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I feel like this might be the response to the internet’s obsession with Kiryu’s status vis-a-vis fucking.


i’m interested in dreams, but i’ve been told that you pretty much need the ps move controller. is that true? i just want to make cutesy low-poly stuff without having to buy some peripheral i have no other use for.


not at all! You use the regular controller as a cursor quite a lot but it works very well.


Playing Katamari again, slowly working my way to 100% on it for the first time. I have all of the shooting stars, but gotta find the presents in most levels. I have hardly done any constellations.

Getting to the end of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga But With Different Graphics and Music. I’m wearing the triforce thingy that makes both brothers deal and take twice as much damage, boss battles are short whether i win or lose, definitely the way to play.


The damage doubling thing is a game changer, I wish that was a common choice in RPGs so you could decide whether you wanted really fast fights or slow grindy ones.


Yeah, I imagine most everyone will be using the regular dualshocks. The amount of people who even have PS Moves has got to be fairly small.

This is something MediaMolecule is apparently working on and updating through Early Access, but right now discovery in Dreams suuuuuuucks. At the moment it’s just a single line that can show like three or four pieces of content at once, and you just scroll to the right and see what shows up. For just how much content is already out there, let alone what the “dreamiverse” will look like in even a couple of months, it’s just completely inept. They’re going to need to re-design how content browsing works otherwise dream surfing is just going to be a chore and most content will disappear into the ether within a day unless you specifically search for it.

I also have no idea how to use the website. Can you add stuff to your in-game lists so you can find them later in game? No idea what the Tools function does either.

The content sharing is so cool though. I stumbled upon a nice Rouge the Bat character who could jump and fly, and I was able to see it was a remix of a Knuckles the Echidna character someone had made. So I was able to jump straight to that and see what he played like (same as Rouge except with the ability to climb), and I could also see that Knuckles was built as a remix of a Sonic the Hedgehog character someone had originally made. So I jumped straight to that and played around with that Sonic who had a pretty good homing dash but didn’t have the flight or climbing. So you can follow the chain and see how people have been building off each other’s work.


Shadow of Loot Box is one of those “parody” games attempting to poke fun at bad design trends in games. Each level is its own annoying mechanic: character progression (you have to level up to buy the ability to run, jump, and interact), meaningless quests, escort missions, crafting, survival mechanics, open world checklists, etc. It thinks it’s being funny but all it does is recreate these annoying mechanics, individually, without commentary. It wraps this all in an unsatisfying FPS where all the enemies are loot boxes.

One constant mechanic is a shop that sometimes lets you buy items to skip annoying parts of the game, but it also limits how much money you can find and never uses the purchases to make any kind of point.

I was hoping for something like DLC Quest, which explored some of the same ideas but was actually competent and engaging. This was neither.


decided to play through fear for the fifth (sixth?) time. retains the best overall gunfeel in fps history. the sound effects work is truly magnificent.


Enemy routines ain’t too shabby, either!


actually tried out dreams. haven’t done much yet aside from the tutorials and spending a very long time making a character model

game seems to know me very well


Motion is your mistress!


I thought it might be better to show, not tell, on the stuff I played in Dreams, but without any editing it’s kinda boring. Still, uh, feel free to skip around?


I accidentally chose the option I guess to start an affair with this lady because I was just trying to keep her from getting ousted for being a Catholic or something. I told her she should dress and act poor so her prying neighbors will pity her, and I guess that made her love me. And, now it looks like every outcome for my relationship with her seems to involve me being deceived by her? Regardless, I’ve already obtained her letter of recommendation.

i’ll scry instead


I want to report that I hate retroarch 70% less since I switched to the ozone UI and am beginning to understand its quirks a little better. setting up psx emulation was simultaneously frustrating and confusing but still less frustrating and confusing than setting up a standalone emulator. all I had to do was grab a BIOS and figure out where to stick it and fiddle with some cue files. it was really nice not having to configure plugins or anything and just launch with a vanilla PSx emulation experience. especially because the crt shaders I had set up before carried over seamlessly. this is how things should be!

like with psx emulation in particular, it’s always felt like a pain to set up and then once you run it it’s a further pain to get things looking right and working well. some of it might be mednafen, which I had no idea existed till now? like I swear I was emulating chrono cross (which to be fair is like one of the hardest psx games to emulate) less than a year ago and poked around for any new standards in emulation and the consensus still seemed to be epsxe which I have always hated. but it still feels like a step up to have to go through annoying configuration steps but then you’re able to just start playing.

ANYWAY I’m playing final fantasy VI and I feel like all my childhood qualms with it have evaporated. like… the end game used to annoy me with how aimless it felt and how a lot of the sections have generic character dialog, etc. but playing this game with a fresh perspective (and especially coming fresh off of ffV) and I really feel like the world of ruin is brilliant for what it is.

also like… everyone talks about aerith’s death in vii but I guess adulthood is realizing that celes’s suicide attempt scene is far more arresting and moving. like it hits way harder than any other scene in the series. it’s honestly kind of a shame that it’s optional, but I imagine most people will encounter it on their first playthrough.

I should note that I’m playing a “woolsey uncensored” patch that preserves the original localization as much as possible while patching in parts from the gba translation that improves errors in content or tone. I highly recommend it, because it’s just as punchy as the original and a lot of story beats that were weird or confusing before make a lot more sense now.

I just watched the original translation of the suicide scene and I had forgotten – in fact, maybe never really realized until now – how much woolsey lampshaded the whole thing, probably because of nintendo of america’s decency standards or whatever. and that’s really a shame because I feel like it’s some of the strongest writing and direction in the game. really in the whole series. I really recommend playing this game with this patch!


off your tales of easy psx emulation may make me finally break and get retroarch


Wow okay Im gonna have to play that. I read between those lines as a kid and was pretty stricken. Ill have to put this on my phone


I nerded out last night and checked out a literal translation of the original japanese for that scene, too… it’s even more brutal than the gba retranslation.


yeah I used that patch for a playthrough of the GBA version at one point and I was very happy with it

some determined copyeditor indeed to try to reconcile the two localizations, even though I still feel like FFVI doesn’t set up a lot of its plot beats well enough for its tone; many things Just Happen like in IV but it doesn’t scan to me half the time. I actually like it better on a small screen for this reason as it seems like they’re actually chafing against something that’s not the SNES.

epsxe was absolutely not the most straightforward way to emulate the PS1 for the past twelve years but I get that part of the reason the retroarch discourse seems revisionist to me a lot of the time is because people just… didn’t know this.


I sure had no clue till like two days ago


the only playstation emulators I’ve ever used are retail bleem! and epsxe.