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Like…of any music? Awesome.

It’s the first thing I ever had cd-rs burnt from. Cafeteria exchange from an acquaintance like a month out from 9/9/99. I was actually put off by how different it sounded from 6/7’s music but I also can’t fully gauge how I was hearing things back then.

Chrono Trigger was the first ost I ever bought. FFVI second.


Any, yeah

It was the SonMay bootleg version, but it was really well made and came in this big fancy box thing. I bought it within a few weeks of the game’s Japanese release, which was several months before the US release. Also I was 15 at the time and I assume I bought it with birthday money, considering the JP release was about a month and a half before my birthday.

I listened to it constantly, knowing almost nothing about the game at all other than that it was Final Fantasy, so I wanted it. This was 1999, so pretty much the only info I had on the game was from trailers downloaded over 56k modem and articles like this. I would pore over every web and magazine article I could find, analyzing the postage-stamp-sized screenshots in EGM or whatever. And listen to that soundtrack.

Looking back on it, it seems a little weird maybe. But to this day, FF8 is in my top 5 favorite FFs, and it’s possible that maybe that bootleg soundtrack and the weird interval of my life between getting it and actually finally seeing the game had something to do with that.


With all the emotion FF7 can surge, I’ve never misted up at Aerith’s death or the ending. Even though her theme standalone has extra poignant power…

But I relate to your story a good deal, because listening to the 8 soundtrack a few weeks before literally skipping through the mall to buy it, I had to look up info on Faye Wong over similar ancient (school) internet. Besides soaking up every bit online and playing the demo repeatedly.

This is still their best ending from that era on. 9 and 10 are masterful too, but the entire framing here, the way Balamb Garden flies over the main cast as both airship and city, the symphonic Eyes On Me, especially Laguna/Raine ;_: and then the hand-cam video, so on. 10/10 height of their cinematic game.

**Yooo that article reminds me, before FF8’s when I started deep combing for a few years. The day a sequel to Chrono Trigger was announced, many backflips


no way dude bring me my dagger


Neck and neck! Best Endings: Another Story


Panel 1 Drake: Aeris dying
Panel 2 Drake: Zell finally getting his hot dogs


aaaaack omg

I’m pretty sure all the PSX, prerendered background Square RPGs have a thing where you can press a button and little arrows show up on screen to show you all possible exits. It’s usually the SELECTBUTTON I think?


FAR: lone sails is a chill game and i like it a lot. great mix of wanting your ship to go faster and faster, doing busy-work to keep everything in order and wanting to stand idle looking at thhe landscape.

for the one hour i played, there was this afected, sickly voice talking in blurbs about german politics or whatever and i was like “man this narration is so lame lmao, they really pulled a jonathan blow on this one”. only after i turned the game off i realized i had left an interview with phil collins (the filmmaker, not the musician) playing hahahah


I think I heard on a podcast that that was just in FF7 but not 8 or 9? I’ll try it next time I play though.


I remember there’s a moment in FF8 where you’re in a big battle and you’re hanging on a rope punching some dude but the background is all pre-rendered CG of better modeled people doing the same thing and it was so cool.


The battle with Galbadia Garden was the coolest part of the whole game





cursed image


I like how the cursor’s position implies that Squall always has the option simply to say nothing in response whenever someone asks him a question.


Squall: …Flower.

Warden: What did you say?

Squall: The true…goal of SeeD… To spread…seeds all over the world… Fill…the world w…with flowers.

Warden: Yeah right…!

Squall: I…It’s the truth. See…seeing flowers takes…away people’s will to fight.

Warden: What then? SeeD wants to bring love and peace to the world…? Ha haha hah! Don’t make me laugh! You can’t fool me!

Squall: W-We…steal the will to fight… Then we in…invade…

Warden: …What? Hey!!!


If this is the scene I think it is, then that option is actually a real choice you can make in the actual game.

EDIT: see 9:00 in this video


dreams is communist action 52


it’m here to take-

wait this analogy wont make sense already

i was here to take acid and-



it’s time to come down from drugs and play The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa


Let’s see what’s going on in Dreams today.

Dreams’ destiny is to be an interactive meme machine. Dr. Robotniks Mean Meme Machine