Games You Played Today Classic Mini


modnation racers was the greatest kart racer of all time


i think i’ve played the first ten hours of dragon’s dogma three times


that’s fine but I really don’t know if it outweighs the annoyance of having to select all that shit every time and I feel like it’s alienating to new players for what should be an accessible party game


I mean…I can see it being somewhat alienating, but for some people the joy of being able to select from a bizarre bevy of motor behicles is actually engaging on its own. Like, they’re not paying attention to the mechanics so they pick based on aesthetics and that’s its own kind of joy

And if you’re playing multiple rounds, it saves between those.

Really it should save combinations for all the players even if you turn it off though. Or have a Random button. A Random button would do wonders.


too much choice makes me anxious


They ought to hide the real freaky shit like 3-part vehicle construction in an options menu so only the “heads” have to encounter it.


Duskers is both terrifying and hopeless, but I love the feeling of being alone on a doomed space ship controlling little drones with an 80’s movie computer hacker style interface that makes whirs and spins and has a DEGAUSS command.

I need to get a mechanical keyboard now.


yes! i do not like the wackymobiles they’ve replaced the go-karts with. it’s one thing if they had actually gone all-in and did a cross-country wacky races-style game, but they didn’t. just let me select daisy, give me an orange go-kart, and let me fucking race.

i’d be all for a wacky races mario racer, with like, a howard koshell announcer, though.

Dragon’s Dogma was the raddest Capcom property in a long time, and the only Capcom property I give any sort of a shit about at this point. I would love to see another one. Loved playing as the Strider and Assassin.


I played so many games over my break! Wow!

Smash Ultimate! Played spirits until I got to the second new world and got bored with it! Played some local wireless rounds with complete stranger at my gate! That was fun! I won most of the time too!

SEGA Ages Phantasy Star is really good! I stumbled at the start but once I got going I found it really charming! It’s very pretty, I had no idea the Master System looked like this! Vastly prefer it to FF1 in all respects. I just learned that PS1 came out two days after FF1, neat!

Undertale for the Switch! I kind of struggle to be engaged by this one but I feel like it would be good to play through it at least once. I got a little bit past the point where I stopped on PC so hopefully I removed enough friction that I’ll actually play it. It’s so neat in concept it’s just… Really boring? And kind of lonely?

Snipperclips! Really cute, fun co-op puzzle game. Your little characters are adorable and the puzzles short without being boring. It’s a nice loop of noodle around in a puzzle, beat it, snip each other furiously, and repeat. I didn’t feel compelled to like marathon I like having it with me as a pick up and play option. Really sells how good of an idea having two controllers at all times is.

Earthbound! I started it for the like 5th time! On my phone! The controls are not very convenient! Wow! Why did I do this??

Obduction! I thought this would be cool in VR! It’s definitely pretty but controlling it really sucks! Moving around is tedious! Obduction requires a lot of moving around so it really hammers on a weak point and makes it not fun really fast! Interacting with stuff takes precise positioning and orientation which is definitely really annoying with the Move controllers and many, many times I couldn’t figure out if something I was trying wasn’t working because of the controls or because I couldn’t do it. Some of the “you can’t go here Because Puzzle” things are really silly - there’s a house with a lock on the front door, right next to two open windows that you cannot go through. Why?? I spent forever messing with my stupid VR hands trying to open those windows! Played with a controller in non-VR after and that was better but oof, hard to get over that first impression. Also the menus in VR mode use this tiny, pixel-width font that is completely unreadable on PS VR. I’m really getting the impression that VR mode was just a checkbox feature, very disappointing.

Wipeout is fucking great in VR though! I was laughing like a little kid as I flew around pretending to be a hovercar! I don’t know what else to say - it’s simple and joyful hover racing!

Tetris Effect is super cool! As it turns out, I’m not great at really fast tetris (yet)! Would love to see it in HDR!

Picked up Sprint Vector but haven’t played it yet

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes! I still have the printed manual from when I tried to play the Android Daydream version which is maybe more accurately titled “Talk Quickly Otherwise My Phone Explodes”

Floor Plan is a little VR puzzle game. You use Virtual Reality to pretend you’re in an elevator! Wow! You dip the broken broomstick in the lava to get the fire to melt the snowman to water the plant to play a reasonably well made VR game that was $5 :man_shrugging:

Flywrench was $0.70 and I remembered liking the original PC version (?). I think I still like the original PC version! Something kind of grates me about this version - maybe the sound?

One time I met a game developer on the bus. He made a a game called Absolute Drift where you’re a little hachi-roku drifting around little minimalist tracks. That game was on sale! I bought it! Wow, why did it start off with an unfortunately voiced “zen master” saying kind of unfortunate things?? The controls don’t gel with me either. I’ve never liked car-relative controls on racing games with fixed cameras. Doesn’t work with my mental control mappings!

