Games You Played Today Classic Mini


My life is a disaster but my Yakuza 0 tweets are good.


warriors orochi 3 is still good


this guy is cute


mortal kombat x is like juggling a rushdown fighting game and the urge not to become depressed and kill yourself. i wish i never bought this for 3 dollars

injustice 2 is easier to deal with as long as you keep chanting “this is stupid” over and over as you play

i don’t want to buy mortal kombat 11 but i imagine its only possible to enjoy if you’ve entertained the notion of having funkopops in your home

i’m ok, you’re ok, ed boon isn’t


Someone made a very good (if kinda charmless - no fun shapes turning into animals or record players here) version of Picross 3D in Dreams that I spent way too much time playing.


a bunch a psx games weren’t loading up in retroarch until I wiped and reloaded my playlist for some reason. text stopped scrolling until I reset my computer. my ihatovo save is gone, and it’s acting like there’s no save states either, even though I can see the save and save state files in their folders. I wasn’t even that far in the game but literally everytime I start up retroarch there’s some new problem. I wouldn’t have never bothered with the thing and it’s ps3 ass menus to begin with if it wasn’t for the crt shaders. I must have corrupted my psx play list a million times trying to add in cue sheet things of multi disc games so I don’t have to scroll past a million final fantasy entries, and then the disc switching didn’t even work on electrosphere when I tried playing it that way.


I have purchased Funko pops for myself.

I have bought and installed shelves for my Funko pops.

Am I part of the problem?


for multi-disc games and retroarch, you should use .pbp files (formatted to work on PSP, but beetle PSX will run them just fine). they contain all data for multi-disc games in a single file


Did you take them out of the box?


honestly i just started using pcsx rearmed standalone because i got sick of retroarch’s bullshit. it works perfectly fine for like snes games but anything more complex than that and you start to run into issues. im also having a problem with retroarch now where savestates dont work on my vita and its very frustrating!!


Of course


Then you are fine. That is my rule for them. If they are still in the box, you are a monster. Otherwise, you just have some silly cheap toys, and that is fine.


What Hache isn’t telling you is that he took them out of the box to put them in POP Protectors to protect his collectibles and investment.


I have one Pop (a TMNT Raphael) still in the box. I’m okay with it.


How dare you


can i sell these as poptart protectors


after buying a ps4 with bloodborne in 2015 and quickly realising i was all soulsed out i am finally playing bloodborne


I’ve never had a good experience with Retroarch. I have always found independent emulators to perform better and with better compatibility.

Just recently, Crusader of Centy. The sound is a bunch of static and weird drone tone, in all of the Retroarch cores.


retroarch is very good on non-desktop platforms for the ways it standardizes filesystems, display output, UI, input handling, etc. across emulators. it’s a great project, it supports a lot of modern APIs and shader masks and is very smart from a cross-platform perspective, but it can be pretty fiddly configuring it on PC if you’re used to standalone emulators and the already-fiddly parts change from release to release.

so it’s kind of opposite to some people’s expectations, I’m sure the sound issues you’re encountering are fixable but if it’s less trouble for you to use kega fusion or whatever then go for it


I think you could make a case that retroarch performs objectively better than any standalone emulator, other than mame, that currently has a mature libretro core