Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Nothing good is on sale on PSN I’m gonna buy Chronicles of Mystara and some ps1 games


I think with nothing on sale on PS3 we can call the PS3 PSN a ghost.


I meant PS4 psn.
This is my defiance


FWIW the PSN Black Friday sales have always been heavily tilted towards bigger, more recent games. The regular weekly sales and monthly flash ones still regularly feature PS3 and Vita games, although I will say that it feels like the same titles are on a kind of sales rotation while those games that aren’t just never get discounted.


a lot of ps3 games have been massively reduced permanently anyway, i think?


Many, many hours later, just starting into making isolated factory assemblies for circuits. This is for saturating a blue belt of circuit boards (40 produced a second), the precursor for the basic circuits found in the screen shot I replied from. To get to THAT point I’ll need to build a tin and lead smelting train station, a station to slap together tin and coal transformed into carbon to make resistors and THEN I can make the basic circuit station to saturate blue belts.

I’ve got two other higher tech circuit boards to assemble from that point, which share similarities with the module assemblies that’ll bootstrap this factory building nonsense to a whole other level of pollution-belching insanity.


that already looks like an electrical schematic; the form inside the form


A lot of that gets lost if you rely heavily on logistic bots, which essentially specifies endpoints for resources and have things moved from supplier to consumer by flying drones like a horrific Amazon future.


If that bypasses spatial layout, doesn’t that mean it bypasses the main gameplay loop of layout planning? Or is it an endgame upgrade to allow even more complicated systems to come into play?


Tried staying up 24 hours yesterday (working nights and having a day or two to adjust to day shift hours is probably great for the body) so I messed with some stuff to stay awake.

Tetris Effect - did better with this dead tired than I do fully awake. Still playing Beginner in Journey mode (30 lines still feels like a bit much, but it’s doable). Fell apart around 70 lines on the last stage. Speed 10 is just kinda brutal no matter what difficulty.

Anyway! Beautiful game. Wish the playlist mode actually switched tracks and didn’t just keep one song (plus level specific sound effects) going the whole time. Gotta imagine there’s a way to adjust that in the settings.

Some of those stages almost make me wish I jumped on those Black Friday PSVR deals. Maybe Dreams will finally sway me.

Spyro - I don’t think I actually ever played a ton of Spyro outside of…was it the demo disc that came with my Playstation? A Pizza Hut box? Playstation Underground? I did play the hell out of that demo, and dabbled a bit with it on the PS3 years later.

Anyway, it does that thing I think the best remasters do, where I play it and think “ah yeah this is exactly how I remember it” and it couldn’t be further from the reality of it. Toys for Bob did a hell of a job animating everything, and it plays…well, like a decent but pretty basic 20 year old game.


Yes and no. Layout doesn’t get more complex, it turns into optimizing for beacons; buildings housing modules that can either speed up machines within a range of influence or make them run more efficiently. What it allows you to do is produce more per second per machine more densely than what the faster belts can handle; the fastest unmodded which I refer to as blue belts only allows for 40 items to pass on a segment per second. I’m playing with a mod that has two more belt types after that which can handle up to 66.67 but they’re a bitch to build at the moment.

Bots let you do more without really thinking about space but I don’t enjoy it as much. :man_shrugging:


Idk if the PC version of Steel Empire is significantly easier than previous versions but I 1CC’d it on normal my first go, so… I’d say yes?

Maybe it was all the time I spent with the GBA version and now I can actually see the bullets?


playing the sims 4 feels productive because i can always rip the modded clothing i download and appropriate it later in a little unity game about drugs or something


tell me why IMVU has more vetements pieces than any sims website though


Beautiful game.

mechanically, perhaps- but then, it is Tetris

visually and aurally, otoh- yikes


Ah, fair. Levels like the rainy forest clicked more for me than the bombastic stuff.


Mainline Shin Megami Tensei is about recruiting and fusing demons yes, law vs chaos yes, you and your friends slowly growing apart until you fight to the death yes, but it is also about getting completely lost in Tokyo.

I remember spending my time playing SMT 1,2 and 4 (3 less so) with my eyes glued to a faq because the game told me to go to Roppongi, and where the hell is Roppongi? Now that I’ve realized that This Is A Feature, Not A Bug, (Maybe?) I’ve been enjoying SMT4 more.

SMT4 has the least friendly world map with no labels whatsoever, beyond the bottom screen telling you the name of the neighborhood you’re in (out of like 200, each with a very japanese name) It is, however, extremely faithful to the real Tokyo, which can help.

My experience just now:
A sidequest tells me to go to Tokyo Dome. No other indication to help me find out where it is. Cool. I google Tokyo Dome. It is a big stadium. I go to Maps, and compare the SMT4 world map to the Google map. The wharf is very recognizable on both maps. I try to use the wharf, plus rivers, parks and roads to pinpoint the exact location of Tokyo Dome on the SMT4 map. It is uuuh north-ish. I teleport to Ueno, then ride kelpies to get north of kasumigaseki, and dick around there until I finally find it.

Honestly this was more gratifying than killing any boss


getting lost in smt4 is pleasant because


i maybe would have enjoyed SMT4 more if i hadn’t tried to stick to my tradition of doing a neutral run on my first try. Boy is the neutral path a bunch of irritating horse puckey in that game tho, and by the end i was so fucking sick of wandering all over that convoluted world map looking for the right abandoned warehouse to sidequest in

that soundtrack is pretty tight tho yeah

Anyway speaking of Megaten,


PROTIP: agh god never let your demons change a skill. Never let your demons change a skill. NEVER LET YOUR DEMONS CHANGE A