Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Never could resist a good Tintin-quiff.

Guess I have no choice now but to play this!


As a kid, the single most enviable thing in the world to me as a Genesis kid was the Super Game Boy. Being able to play Link’s Awakening (the only Zelda I knew), on a TV? Golly!

Anyway, some 24 years later I’ve picked up a Super Game Boy 2 and a flash cart to use on my Super Nt and as it turns out - yeah it’s pretty neat.


Yeah, probably my favorite thing about my Gamecube was the GameBoy Player attachment I used to play my GBA on my tv. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon actually looks really nice on a tv as opposed to a non-backlit gen-1 GBA.


i am replaying Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne/Lucifer’s Call Featuring Dante From The Devil May Cry Series for the first time in many years (barring an abortive attempt about a year ago where i stalled at Kabukicho prison)

It’s still really, really good. More than ever i appreciate how snappy the battles are. It’s got much more patient and fair design than i remember, too.
Ex.: at the beginning and end of Ginza tunnel, one of the more grueling early dungeons, you encounter large groups of enemies weak to fire, which you have abundant access to, and wiping out a group nets you way more experience and macca than any previous area. So every time you check out of the dungeon to rest, you get to sweep up a bunch of cheap encounters on the way back, and by the time you reach the end you’re just cleaning house. All the challenging encounters are in the middle, including this jerk

who i absolutely mopped the floor with, i am pleased to say. (He’s on my team now :sunglasses:)

I think even i tend to overstate how tough Nocturne is, but it’s gone down real smooth so far. I am going to attempt the true demon ending for the first time, though, so i guess we’ll see how long it takes for me to eat my words


vr tetris is good


tomb raider ii’s temple of xian level is one of the more impressive levels i’ve played in recent times. breathtaking opening that gives a quick glimpse into the verticality of the stage as you descend to the depths and have to make your way back up again. also love the creeping “cosmic” ambience of the sound design, fully revealed in level design in the subsequent level.


Couldn’t agree more. One of the best levels in the classic TR cannon.


So happy to see some TR fans up in here


I’ve had one of those Mario brick lookin’ 8Bitdo adapters sitting around for a while (I’ve had my Switch dock unplugged for months) but finally got around to using it and - hoo boy some Switch games just work so, so much better with a proper controller.

Splatoon 2 in particular plays a whole lot better using a Dual Shock 4, as does Mario Kart 8. Still prefer games like Odyssey with the Joycons, but still, not a bad solution (and way cheaper than a Pro Controller).


I’m not going to poopoo the idea of using a DS4 for anything (hell, I’ve played Splatoon on a DS4 in Cemu and it’s real good) but the battery in the Pro Controller lasts a hojillion hours and doesn’t have a torch built in


bulletstorm was free

I hate it


yeah it aged badly

I liked the demo but every time I tried playing the full game, both the original release and earlier this year, I was super turned off


sonic heroes

some of the feelings i get playing stage 4 of the team dark storyline are the kind i get from jet set radio future particularly the fortified residential zone. its super vertical and complicated and you can fall down at any minute, but theres no consequence to falling, theres a bottom floor, ur ok. i think the entire game is like this. sonic heroes has some crazy ass stage layouts…

the visible seams in sonic games are so endearing to a certain point because the aesthetics are usually amazing and fun and bright. im actually ok with falling through the floor because im an animal trying to stop pollution. in sonic 2006 i think its so unbearable because its ugly maybe…

more shitty gamecube-era sonic and pals games but with trippy ass 640x480 resolution graphics and eurobeat…

i like calling glitches visible seams


I remember enjoying the original release of Bulletstorm for the main “hero” just constantly screwing everything up, but I also don’t know how well that will age. I will probably download it off of plus and play it for a bit to see if I still feel that way, but not gonna be surprised if I do not.


there’s 50 minutes of careful scripting and cut scenes in the first hour while these giant sacks of meat who say FUCKDICK every second word… establish their character and the setting, I guess?

working up to a diegetic explanation for the murder scoring system

stuck with a single point and click automatic rifle for an eternity

all the environmental kill opportunities these canned spots to hit just right as you hustle through corridors of bullet

hold L2 for an xp boost when prompted

double-tap autoslide instant momentum

bullet in butthole bonus SHIT FUCK THESE MOTHERFUCKS SHIT DICK teehee




Bulletstorm and The Club are the genesis of Superhot /hottake


ban this sick filth


The Club is good though


I really wish it would get a sequel or successor