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When i was little my dad worked at a restaurant that was also a ski lodge, so they had rooms for people to stay in. They would hire migrant workers and pay them under the table to cook and wash dishes, and those folks would stay in the spare room. For awhile, a guy from Jamaica named Damien worked there, and on nights when my dad had custody of me and my brother but had to work, Damien would graciously let us chill in his room and play his SNES

He had a copy of Super Mario Role Playing Game: Legend of the Seven Stars and i vividly remember the night when my brother and i played through almost the entire game by running through most of the battles. I will always remember Valentina and everything that happens in Nimbus Land, because that was the the point where our flagrant running away caught up to us. I simply could not beat Valentina no matter how hard i tried, Mario just wasn’t strong enough…

No fucking clue how i made it past Johnny Jones or Yaridovich, because there’s no way i knew the trick to either of those fights. looking back on how i played video games as a kid is weird, i had infinite patience for the things and could just brute force my way through most of them.


I keep dying real easy in Mafia III and I don’t think I’m enjoying myself.


Once you’re through the led-by-the-nose early section it dumps you into a systemic content wasteland and it’s best to duck out, remember the ~2 hours of verve they had the budget for and skip to nu-Wolf II for more of the mood


Fair enough. Wish I had grabbed New Colossus back when it was on sale.


So I tried this today as I finished the first disc and it does not work in FF8, what a shame

The Brothers GF is the most hilarious summon I’ve ever seen in an RPG


my third eye opened today


(increpare is very smart)


Pretty sure I’m world champion in that game


my best lap time is like double that so afaik you’re #1


ahhaa i was coming here to talk about how proud i was of my 50.WHOTHEFUCKCARESNOWTHANKSALOTSYKELSCORE but here you are, showing off already




then what does that make ultros


This year is the 10 year anniversary of the GIRUGAMESH meme


you’re gonna make me reach here, but maybe Mxyzptlk


Stan Lee


i’m still playin divinity original sin 2, though no one reads my posts in the other thread (i think because no one knows what game it is supposed to be about)

nearing the end of the second map now, i think i am starting to get the flow of this game a bit more but in actuality it probably just means i’m reaching the high-point for the area level-wise (just hit 15) so i am starting to be overleveled rather than underleveled for most encounters

i think what i like and dont like about it so far is how easy it is to just sort of get yourself fucked narratively. like for some reason i accidentally handed over some document to a magister, when i guess i should have given it to the dwarf crime boss or whatever (because magisters are cops; fuck cops), i did all this before even realizing that this dwarf dude existed on this map. then when i saw him i was able to go through the initial dialogue w him no problem, but then if i tried to talk to him again he insta-aggroed and i had to kill literally every other person in his underground crime den. so naturally i reloaded and decided… just dont talk to the dwarf man again. i think that locked me out of some additional quests though.

anyway they are right in that ‘everything is scripted’, but sometimes i wish consequences of things were telegraphed a bit better. i like that this area is kind of non linear in that you can choose which source masters to go to for your abilities. but don’t like that some of them have unavoidable negative consequences - i helped this lady deal with magisters who are trying to kill her, feel like a cool guy & hero, but then when i accept her training it leads to slaughter of innocent woodland creatures and me losing my ability to talk to animals? what the fuck.


another odd thing about this game—i am probably breaking some kind of gamer code but i have been relying on wikis and stuff pretty extensively, just because i find the decision making patterns required to play games like this effectively to be kind of inscrutable. i guess it means i’m bad at ‘puzzles’? i don’t know.

but, because im a dirty walkthrough reader, i find it kind of charming that most of the resources for finding your way through this game are… kind of bad? like the major wiki’s have some serious gaps, and everything else takes you to a really confused series of posts on steam message boards that are like 65% misinformation. it’s an extra layer of challenge & worldbuilding.

(and yeah, every single challenging fight has some dickbag commenting: I did this at [three levels lower than seems humanly possible] on the hardest difficulty setting; git gud n00b)


your experience tracks with mine & I feel confident in saying that even compared to its predecessor or most modern CRPGs, D:OS2 is like… actively opposed to being satisfying in the way most RPGs are satisfying. you will permanently miss stuff & rarely get the quest outcomes you want & it’s just Too Darn Bad because the DM is kind of all over the place.

for the most part I like this about it; consequences are fun and it would’ve been a massive breath of fresh air a decade ago, but for a game that is so long and mostly single player it can feel a little… ungrounded?

& this extends to the combat too, respecing is almost totally free and on higher difficulties it’s almost like you have to find a new way to break every encounter afresh to succeed

it makes sense as a sequel and also for a game that they shipped with a whole separate “DM mode”


it makes me wonder if this is the natural endpoint for a game that commits to being a picaresque series of mistakes in the way that typically only pen and paper games can achieve while remaining interesting and not alienating their audience

anyway if you’ve done the endboss of act 1 before you get the boat and the oil field in act 2 you’ve already done a couple of the most interesting encounters in the game and unless you’re playing on a difficulty below classic I feel like those are still some of the best this genre has to offer so there you go


yeah this was cool! and very scary! i wish more battles took place in areas that were that large, it has a very different feel.

i think i enjoy the comedy of errors aspect of it more within the battles themselves, where it feels more like physics (or RNG) are conspiring against you rather than just… narrative deviousness. but i think having the voiceover narrator guy kind of helps you understand what sort of tone they are going for. i think the stakes still appear superficially to be just a liiiiitle too high for them to get away with the kind of underlying message of ‘everything is unpredictable and the world is very harsh’, because ultimately it just kind of seems like i’m failing upward throughout the entire game. like no matter how much i screw up uh, i am still increasing my powers and becoming very magical, so it’s all good i suppose.

i’m a big outsider to this genre and the closest thing i have to compare it to is, weirdly, Witcher 3. i think that game has a lot of the same issues narrative wise, i never was really bowled over by the storytelling in it for some reason. and this is just more interesting for me to play, personally. i’m probably kind of alone on this.