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if it’s that dumbass…

kill me.


Tetris effect: consider yourself hated


FINAL followed with an equally great arrangement.

it’s probably one of my favorite vgm tracks all time.


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Astro Bot is insanely adorable and a fun platformer to boot. This should be what sells the PSVR to people. Floating around in a full 360 degree 3D mario level watching your little dude go, he’s waving to you (you actually exist in the game and sometimes get to headbutt stuff out of your way) and cheering you on as you both rescue other little robots has warmed my cold gamer heart.


I have been wrestling all day with the authors’ testing build of Cragne Manor. The best works of interactive fiction so often seem to contain the worst horses. This one’s uhhhhh boneless. Can’t wait for more people to meet this goddamn boneless horse.


this is why everyone rates BoJack so highly right?

i’ve been playing Horizon Zero Dawn coz it’s pretty and doesn’t require much thought, but also i appreciate how quickly you can get killed? anyway i just switched off it coz i got to the big city and everything opened up so much i instantly lost my momentum, so i popped Monster Hunter World in. my friend gave it to me coz they got fed up with the menus, and i was like ‘hah no no it’s ok i’m an SB Guy i live for this shit’ but actually my head hurts from squinting at them. and the movement is so frictionless compared to Horizon? and the mission structure is kind of a lot to get used to. idk i’m not sure i’m into it hey. am i missing something? i picked the twin blades on the recommendation of uh some web page and they’re so combo-y, it’s a lot to internalize

i guess i’ll try Nier: Automata next. surely i’m gonna like this right. i must have cool and refined tastes after posting here so long


oh also i played Sabbat and We Know The Devil back to back the other weekend and they’re both real good still


I would switch to like sword and shield if this is your first monhun, or great sword. Twin blades are…not good to start with. But I am sure someone will disagree with me on that.


Posting to say that Monster Hunter is not for me and it’s totally OK and normal if it’s not for you.

I feel like with the effort it would take me to understand Monster Hunter, I could, like, become a dentist or something.


That’s my current mood regarding Soul Calibur 6… The dentist thing, not that it’s not for me. But maybe that too, too early to tell


Great Sword is a good starter weapon because it has a fairly easy loop for hit and running. Sword n board is ok to start because it will feel more responsive and less heavy but is really the hidden experts weapon. I think lance is also a good starter because it has an easy rhythm and if you can manage your stamina you can always take a breather when you aren’t sure what animation is starting on a monster.


i’ve been playing through romancing saga 3 and like any game with a kenji ito soundtrack it has its moments but it’s… not great

i think rs2 hits the right balance between totally non-linear no two playthroughs are the same!!! kawazuism and having enough story + context to point you in the direction of something you can/should do if you’re totally lost or overwhelmed

2 also has enough comically overpowered abilities and setups that you’re bound to discover at least a couple of them by accident and while a lot of the same stuff exists in this game there were the kind of punitive nerfs you’d expect in a fuckin’ lifestyle game

it’s still kinda interesting and has some fantastic spritework in places but yeah not a great followup to The Best SNES Jarpeg


I will back you on this. I also attempted to start with dual blades back when I first played Monster Hunter just because the pace of attack was more to my liking, but they didn’t feel very effective in solo quests and it was more frustrating than anything else. Dual blades are a good support weapon when in multiplayer as they tend to be more effective in dealing status effects, whereas if you’re by yourself, you’re going to want to use them situationally or just opt for a weapon with higher damage output.


SMT always had a problem with neutral being the best, SMT4’s solution was to make getting to neutral hell unless you follow a faq all the time, plus making the actual neutral path an absolute bore.

Maybe not the best idea since everybody went through it anyway?

I’ve had a much better time being an elitist law boy this time

Anyway I appreciate how it has the best conversations in the series (after the untouchable Soul Hackers)


i’ve always got the impression that Neutral is the worst ending, since it’s basically a reset delaying the inevitable?


had to edit a batch file to change the key bindings in hexen this

this is living


smt4a turned the alignment system into a dialogue choice at the end of the game between Anime or Edgelord

it’s really bad


rain world might be inches close to being the perfect videogame for me.

i failed to make the jump from a broken bridge and after falling straight down three screens ended up in the sewers / drainage system, and had to crawl and spear my way back up.

on this path i found a beige creature that also wields spears. it killed a blue lizard and went after me. it chased for a handful of screens (the thing is crazy-fast compared to my little slug-ferret-character) before grabbing me. i struggled for a while and . . . it let me go.

i started following it from afar. we reached a very cramped screen with only one exit and a small pit in the middle. there was a weird orange centipede guarding. the spear guy plunged into it and they fought. spear guy died but managed to cripple (?) the centipede and drag it down the pit. i made the jump and ran to the exit, making my way back to the shelter before the rain started. it was weirdly emotional.


It’s very good, it’s the only modern Nintendo-like I’ve seen that loves and understands Metroid 2 (and this is the exact cause of the harsh reaction it’s received)