Games You Played Today Classic Mini


I do find it funny when the one character shows up in bulletstorm and yells at the main character for all his FUCK SHIT DICK-ery, but that doesn’t really excuse it.

It would have been a much better game if they had just taken The Club’s lead and basically done away with the story in favor of just giving you lots of setpieces to do silly score stuff on, though.


So many settpieces built around huge moving parts and qtes and anything except spaces where you rack up scores for killing lots of mans using the base mechanics.


I mean, the base mechanics kind of boil down to “what if you shot the man in the balls first???” but


I guess the happy medium between The Club and Bulletstorm is still 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.


The main problem with Bulletstorm is how there’s one combo you should always do over and over for the whole game


It’s been awhile but i still have pleasant memories of getting into a flow of yanking a guy over, slapping the bomb chain on them and kicking back into another target being one of the best game feel moments of that year when i played it. I also loved the remote controlled sniper bullet bomb. That felt like a fun way to deal with cover sheltered targets. I played a little of The Club but it felt a tad dry for my tastes.


I was a little annoyed that in order to unlock certain things you had to go through the rigmarole of some of these combos. I found it interrupted the game flow because I had to occasionally check the requirements and hope that I hadn’t skipped past the setpiece designed for it.


Hmm kinda not feeling this new Spider-Man chapter. Looks great, Hammerhead is a decent creep, but so far it just feels ways too same-y. Ah well, if it’s anything like the last one it’ll be pretty short.

Got one of those Kong Feng GB Boy Colour systems and - it’s surprisingly OK for a bootleg clone system?

The aspect ratio is off, but physically it feels way less wonky than the Revo K101 I picked up a few years ago.



BAE :love_you_gesture: :heart_eyes: :sweat_drops:


I finally got around to trying this out docked because the (really good) Switch port of Warframe also has gyro aim but it wasn’t doing it for me (I had WF’s gyro sens maxed out and it was still felt like nudges) and now my baseless need for an Overwatch port has only increased after playing not-Tracer and railing off endless headshots with negative effort


Where’s her tits


Kaneko’s Baphomet definitely has some tiddies though they are not prominent

got the caduceus dingaling too as you can see


Dual pants snakes


Solid & Liquid


playing Miku again for some reason, or:

Pounded in the Butt By The Personification of My Confidence To Play Rhythm Games


This new AssCreed mobile game is basically the same treadmill-of-collectibles-that-gets-progressively more-time-consuming as most big budget franchise spinoffs but I’m enjoying it somewhat. The core game has sort of Lost Vikings thing going on but don’t let that description get you too excited.


love the idea of unzipping and then hearing your special economic zone belt out “HELLO, BROTHER!”


Les Enfants Terribles


i got sonic forces for cheap today and it’s real great. it’s like an alternate reality sonic mania, where sega funded and published a 14 year old’s construct 2 or rpg maker sonic fangame based on a fanfic they wrote, which i love. also the game doesn’t play like complete shit, either.

my sonic oc is a rabbit