Games You Played Today Classic Mini


twin peaks 2, the sequel to twin peaks: the game, is like tinkering with a recorded playthrough of the first game, and you have access to a debug room for reality that lets you move forward and backward in time, but itself exists outside of time, so it’s the only safe place to make a save state while messing with reality. your mistakes pile up while you fruitlessly attempt to modify things to achieve a perfect outcome and your left lost in world that will always feel off


I am the only one who “gets” retroarch and has no problems and I will be the last living human on this earth for it

(also I usually just drag and drop the game I want to play, or launch it from launchbox, which is its own can of worms)


I have literally never heard retroarch come up in conversation in any context other than someone having trouble with it.


retroarch always worked for me even when it was an rgui interface only and barely emulated anything


My biggest two issues with Retroarch are that I can’t figure out how to get more than one savestate to work (#0), and screenshots are black when using the DirectX drivers (outside of like, 9, I think?), which if Google is to be believed, has been an issue since at least 2016.


you should, by no means, be using the directx driver for any core


We should have a thread where we all list our unique problems with retroarch.


revelations abyss mode stages are insane. can’t even imagine how i’ll manage to get the trinity bonuses in some of the stages going forward (considering you can’t get hit even ONCE!!)


Been awesome rediscovering this after almost 20 years, got a lot of thoughts shots and video to do something with. Probably after a ng+. Yep, still very noteworthy and thick with ideas worth returning to. Every leg of Lea Monde I feel more accomplished and attuned, when I first played barely scraping by with (what trickled down like) scraps of new gear, stat increases, and spells. Small victories only.

Watching every major story beat again I’m freshly re-impressed with how well it’s done! At least relative to the psx library and alongside (or shortly after) MGS1.

It’s also had me digging up a ton of development and localization details that came more to light over time.

Gotta do the same with Alundra then Xenogears, but would alllllmost jump straight to Tactics or XII…


I think I dislike the hub worlds in the Mega Man Zero games so much that they’re turning me off from the series entirely. :confused:


samurai warriors 4 has this mode where you create a character and play a wandering ronin writing about the exploits of all the warriors you meet at the behest of the local warlord but also you have personal life goals youre trying to fulfill. i pledged myself to become the greatest swordsman in the land so im wandering around getting into trouble with my best friend musashi miyamoto while shoving my nodachi thru chump ass samurai’s chests and racking up gambling debts


Success! The last RONIN run that can beat a 3 year old record. is where I do that room I described earlier in this thread, for those interested to see how it fails then succeeds.


played a bunch of mame roms on stream last night, and spent way too much time playing wrestlemania the arcade game, but couldn’t beat it. so i did tonight, and these endings are something.


these were all personally dictated by the wrestlers themselves


Nah, if that were true, Bret would end up as PM of Canada.


I beat King Colossus! I wrote a tweet about it here:

But to expand on the difficulty bit, the beginning was actually challenging but it has the over leveling problem and its real easy to overlevel, especially if you’re like me and get lost and kill everything in your way.


I was playing Super Lucky’s Tale just now and it’s real cute. I like the character designs and backgrounds a lot (the level design is very simplistic). It’s like Mario 64 but a lot more linear, and with more of a Rare-ish maximalism in terms of the number of doodads to collect. The music is also a real treat in many areas.

It’s hardly challenging at all so it’s clear this one is really aimed straight at kids, and for kids I’d definitely recommend it. It’s easy, but requires a certain level of alertness if not necessarily great feats of dexterity. It rewards observation and pattern recognition somewhat as well too. You could do a lot worse for a gentle intro to 3-D Mascot Platformers.

I probably won’t play more than I have, I think it’s eventually going to devolve into a lot of backtracking to pick up doodads I missed, and I ain’t got time for that. I’ve only got two months until my cheapo Xbox Game Pass subscription returns to the regular non-promotional price so I need to knock out We Happy Few and Ruiner before long.


holy shit i forgot about valentinas titty jiggle in mario rpg!
rule 34 didnt tho


This was a character in Super Mario RPG?? I could fit everything I remember about that game on a 3x5 index card and have space for doodles.


yeah valentina is an evil tity who marries a giant crow who she calls prince mallow even though the real prince mallow (who used to think he was a tadpole) is in your party