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the real pre-play heavy config & selection UI is File Explorer

like if you gotta pick one or the other I think a 10 foot interface actually makes more sense for a program who’s only purpose is to play game pad video games it is almost noble for something that has gotten this complex


When I first tried Retroarch a few years back it really felt like a lot more trouble than it was worth - the all-in-one frontend was too tree based and cumbersome for navigating XMB style. And that was doing it in Windows 10.

I stuck with standalone emulators a while just fine, but last Fall I redownloaded a few versions after they incorporated the Desktop GUI, spent a couple hours getting everything in order and… since then its been pretty optimal aside from when I go crazy with tweaks and accidentally save a core override that crashes it each time.

So I’m prepared and used to any file surgeon line tweezing, when I’ve overcomplicated my own setup.


retroarch q: any advantage to ‘scanning’ all my rom dirs

or if i’m fine with just manually browsing to stuff with the load content / recent menu should i stick with that


no real benefit as far as I can tell, so long as you set your starting directory somewhere reasonable

If anything, it just causes more problems (As can be seen with some of parker’s difficulties with multi-disc games)


I’d love to get that boxloader whazzitcalled setup for loading PCSX2 isos with entirely separate configurations but it always starts feeling like a huge pain, 10 minutes in. Should probably sit down with Murderous Intent and do the damn thing. But I kinda hate having too many loader type programs around, like my key platforms/apps to be few.


I just use Spectabis for pcsx2


Seems simple and clean, will try tonight


simple and clean is the way that you’re making me try tonight

it’s hard to let it go


Well, one way or another, this modern newfangled fancy pantys emulator; has been worse for me at pluggin’ and playin’, than some old school emus.


re: emulator discussion, if anybody knows a good vita SNES emulator that isn’t retroarch id appreciate hearing about it


I hadn’t even heard that so that’s good to know.

this is what it turned out to be, I think I got it sorted now. it wasn’t the lost progress so much as not knowing what happened and if it might happen again, so I think this was just from updating recently

also I have yet to ever get a disc based emulator that’s not ps1 to load anything in retroarch and the playlist scanner only recognizes like a third of the isos. if it weren’t for other people saying otherwise I think I would of just assumed saturn and dc emulation never went anywhere and wasn’t playable. I’m pretty sure I have all the bios stuff, so I don’t even know what the deal is there.

I was proud of myself the time I got the punisher arcade game running though, since I was never able to puzzle out how the hell to get mame to do anything outside of retroarch before, I did have to hunt down some decade old forum post to figure out I needed some specific file that wasn’t in any bios collections for some reason to get sound working though.


Higan/BSNES, which is the cycle-accurate SNES emulator whose cores are in RA as it is

Higan boots and runs without any fancy options and also you need a decent CPU to run it (my laptop is 2c/4t and running the BSNES core in RA means I need threaded video toggled or else I stay at 55-58 fps)

I appreciate retroarch because the dumb, niche shit it does is worth the hassle of all the other goddamn nonsense it puts you through (fuck yeah run ahead and rewind and crt-switchres, though that last one is its own special ball of hell)


I’m a retroarch person but I’m also a I like spending hours playing with emulator settings person.


King Colossus is cool. I’m over leveled tho


The problem with retroarch is that it’s basically two things: libretro, a multi-core emulator library, and a front-end. The front-ends are all varying types of terrible. libretro, however, is fantastic, because it standardizes how each emulator core handles things like input, sound, blitting, etc to a very high-standard in terms of clean signal chains, low-latency, etc. In many cases, using the libretro version of an emulator will be better than using the standalone version … once you’re in-game. Before that point, well, someone will crack the frontend at some point. (I’ll do it myself after I finish my stupid letterboxd-but-not-shitty-and-also-no-social-stuff project, if I have to.)


In conclusion, I will never emulate anything


I still love

for what it is

openemu is straight better and running stock mednafen these days is kind of pointless but


if you aren’t running mednafen via CLI, you’re missing out the on the purest emulation experience of a lifetime


oh I did that at bumpass because this gui couldn’t configure a j cart properly don’t you worry


has anyone made a retro indie pc game that as part of the gimmick you have to load it up as a fake rom in a nesticle/zsnes ui first? has to have happened already.

gameify the save states, etc.