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I’m still confused by how it seems to have grown into Five Nights at Freddy’s-level popularity


I think it’s the “As played by [famous Youtuber you’ve never heard of]” factor


What in the hell, I had no idea


There’s a game called “Bendy and the Ink Machine” or something to that effect, which appears to have a Fleischer aesthetic like Cuphead, that for the longest time I only ever saw as merchandise… I know the game exists somewhere but damn if I can find what platform it is on, when it came out, or why it warranted so much merch.


My theory is that some of these games aren’t that huge but the people making them managed to convince some toy companies that whatever they were making wouod be the ‘next big thing’ so they should get the toys out so they won’t miss out on the FNAF Minecraft merch money.


idk if this has been pointed out here before, but is anyone else ever weirded out by the fact that FNAF is basically the same game as Night Trap?


Last night I tried to deliver the meta alloys I had collected in Elite Dangerous and got ganked.

Some NPC pirate (assuming NPC, because of how quick and clear the text chat messages were) jumped me near a star and started attacking. They quickly took down my shields and did serious hull damage before I tried to comply with their demand of dropping 1 ton of cargo… I had two tons of meta alloy, so I figured I could spare one.

Well, the asshole still kept attacking, damaged my cargo hold, and I lost both meta alloy units.

Managed to escape with 30% hull integrity left and serious damage to many systems. Took some time to engage my field repair unit, then limped around looking for a starport to fix up the rest.

Guess I’m heading back to the Merope system to search for more alloy.

Oh, and I also sacrified some jump distance to upgrade my weapons, all auto-tracking turret mounts, because I really don’t want to have to fight if I can avoid it.


odst on legendary good


Would it be permadeath if that pilot blew you up?


i enjoyed playing through it with a friend for the most part because its a mindless loot shooter game, which i sometimes find enjoyable, then i got to the endgame and stopped because it didnt interest me anymore. but go off king!


No, pilots never die. All ships are insured, so if you can pay the replacement cost, you get that back too.

If you can’t afford it, you get the starting ship for free again as a pity handout.

You do lose any cargo & data you were carrying.


gonna stay on that “let’s have more games that aren’t about massacring thousands of dudes with guns” tip, i think games like that have infinitely more value for young boys (and in general) than Guy Whitey Shootgood X: The Gunnening


That insurance bit is pretty interesting.


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It’s basically a percentage value of your ship and its components, so the more you load up your ship, the pricier it is to insure.

Also it’s not like you pick a plan or can opt out of insurance. It’s basically a gameplay mechanic to stop griefers from being able to completely ruin you.


daphny and i are playing EDF iron rain which i guess is a more serious attempt to get westerners into the franchise but like the voice acting is still hilariously goofy and your squadmates are named shit like “Mike” and “Brenda” so all of it comes across entirely the wrong way. its all very mid 2010s game design with like three currencies for no reason and shit but i can make my EDF soldier look like doomguy so that rules


Videogames turn young men in to unfuckable nihilists, not soldiers


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i was enjoying it a lot in spite of basically everything about it aesthetically and thematically but the gear score shit in the endgame pissed me off after about an hour. you can get stuff that’s dramatically worse than your current gear but has a higher score so it’s better and i was like oh yeah i’m not even gonna waste my time dude. fuck this