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Halo multiplayer is pretty good though




The factory level after the sewer is incredible and it ramps up from there.

The beginning is slow, but I think they wanted to make sure you gradually got comfortable with the movement mechanics before introducing hard skill checks.

I am a big dumb cooing baby for Titanfall in some ways that are still inexplicable to me but mostly it just feels good to move. Much moreso on KB+M if that’s a missing variable.


yeah I tend to assume most people who are not blown away by it played on console and it is just the truth on PC


I think of TF2 as good in the modern Nintendo platformer style; an understated cleverness that is always subservient to user convenience and smooth transport. It’s not interested in setting up strict skill checks or getting you to learn the as much as throwing up small novelty periodically to keep you ‘delighted’.

I found it rather pleasant but not especially necessary, but was very impressed that it got out of its way at the exact right length.


I guess my response would be “what is necessary if not that”

it’s weird this is the second or third time in recent memory I’ve been in the position of defending novelty in a goal in itself which isn’t necessarily something I believe that deeply but I think it undergirds a lot of my rhetorical positions?


I think, personally, I need to either feel like I have autonomy to explore and push against boundaries, or to feel challenged, like I need to learn the rules of the system and world. Greasing the skids doesn’t appeal to me, but I can respect it.

On novelty: self-contained rules changes, even very clever ones, read as novelty to me, and have a sugar impact. Rules changes that are felt deeply, and are deeply explored and integrated into themes, are meaningful to me.


so I take it you didn’t play the multiplayer that much? and weren’t really interested in the relationship between it and the campaign?

I think I’ve said before that I’m all in favour of single-player levels that are designed almost explicitly as a prelude to competitive play


I played it enough to look at the very interesting rule changes – the extreme auto-aim they use in single player to encourage cinematic moments is real interesting, especially as it didn’t trip anyone up.

I had a tougher time than in TF1; more deaths from unknown sources, less power swings between mech and foot. I didn’t like it as much but didn’t play long enough to tease it out.

But in general I don’t play multiplayer to have fun


I can’t imagine trying to do TF2 movements on KBM, to be honest. Like sliding would be something my hand would just not be able to do there.


I rarely do and that was an exception in my case!

also, being totally honest, I don’t think I’d distinguish between “surface” novelty and “deep” novelty as being somehow more valuable than one another as long as the former sticks the landing and doesn’t insult me, which Nintendo stuff seldom manages. if you can carry off surface novelty in a way that still feels really rewarding and earned, more power to you.


Yeah, I don’t mean to preference one over the other except in my personal taste. Novelty is very well suited to the rhythms of a platformer or level-segregated shooter campaign, for instance.


In the last third of final fantasy V. I like it a lot more now. my last playthrough I quit at the exdeath fight and missed the pretty cool thing they do right afterwards. glad I stuck with it this time. the battle mechanics are really satisfying.


but what the hell kind of name is krile


her name in Japanese is “Kururu”

I think the localizer/s just sorta looked at that and shrugged and just did what they could


they were also never, in all their years of retranslating Final Fantasy IV, able to produce “Lydia,” so grain of salt I think

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her as Kara before, most of the FFV names in my head are from the '98 patch


cara is only in the original fan translation I think

mistranslation or not rydia is actually a cool name and works with the setting

krile is just like… that’s like a medium level monster name or something


relatedly it is the most dipshit thing imaginable that all the final fantasy wikis hurriedly replace all their screenshots every time a new hideous version of the game is released as some kind of harebrained idea of how to showcase the most recent canon


How do they handle “Clara” in Japanese?


thinking about the blue mage boss who can learn the self destruct enemy skill from you

want to play ffv again