I picked them up 5 or 6 times while defending a point

being able to dust off and pick up your buddies after they have suffered mortal injuries is fun


I have obtained the Triangle in Infernium

I feel much more Powerful


Spoilers for Danganronpa 2, last trial, which was extremely good except for one aspect which I consider a pretty big flaw:

the case of the excessively-stabbed body in the burning warehouse

Maybe I’m getting this game mixed up with the first one, but I thought it was still a rule that, for situations in which there is a mastermind and an accomplice, only the mastermind is considered to be the blackened? If so, then I’m very disappointed that nobody bothered to point out that Nagito should arguably still be considered the blackened in the case of his own murder, because his unwitting killer is still at best an accomplice, acting out the plan which he had meticulously arranged. Even if they raised that possibility only to rule that it doesn’t apply in this situation, I would prefer that somebody would have at least argued the point.


Relatively new patch, new wrinkles on an older achievement. Madyas is a two-province republic that sits with Cebu and the rest of the gang in the Philippines. Apart from a tributary and Cebu, they are the only Hindu nations until you hit Majapahit down south. This is important because the Dharma patch changed up how religion works. You used to spend a relatively small sum in missionary maintenance per month to convert a province. Dharma jacked up the prices and tied an exponential cost to the province’s autonomy; a recently conquered heathen province of decent worth would have you spend 3-4 ducats a month for at least 2 years. This period is enough to easily bankrupt a 2 province minor looking for early expansion!

Early game Madyas can’t go on a conquering spree until you spend your monarch points on boosting your capital and in turn your per month income. You want to, anyway, so you can keep up with tech once the Renaissance hits. Anyway the usual method of taking Exploration and colonizing the South China Sea is your main pathway to building your power base and kicking ass.

Now the Sun Invasion achievement is a tricky sort. If you have cores of at least 5 provinces within a Colonial Nation Area they are automatically converted into a Colonial Nation and those provinces are no longer owned by you. There are two ways around this. The first is basically set up the Colonial Nation with all four provinces, let them become an independent nation, then declare war on them once the truce expires in about 5 years. That went against my greedy side, wanting to keep everything under my control for the entirety of the game. The second method is to set up Colonial Nations on both sides of the Area of Mexico and hand them all the provinces I didn’t want during my conquest of the Aztecs.

Castile unfortunately grabbed harder at Mexico than I did and had control of the three northern provinces I needed. Rebels broke away Mexico and Tlapacoyan in the 1600s so I could snap them up without fighting them AND Great Britain at the time. By the time I fought this last war over Huastec, Castile was not allied with them but had much of Australia and North America under their thumb. A lot of it burned!


Yknow, when I said that Dragon Quest XI was helping my depression, that was a few hours before I got to the casino.


I figured out how to automate quite a bit in my last playthrough whereas before I only had mining jobs figured out. I’m surprised how much it feels like dwarf fortress and its ilk.

Because of how hard building your own base seems, I have commited to remain in the town for as long as possible for the first go just sending out my quickest as couriers and recruiters. It seems pretty viable.


Last night I started playing Actraiser for some reason.

I don’t like the platforming sections, and the management sim portion is unwieldy, but the music is jammin’ and the sim game is chill enough that I feel very relaxed playing it.


Actraiser’s odd in that there isn’t really a loop in the strategy game – there’s no challenge or difficulty other than waiting it out, but the game is short and nice enough that it doesn’t really matter.


Played more Deadfire but I walked like 10 feet from my save and got a new companion then spent like an hour leveling them up instead of playing more game

I do this to myself every time!!


another deadfire pro tip is that the ship battles are imo kind of boring but you can just rush the opponent and close to boarding distance every time and then you get a huge fight with your party + 4 random companions from your reserve against their whole crew and as someone who adores setting up combat AI scripts I love watching those play out, and though your non-party companions won’t use custom AI they will actually use the levels / skills / gear you’ve given them, so it’s an excuse to put them in your party every so often and manually take all the levels they’ve earned from background XP and give them the unique weapons you haven’t been using and don’t want to sell, just so they can play the periphery of massive battles

it’s so good, I never got on with mount and blade but this is like the closest thing for me