Games You Played Today Classic Mini


I like that not only can he learn it, he can’t help but try it the first chance he gets


“Krool” would technically be a valid anglicization of that name. Just saying.



that would be an improvement imo


my beautiful granddaughter


i love that by the end of FFV your party is 3/4 warrior princesses

Last time i played i got the enemy skill that lets you get assloads of AP by instakilling the statues in the basement of Galuf’s castle and grinded until both Faris and Lenna were dual-wielding magic knights and could do like 8 elemental attacks per move. it completely ruled fuck dammit now i want to play the game again


I still have a problem that barehanded is completely broken and is more powerful than dual wielding weapons for most of the game. Like I grinded to learn dual wield as a passive skill only to find that I reliably do more damage with barehanded on any character class than using the most powerful swords/katanas available. and you have a higher chance for critical hits which do insane damage.


that is a plus in my book


The only downside to barehanded is you can’t use magic knight stuff without weapons.


is magic knight stuff actually any good?

I feel like any time I need elemental damage ninja scrolls are far more effective and cheaper.


in the late game yes


Yes, because when your sword is MAGICKED the effect doesn’t miss. So if say an enemy is weak to a status effect (like say Stone) you have a guaranteed method of applying it. Beyond that, elemental damage ignores defense when it hits a weakness and the -agas/Bio/Holy can straight up kill enemies that aren’t “Heavy” (non-boss mostly). The effect stays for the entire fight making it MP cost-effective too.


honestly when you’ve got chemist you can just fuckin’ crack the game over your knee with !mix and not really think about the job system anymore, not sure if that is a pro or con


You just have to really think of the Mix! system instead! And memorizing what enemies/stores give you what, I guess. Anyway, you end up exchanging one complicated system for another which is pro and con.


extremely pumped to have good old hookchamp back (and with more viewable space on the X screen!)


Played most of the first disc of Final Fantasy VIII over the weekend and I’m as into it as I expected I’d be. This is the first real PlayStation era RPG I’ve played, and things like having the prerendered backgrounds seamlessly transition into full-motion video cut scenes are super impressive for the time. The prerendered backgrounds made me get lost in the Centra excavation site because one of the paths I needed to take looked like it was a part of the wall so I didn’t realize where I had to go until I decided to hug the walls around the entire building. Just got Diablos as a GF last night, so now I’ll be able to run through the rest of the game with 75% less random encounters. This jam hella reminds me of PC-98 visual novels.


a precious gift to be savored


true facts:

the FF8 soundtrack was the first album I ever bought


Yeah they really nailed the FMV transitions and FMV as backgrounds. It allowed them to really raise the sense of pace and urgency for a few types of scenes; which would otherwise have been real tough to pull off in a PSX RPG setting.


exactly what it says on the tin