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(kicks bomb) BOH!!

BM64 is the best Bomberman game


The more time passes, the more I agree with this. I kind of keep expecting the series to wow me outside of multiplayer but it just doesn’t, and the weird low key isometric action puzzling of 64 keeps seeming stronger and stronger.

Plus the aesthetic is just so perfectly of it’s time and really well executed.


I wish they kept this bomberman voice in Super Bomberman R instead of his new terrible wise guy bro voice


yeah I’m a sucker for a diorama


i finally started playing titanfall 2 after hearing so many good things, i played the first two levels and it’s… certainly okay?

really it feels like any other modern cinematic shooter except there are bits where you have to run up walls and you get to go in a big robot now and then. the script is terrible. it is very pretty though! i mean, i’m having a fun time and it’s definitely better than like 98% of other shooters that came out that year, but i guess i was expecting more. also the second level is a sewer level, that sucked. and there was one of those bits where you have to fight a wave of enemies while waiting for a door to seal. just loads of cliches.

it is okay! maybe it will get better as i go on


Is the singleplayer highly regarded? I always thought multiplayer was the focus for those games.


It is. TF2 had a real single player mode while the first one just had some cutscenes added to multiplayer matches that had endings depending on which side won. Neat but very ignorable. The strength of TF2’s single player is just being the right length, hitting most set pieces you’d expect but then does just enough to keep it from feeling rote. It’s also novel in being a shoot man about moving as much as you can. The last half of the campaign is when things start to get interesting and you get some nice character moments.


TF2 was dope and I did not play it enough.


Here I’m going, Team… Team Fortress 2? Games need some more acronyms already


What’s your favorite entry in the AC series?




Unless you’re telling me they made a new Armored Car?!!!


I ended up in the “Titanfall 2’s single player campaign was very okay” camp.

I couldn’t understand how it was so lauded. It was fine, but… nothing terribly new or special.


It came out on the Vita.

@Brock @Felix check out . It could use a little less leaning by the character model when turning, but I found it a pretty impressive facsimile.


Tokyo Jungle Mobile doesn’t count, especially since it’s been officially dusted.


Tokyo Jungle (2012)


All my potential Yakuza Kiwami thoughts have been preempted in my head due to how frickin’ weird the bug princess card battle thing is.


It’s an actual thing too:


I had some vague recollection of there being a larger Mushiking… property out there, but the part that makes the Yakuza one a step odder is how it has Dead or Alive Volleyball-esque ladies scantily dressed like bugs and cheered on by various giant bugs.

…God I just had a strike of realization and this is why Kotaro Suzuki and Ricky Marvin would occasionally don masks and compete as Mushiking Terry and Joker in NOAH wrestling like fifteen some years back.

He even has the same rock paper scissors logo on his tights and mask!

…He doesn’t look like a beetle at all and I am retroactively angry about it.


You’d think at this point I knew I do not like Halo and shouldn’t play it but that didn’t stop me from playing Halo Reach and not liking it.