Crawl is a cooler trailer than game I think! Maybe better with some other folks on the couch. Why did I break my vow to only buy co-op games on the Switch?? I don’t like the voiceover voice!

Got Deadfire, played a little bit. Character creation is obtuse as usual, I realized that if I wanted to actually play the game at some point I was gonna have to look up a build and just go with it. So I did that! Watch out introverted dead people, this small green cat lady is here to offer vague platitudes about the afterlife! The game itself is okay so far. Chasing a giant animated god-statue is neat! Now I’m working hard to find out if colonialism is neat or not!

Bought VA-11 HALL-A too, but I’m not there yet

Why did I get so many games??


There has been one for years! Just uhh something of an mmo and only in Japan.

I tried it once but MMO menus in Japanese frightened me. Also I think I had to make three accounts and gave up at some point.


my one deadfire pro tip is if you’re finding it tough go directly to the palace in Neketaka when you leave the first island and recruit Pallegina and Maia and keep them in their default pure paladin and pure ranger classes (the game tries to warn you off dual class characters in general but those are the only two I actually keep as single class because they’re already very good hybrids in practice). they’re the best tank and pure damage dealing in the game respectively and they both represent one of the two colonial factions which keeps things nice and frictive and interesting and you can have fun teaching them both that colonialism is bad.


Wipeout Zone mode in VR is just something else, man, something else


What do you have Cross Tag on?


Ah, on PS4. It actually inspired me to try and figure out which of the dozen or so BlazBlue games is the most recent one, so I can give that a try.

I’ve had the last three days off but little motivation to play much, but I had to leave some eBay feedback on Super Famicom carts, so!

Soul Blader - ah I fucked up, this is more RPG than I thought it might be. Hopefully I can stumble through it (though I guess I can always just download the Soul Blazer ROM, may as well). Seems neat, though!

Daruma Dojo - Weird puzzle games are my weakness and this one is pretty OK! Takes a little more planning than I was awake for, though.

Smash TV - Somehow I’ve never managed to play Smash TV, and even if this is a less than ideal version it’s rad as hell.

Demon’s Blazon - Holy shit what a moody game. Gotta love that it more or less drops you into an area that feels like the opening to Super Ghouls N Ghosts, but as a far more empowered character.

Hagane - Goddamn they really found a way to use every button on this controller, and combinations of it, huh? Hard as hell but seems really cool.

Battle Pinball - I’m a sucker for Banpresto’s weird mishmash of Kamen Rider, Gundam, and Ultraman games, and clunky console pinball games, so this is pretty alright by me.

Dragon’s Magic - I was wondering how they squeezed a bunch of FMV onto a Super Famicom cart, and the answer is - they didn’t, it’s a crummy Dragon’s Lair themed platform game. Ah well, RIP $4.

Other than those! Saw they added KOF 2001 and 2002 to the Switch eShop and snapped those up. After the heartfelt farewell of KOF 2000, I kinda dug all the weird stuff Eolith/Playmore did with 2001 and 2002. It doesn’t all work, but is kinda more memorable for it?

High school me would lose it knowing the $80 Dreamcast games he was importing would someday be on a handheld for $8 a piece.


Played more Subnautica and got to a mysterious archway on an island, figured out how to activate it, and had myself a time.

Turned out it was an alien teleportation device, and it warped me clean across the map to an island super far from everything else I’ve explored so far. It felt properly disorienting in a way that kind of reminded me of Hollow Knight’s Deepnest (though much less intense). The island was full of wrecked, abandoned habitation pods from other shipwrecked humans. I was able to scan some new room blueprints for my own base, including, FINALLY, a living room.


DQXI has been a really nice distraction from my crushing depression


Kenshi is so my thing. Thanks for bringing it up in the thread. Steam says I’m 4 hours in and I almost have my first store set up in the second town with just four squad members.


I really appreciate how hard it is and how that causes me to strategize when I’m not playing. The constant attacks on outposts are really frustrating but as a result I spent my first thirty hours figuring out how to make a workable, defensible town.


I have been thinking about kenshi but oops I’m still playing dragon’s dogma

I have optimized it too much for me to really play it as though I’m adventuring but it’s just so warm to me! a lot of the decisions around the environment and systems make no sense but they feel like someone had a lot of fun making whatever they were working on

and then somehow they get all dark souls and put bitterblack isle at the end


The Key to Kenshi early game is to get beat up with clubs or fists and/or thrown in slave jail. It doesn’t slice off parts and you’re actively training valuable stats for lasting longer in the field! Not to mention the AI isn’t particularly good at keeping you in slave jail.

Just don’t try that with those beaky things that are out there somewhere in that world.